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Havana club anejo reserva rum

Havana Club Añejo Reserva Rum is aged five to six years. This rum was not originally intended for public consumption but reserved for Don Navarro, the head master rum-maker for Havana Club.

This rum is one of eight produced by Havana Club in Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba.

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117 Havana Club Anejo Reserva ratings

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Nice dark rum for cocktails or even as a ”shot” Price difference to 7 years old is so small that I would rather got for the 7.

Not for sipping, but makes a very addition to a punch or mixed with ginger ale

This is a decent mixer and perfect for Coke and a slice of lime over ice.

Like its 3 years brother this one this one shines as a mixing rum. If you sip it you will notice complex tastes. Its not too spicy.

Havana Club Anejo Reserva is the base for most bars around the world producing quality dark rum mixed drinks, but do not try this rum for neat sipping, since it's not created for that purpose.

I enjoyed the taste and smoothness of this rum. We purchased this rum over 7 years ago in Acabo Bahamas. We decided to consume it during my birth celebration this year. Its was a great selection.

Základní rum, který mi chuťově přišel nevýrazný a alkoholový, nicméně pít se dá i samotný, i když, přiznávám, nakonec jsem si z něho dělal Mojito a Cuba Libre. Na to se ale jedná o zbytečně drahý rum. Za tyhle peníze lze při troše štěstí koupit takové El Dorado 12 leté, jež je o třídu kvalitnější. No, jestli chcete oslnit na párty slušným rumem, o kterém víte, že z něho stejně většina počátečních znalců nadělá koktejly, kupte tuhle Havanu, ale jestli chcete opravdu dobrý rum, tak raději investujte do něčeho jiného (El Dorado, Presidente).

As the 7year old Havana-rum I also use this for cocktails. If you want to drink it pure you can taste a little vanille and cacao. It is soft and spicy.

Great for mixing its dark and lots of flavour not greats for sipping

Light rum appropriate for a mix but lower end of the scale as a sipping rum.

I had a few experiences with rums until my parents came back from Cuba with this bottle. I prefer tot drink it room teperature, non mixed, the flavor then realy opens after a few seconds, the first seconds are realy soft but rather less tasteless, then afterwards the bouquette opens up tot the variety of Wood fire and a little fruit. I love that affect

This is my first rum. I like it, can't compare yet...
Downgraded my initial rating a little bit after comparing with my second rum...

The smoothest and most aromatic of Havana Clubs Anejos. Although it could already be enjoyed on the rocks I prefer it in long drinks.


I had my first Havana Club during my first ever visit to Cuba on my honeymoon, so this is more of a sentimental choice for me. It mixes well with a Coke at the end of the day. Nothing spectacular but not disappointing either.

More aged but same bad taste, sometime I can drink it if not more rums on the place, its very dry and have no deep taste

This rum has a light golden/amber colour with a bit of a rubbing alcohol smell (in the bottle).
It tastes sweet and floral/fruity, but way too harsh for me to sip straight.
It makes a really good Cuba Libre (R&C) - It's light yet has enough flavour to give it some taste.

Un rum semplice senza pretese! Da usare per rendere più gustosa qualche bevanda calda o per fare qualche cocktail!

Dette er en klar kandidat til rom og cola. best hvis ikke for kald.

I chose this one before he's brother Havana 7. It is perfect to mix with coke or other drinks. Not good enough to drink pure.

Rhum à Cocktail, parfait pour le Cuba Libre dans la ligné dans Bacardi Spiced mais en plus rond et moins sucré

This seems to sit between the 7 year and the Especial in taste profile and I slightly prefer it to both as it seems to have the qualities of each and is still quite upfront with the treacly molasses which I love with Havana Club. Mixed this is excellent . I find the flavour is enhanced after having say an Appletons Signature or Mount Gay Eclipse before, seems to sharpen up the palete

Ron que combina bien para hacer un mojito o una Cuba libre.


It is not reaally a good sipper but it is ok in a blend

Tento rum mi příliš nechutná. Jiné Kubánské rumy mi přijdou mnohem lepší než tento.