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Lamb s  navy rum

Lamb’s Navy Rum is a blend of Caribbean rums that are aged four years in whiskey and bourbon barrels.

The original Lamb's Navy rum recipe, created by Alfred Lamb, blended 18 different rums sourced from Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados and Guyana. Lamb began blending the rums in England in 1859 and references the British Royal Navy in its name.

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I actually don't care for this rum . Don't get me wrong I'll drink it but cut it with cola

A classic rum, very easy to pick up in any off license, pretty cheap, and a taste that matches. Not terrible, just very simple dark rum, only good when mixed with plenty of coke.

A top class and long established Rum, excellent with black current juice, or, just add a touch of water. Highly recommended, never get a hangover in the morning and always keep me eye on the price.

This is my first Lambs Rum and as expected for the $40NZD price, I knew this was going to be a simple, non complex rum with obvious flavours.
I was attracted to the bottle which caught my eye due to the St George cross emblazoned across the label. A darkened rum is enclosed and matches my wooden furniture nicely. Having tasted cheaper rums in the past I'm immediately thinking burnt treacle, black strap molasses, cautiously hot on the palate, maybe some oak, maybe some mild spice. In the glass swirls a clingy liquid which presents medium to thin legs. Molasses and caramel are on the nose once the glass is allowed to settle. It is obvious and dominates. Black strap molasses carries through to tasting, caramel notes are present as is a spiciness. I'm trying to find the oak, but it's not obvious. I want to try with ice and coke thinking this will carry nicely with the cola as I get some nuttiness in the flavor profile also.
This rum says hello and goodbye just as quick as it arrives. A warmness carries through to the stomach but nothing left in my mouth worth acknowledging.
Overall, a solid mixing rum. However will not be purchasing again, as it just does not stand out as a contender for my attention.

Value rum with no frills. Enjoyable with cola and on the rocks. Readily available everywhere in the UK.

Full flavoured, dark and quite enjoyable rum if price/value is your concern

I come from a long line of Navy men (and one woman!). Lamb's Navy was their rum, and thus became my first rum. A definite mixer, but not terrible. It holds a special place in my heart!

Honestly I thought it would be as bad as Morgan's but it's not. Sweet with molasses and plum. Quite pleasant really.

Ok, it's fine with a cola. If you're skint you'll order it in a rough boozer. Um...yeah, rum and coke please.

Not that good, but available everywhere. The only other positive is that it’s not captain morgans.

The most ubiquitous rum in pubs in the uk and its a bit meh works ok as a mixer ot with peppermint but very rough round the edges.

Works in a pinch, still throws the usual Lamb's off flavour....

Just the standard bar rum. Used for mixing with coke and not much more.

Not my favourite needs coke and then some and more and more did I reach enough characters

A great rum for mixing. Consistent and reliable quality. Not a deluxe reserve rum, but neither a poor mixer. Its one of my favourites, because I love the flavour, which is balanced against the alcohol well.

Possibly the first rum I ever tried. It's drinkable but hardly bears comparison to any rum with a touch of craft. Cheap, ok to mix, sluggable and rather artificial in terms of what rum should taste like.

Black strap molasses dominates both your nose and tongue , spicey , burnt treacle , no real authenticity in my opinion. Artificially forced , but in saying that makes a decent rum n coke , but only two then I'd had enough of it !

Easy to drink, rich heavy bodied with a strong flavour of its own. Not refined but its for sailors:-) Great cheap and very cheerful slug, Great in grog.

If I hated that person. It's chemical warfare in a bottle. Artificial spice, artificial colour, added sugar, soulless.

I lived overseas for a couple of years in my youth and Lamb's and tonic was always a solid, dependable choice.

Ničím výjimečná vůně s náznakem dřeva/kouře. Chuť příjemná, ale nijak zvláštní.

A decent, affordable navy rum with distinct flavors and character. Not a Pusser's or related Navy Rum but easily found in Canada.

A solid dark rum.

Sweet, smokey and lots of molasses flavours.

A firm family favourite from my great grandparents to me. Best served neat at room temperature, the only thing you need mix with this is more of the same.

Stronger british navy rum. Good as expected! Try it.