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Appleton estate vx rum

Appleton Estate V/X rum is comprised of 15 rum blends that have been distilled from molasses in copper stills and aged between 5-10 years in oak casks (hence the "V/X"). After blending, Appleton V/X receives additional aging to unite the flavors before bottling.

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This is the first aged rum I'd come across. I tried it while in Jamaica on a cruise and absolutely loved it. Bought a few small bottles to bring back. I've been hooked on aged rum ever since. This one is pretty smooth with a bit of a harsh finish, but the flavors are outstanding. Not your typical rum with strong sweetness. This is refreshingly flavorful. Unique to say the least.

Color : Light brown
Flavor :vanilla, toffee, caramel, maple syrup, marmalade & ripe fruits
Palate : Dry, light with some spice flavor.

Its a good rum on its own and can be blended easily.

Recommended cocktails : Mai-Tai, Zombie, Rum Sour.

I will reserve 1's for rums I can't finish. With great effort, I did finish the bottle, but not until I dumped a few packets of raw sugar into it. I bought this at Sam's Club because of the $16 price. While I knew this would be no sipper, I thought, based on reputation and reviews I was buying a good mixer. Nope. This stuff was awful. It tasted like it had been aged in cardboard, not oak. I'm not exaggerating. It tasted like wet cardboard, or I what I presume wet cardboard to taste like. And that taste over powered even the drinks I tried making it with it. The taste cut through coke, ginger ale, and even fruit juices. It just made me mad drinking it. I was going to pour the rest down the sink, but about that time I was reading about the added sugar controversy and how some folks had experimented by adding sugar to some of their low end rums to see how it improved taste. So I added some sugar, and it did cut the overpowering cardboard taste down enough to mask it with mixers. I know this is the low end of the Appleton's line and they make some better rums, but I'll wait to try those on someone else's dime.

Naturally sweet, with some (but not too much) of the familiar Jamaican funk. This rum, btw, is miraculous in Mai-Tais, paired with an aged agricole and the required mixers. Don't sell this stuff short. It's a work-horse in the Tiki cocktail world.

My brother generously brought this back to me after a Caribbean cruise. I was quite new in the rum world and this was a fun step! This introduced me to Jamaican rums, which are quite unique. I look forward to trying the older expressions of Appleton because this shows potential. It was a tad harsh on the palette while also presenting an interesting taste challenge. I noted citrus and nut as primary flavors. Drinking this straight up is preferred for the experience but mixing wouldn't be too shameful ;)

Appleton is usually regarded with positive views. I wonder if it is really justified, while this bottle isn't bad, it isn't superb neither.

Good well around.

tastes like a Jamaican rum should, big flavours but a little bit harsh

This is the rum I mix with. And this is the rum I sip on when traveling. The VX is an amazingly well balanced rum for the price. It is simple. The aroma is simple and sweet. The drink is simple with light vanilla flavor. The finish is lasting and simple with some spice on it. Anyone I introduce to aged rum gets this sample first. They can spend $20 and spend the night smiling away at the deal they got.

A nice one from Appleton that is a tad harsh and could do with a few more years inside the barrel but with a dash of lime to take off the edge it still goes down well

"tasting notes"...super market, it has colour and flavour...some notes, maybe flat or sharp, not to shabby for a super market rum, really nice when mixed with 2x apple juice...

Mix with 1/2 a lime and some cane juice and you have a great daiquiri with just enough cask flavor to stand out and give some depth. Not too shabby.

If you see this in a store, it's better than most of whats below on the shelves. It's a nice balanced smooth rum with a sweet caramel flavor, also has that tangy Jamaica taste. For the price it's well worth it.

$30CAD at the LCBO. You can do a lot worse for $30 (ie: Bacardi, Captain Morgan). Would only use it as a mixer, but frankly would spend a few dollars more for an El Dorado 8.


It’s not a dipper but is your run of the mill mixing rums. Good price and works well for mixing. Sometimes it’s cheaper than other mixing rums.

This is a good rum. It caught me off guard. Not for sipping but a great mixer.

Only recently started out on my rum discovery journey with my son in law. We both agree that this is probably the worst rum we have tasted so far. I'm no expert, but compared to Dead Mans Fingers, Rumbullion, Chairman's Reserve and Kraken it leaves a lot to be desired. Very harsh, burns on the way down and leaves a horrible taste. One to steer clear of!

Good rum tasting. Alcohol a little too present but interesting subtle aromas.

Great stock standard or benchmark Jamaican aged rum. Nothing great, but definitely not yellow swill like some others.

A Nice rum for Just whenever.
You know it’s a applelton taste when u zip. Isn’t verry special, Just take one with the movie

Brought back from Jamaica by my parents many years ago and has sat in my liquor cabinet ever since gathering dust. With my new found love of fine aged rums, I decided to give this a try neat. Nose has alcohol and just a bit of Bourbon barel. Palate has spice and not much else. Not a sipper.

I tend to drink my drinks neat but this has a tad more ethanol burn to it than I’d like. Still a good rum but needs a mixer or some ice cubes

A perfectly serviceable Jamaican expression for mixing. No it won’t slap you upside your head with hogo, but it’s quite nice in a modest way.

As a newbie to Rum, and as someone who will probably buy the mid level priced Rums, this really isn’t bad. Would I buy it again, maybe, I’ll at least put it on the back burner. As for my recommendation...yes I would recommend this Rum for a reasonably priced, easy drinking Rum.

This is a standard rum that a bottle found it's way under my bar. Had it for a few years and not finished yet. It is more of a mixer than a sipper as it is too harsh for my tastes.