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Appleton estate reserve rum

Appleton Estate Reserve Rum is a blend of 20 different rums of varying ages, the youngest of which is aged eight years in used Jack Daniels whiskey barrels.

This rum is produced in the Nassau Valley of Jamaica on the Appleton Estate from locally sourced sugar cane and limestone-filtered water.

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Not the best rum in the Appleton family... The scent is nice but the taste en finish do not keep up to the promising scent. Therefore good in the mix with coke

A nice amber colour on the darker side. Notes of citrus and carmel. A step up from VX. Great over ice without mix so one can enjoy the complexity of flavour.

I bought this bottle because i could not find Saint James rhum after moving from Texas to another state.
Spicy, peppery, burned carbonized onion taste. I wanted to throw the whole bottle away on first taste. I kept the bottle a few months disliking it each time. It has a coarse and chemical taste. I ended throwing the whole bottle in the trash.

Good nose for a mild spicy rum. Not bad in mouth, a bit too peppery for me. Some good notes of honey and cinnamon. Hot smoky ending.

Very nice in the nose. round nice taste, use it pure or mixed always a pleasure

This is what I would consider as the mainstay of Appleton bar rums. Good for mixing, but I would not try this as a sipping rum. I had no regrets using this in mixed drinks. It's a dry rum that blends well with whatever you put in the glass.

Very fruity, almost overwhelming nose. Smoky taste takes over all others, with a lingering slightly unpleasant spice. Better when Coke is added, but still not great.

Been to Jamaica 3 times, they always serve Appleton and I usually bring a bottle or 2 home. It is a fine rum and makes me think of the island.

Nothing much to enjoy here. Typical Jamaica which I cant find to like.

Solid sipper. Not harsh. Nice finish. Molasses nose.

Just kidding! Had this a couple years ago, thought it would be better

I purchased this rum, along with the 12 year, to compare both to the Appleton Estate 12 year Rare Blend and what I saw was surprising. Now in no way did this rum match up the the rare blend, but the reserve was dramatically better than Appleton's stranded 12 year rum. This rum priced at $19.99 at my liquor store, and is cheaper than both the 12 year ($27.99) and the rare blend ($34.99). When first entering the mouth, this rum dances with undertones of sweet vanilla and others that I couldn't pick up on. The overpowering flavor of whiskey kicking you in the face makes and makes you want more. I was able to pick up on the whiskey flavor being slightly similar to Jack Daniels and was surprised to learn that I was right. However, I guess this happened mainly because it's my favorite whiskey and I think I just wanted it to be Jack Daniels. However, this flavor of the whiskey overpowers the flavors of this rum, and if I wanted to drink whiskey that kinda tastes like Jack Daniels, I would have just gotten Jack Daniels. Great for what you are paying and can be sipped, but I think this one belongs in mixed drinks.

Still a great um though! Can't beat the price for the quality you're getting off the shelf.

an ok rum at a lower price point for mixing not one of my favorite appletons

I always think of trips to Jamaica and love the spice of this rum in a tasty holiday wassail. It's also great with juice or alone. Always consistently bold and flavorful.

La mejor relacion de precio calidad muy barato y bueno

One of my favorite Jamaica rums. Love the color and aroma. Distinctive taste straight or mixed.

Bottle from Jamaica. Poured over a ice cube. Aroma of dried orange peel, clove and burnt sugar. Has that Jamaican pot still funk on the nose. Taste of heat from the alcohol, with molasses and dried orange peel on the pallet. The nose is prettier then the taste. All and all a great mixer but not bad for a sipper.

Nothing spectacular about this rum. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad but it's just not good either. The aroma is slightly astringent with hints of spiced, vanilla and possibly cocoa. The taste is very warm and astringent with hints of spice, nutmeg and vanilla. Second taste is the same but I do pick up a citrus note as well. I am disappointed this rum wasn't as good.

En fin rom lidt kraftig i det. God til drinks.....

This is definitely a step up from the V/X for a nominal price increase.

Smooth and balanced. A little suger and some wood but not to much of either. There is an unusual earthy taste that is hard to place.

À venir prochainement.............................

This is another must try. No, it's not as good as the 12 but its still a top notch rum.