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Havana club ritual cubano rum

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Different color than Anejo. Flavor is smooth and light. Got it free from a friend came back from Cuba. So I'm not complaining. Plus can't be bought in the US so that's a plus.Pairs well with a cohiba from Cuba.

Light and smooth. Actually made for cocktails but not bad on the rocks either.


À littke abone the average I have tasted. Nice product.

Cheaper version of havana rum but very good taste. Nice surprise

This rum is delicious. Smooth and tasty. Yet not to strong. Perfect to my taste.

Un rum ligero de gran sabor y suavidad para compartir con Amigos ni recomendación es iniciar sin hielo para sentir en boca todo su esplendor me encanta su relación calidad precio

I had this Rum at a friends house for the first time and is Amazing. Very smooth and easy to drink. Just add some ice and enjoy!!!!

I try this rum on Cuba, but this is not quite for me, not for sipping. Maybe good for mix drinks, with coke.

Had this Rum in Cuba. The bartender recommended this as a sipping Rum. So So smooth.

This Havana Club Ritual was produced for the spanish market and it was in Spain I found it, never seen anywhere before. Priced 17 Euros would bee okay . Its gets better after 15-20 minutes in the glass! rounder and more body.


excellent rhum pour le prix, 9.80 pesos a Cayo Largo... une aubaine. doux mais qui fini par faire la job....

This is one of my favorites. The added sweetness might not be for everyone but you have to at least try it! I think most will enjoy it!

Love this spirit. Great colour, with a caramel flavour. One of my favourites

I'm a big fan of HC products and this one is just as good. Light and smooth. Best with cola and lime.

This Rum could hardly bought some years ago in Germany and I was limited to the bottles I took back from Cuba. Maybe I am influenced by my memories to the great times in Cuba but I love this rum. And my girlfriend as well ... it is an unpretentious fine Rum which embraces with a strong vanilla taste accompanied by a typical dry Cuban taste. My girlfriend loves to drink Ritual on the rocks and shouts for VANILLLAAAAA when she likes to sip a glass, i prefer it straight and a swig of Ritual to feel the delicate body in between the medium strong alcohol taste.

I fully recommend this rum!

Testé hier, avec des amis, en cocktail, ce Rhum nous a bien plu :)

Très doux et assez aromatique, il est très bon pour le Cuba Libre

Smooth, slightly sweet, when you want just the rum.

Sweeter than Añejo especial o reserva. Great sipper.

Denne er lige kommet frem i grænse shoppene rundt omkring ved den tyske grænse, så HAPS sagde det og ned i kurven. til 115,- kr kan man ikke gøre andet :)

One of the best havana club i've tasted so far. cheers

Straight from Cuba, light taste, easy to drink. Best Havana club so far

Cuban rum like it's made by a local small distillery. Like we're back on the island. Great with a fine cigar.

i'd consider this slightly smoother than Bacardi gold and a bit richer in taste. Stil i'd buy a reserva or anejo

I was able to try this out when a friend brought a bottle back from Cuba.

I would hardly consider this a spiced rum as the taste was very similar to the original Havana Club.

Decent as a mixer but certainly not drinkable straight.

Havana club ritual cubano rum