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Inner circle red rum

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5 Inner Circle Red ratings

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Not for sipping neat. But as a mixer it is a nice rum. Quite strong, so not much is needed for a nice rum&coke. The bottle will last a bit longer :)

I was given a bottle of this Rum by someone who raved about it so was ready for something great but then i opened it. Boy was it different to what i imagined. Strong initial tasting of something i cant describe but after a few it grew on me a bit but not enough to want to go back and try it again. May be alright as a mixer but i dont like flooding any Rum with sugary syrup or bubbly sweet mixers. A Rum for those who like it strong and a bit different.

Happy as a change from my usual choices, but this is quite 'fiery' and not as smooth as its label would have you believe. Probably won't buy this again since there are better choices for the money (even on a lightning deal) but it is not a bad rum.

Here in Australia, this is a budget rum that certainly sits a bit above the no-name bottom shelf offerings. By no means spectacular, but fine as a pleasant mixer. The other 3 rating was a bit harsh, in my humble opinion.

Starts off nice on the palate with some of those heavy pot still flavours coming through and then quickly goes downhill. Something really unpleasant about this one.