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La Mauny Vieux VSOP Rum is a blend or rums aged four to five years and produced in Martinque of the West Indies.

The La Mauny estate was founded in 1749 by Joseph Ferdinand Poulain as a sugar plantation. The estate has previously produced a number of products, but focused on rum beginning in the 1800s.

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19 La Mauny VSOP ratings

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This rhum starts with fire in your mouth, then quickly becomes dense and subtle. But definitely the french taste of strong rhum.

rhum facile a boire, gourmand et parfumé, une belle réussite à un prix abordable.

Much less intense than the younger expessions. A good introduction to French style rum.

This French rum had a lot to offer. I need to try it again.

Color: cognac. Feet of medium density
Aroma: already typical for agricola medicinal herbal notes, dried fruits and spices
Taste: a medium-density body, it is drunk rather gently, dry to taste, herbal. Feels excerpt, but still it is not big
Aftertaste: medium, wood, herbs, spices, peppercorn

There is something in it from cognac. A pleasant agricole, no longer a young agricole, but he would not stop the excerpts. Pleasant in its pure form, better and more endurance than the previously tested Saint James from Martinique. Good

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Un rhum agricole donc assez sec! Pas mal du tout mais on sent bien que c'est un VSOP, il manque un peu de finesse! Il reste cependant très bon! Bonne dégustation!

Den tør og kedelig i smagen, lidt for røget til min smag.

Duft: typisk cognac duft som passer til stilarten. Den er meget frugtig i duften og en del fad duft.
Smag: den overrasker med en smule sødme. Den virker meget tam i smagen. Fed rund og blød. Men det stopper ligesom der. Utrolig meget fad eftersmag kinderne snører sig helt sammen

Auch wieder ein sehr scharfer Rum aus Martinique :-(

The distinctive aroma of fruit, semi-sweet taste, at the end of the appetite for whiskey.

Nice rhum . You have a nice alcohol kick at the beginning and then its smooth. You have better rums, but i like this one

My first agricole rum. Very dry taste which allow a quite long aftertaste. A bit harsh for my palate, alcohol is present at the beginning but after the burn, we can appreciate the spicies brought by the french oak ageing.

I miss the intense taste. It has a spicy an woody taste.
It feels like drinking a cognac. Not so much my favorite.

For me this is a special and funny agricole rum. Quality is very good, no so tannic like Dillon or Bally. There is a pepper note that give a particular taste. I love it!!

Very nice initial spice with a woodsy taste. Extremely long finish with and oil that covers my tongue. I actually need a glass of water afterwards. Nice for a unique experience, but not my favourite

Rhum sucré et aromatique...attention, une fois la bouteille ouverte, il est difficile de la reboucher ! ;-)

Just not my bag. Stunning presentation though and clearly a good rum just not for me

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The La Mauny VSOP rhum from Martinique is a good complex aged agricole rum.

More reminiscent of a fine cognac, deep rich and complex flavours