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Havana club blanco rum

Havana Club Blanco is the youngest of the Havana Club rums and is standardly used in cocktails. Like its counterparts, it is made in Cuba and aged in oak casks.

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72 Havana Club Blanco ratings

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I find that Havana blanco tastes nice with apple juice over ice.

Good for mixing. Great mojito but not for sipping.

Leggero, buono per mix di ogni genere. Di carattere dolce.

Drink this Rum with coke en some lime. Not a great Rum, but good enough for mixing

Est ce que cela peut vraiment se boire tout seul ?

Not for me, but it is good white rum for mixing drinks or cocktails. Nice aroma and color. Very good for cuba libre or other mixers.

Nothing much for me to say about this... not a fan of white rums and would only use this where a white rum is needed for mixing.

hellere havana 3, men er ok til kander etc. bedre end Bacardi S.

I believe that this is the youngest and cheapest bottling of Havana Club.
I prefer the 3 years yellow label, and this is also uncommon in Italy.
Only for party rum & coke, bad mojitos and cocktails with muddled lime that cover the pungency.

Probably best white rum I tasted, is still white rum, so not good.

A good mixer. Not much to say. On its own use chilled with lime an sugar

This is a good Rum when you are at an All Inclusive Vacation.

Rum da mix, commerciale e poco invadente.
Niente di eccezionale

In other mixed drinks you will still taste how bad this rum is...

Once all around affordable rum, great for coctails or drink, with light sweet molasses flower taste, now rather rare, driven out by it's older brother 3 Aňos since the prices came close to each other (difference 1-2 EUR plays significantly for 3 Aňos with richer more complex taste). I will not grieve over that, we're losing nice mixer rum for nice price, but with 3 Aňos around, who cares.

Is it better than 3yo? To To many people...yes. I saw some people drinking it just on rocks, that seems like madness to me. I tasted it straight of course, and I dont want to repeat that.

acceptable rum for coctails, but i rather go for 3 year havana.

Il y a des jours où tu veux seulement alcooliser des jus de fruits, un punch aux fruits digne des années 80. Le rhum blanc est ce qu'il te faut.

J'en ai toujours une en réserve.

Bacardi and Captain Morgan now have competition for the worst commercial grade rums on the market. Every Havana Club product I tried so far is terrible.

I love a good mojito! The best mojitos I've ever had are always in Cuba. I tried to recreate when I got home... and it wan't until I used Havana Club White that I got it right. It has a distinct taste... which on it's own or even with Coke isn't the best. But when it's time to make the perfect mojito... Havana Club White is what you need to use! End of story. To summarize.... if you make a mojito... use this rum... otherwise, pass.

Nothing amazing but not a bad rum.
As a white rum it is one of my favourite mixers as its inexpensive

Solo para mezclarse excelente para mojito original

Not a fan of white r so never going be a high rating better than bacardi but still only a mixer

Just for mixing, nothing more, nothing less but still not good enough to achieve very nice cocktails.