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La favorite blanc coeur de canne rum

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8 La Favorite Blanc Coeur de Canne ratings

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This is wicked stuff - smells like wet cut grass, tastes like battery acid, but I suppose if you're French and this is what you grew up with...
I once tried making rum with a homemade still. It tasted just like this, I threw it out, I thought it was contaminated.

This is not a as over powering as most agricoles are.

A good agricole white rum, you can still taste the sugarcane. Nice floral notes.
My favorite for Ti'punch cocktail

Rhum blanc assez fruité, sucré, et agréable en bouche. Un peu de sucre mais pas trop et du citron vert permettent d'obtenir le ti'punch parfait. Les notations aussi basses trouvées plus bas sont ahurissantes.

I don't understand the low ratings some have given. This is agricole rum for goodness sake. It's not going to be all sweet and nice. It's going to have some grassiness to it along with the sugar cane flavor. This is actually a quite decent agricole rum. Admittedly the aroma is not the best...kinda funky if you ask me, but it has an outstanding flavor that lends itself well to mixed drinks. It is not a sipping rum by any stretch of the imagination but as a mixer it is quite good. The basic agricole grassiness counterbalances the fruitiness of most boat drinks giving the cocktail a nice edge. Definitely one to have on one's shelf. Recommended.

Rhum plutôt agréable en bouche.Assez fruité. Je recommande en ti punch.

Rhum gras, très parfumé, fruit exotique...long en bouche, à déguster straight ou en cocktail. Un rhum à découvrir...

If you're used to molasses-based rum, you may find this stuff, which has zero molasses, shockingly offensive. The first time I tasted it I threw up a hairball. There is no amount of lime, sugar or mixer which can improve the flavor. It's unaged liquid grass, after all. You know, like what cows chew on all day. A lot of folks love unaged agricole rum but when it comes to this stuff, I have no love to give.