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Havana club 7 year rum

Havana Club 7-Year Rum is distilled from fermented molasses and aged in charred white oak barrels for seven years.

Havana Club rum is still made in Cuba - where the company was founded by José Arechabala in 1878 and then nationalized in 1959 after the Cuban Revolution. Havana Club is now jointly owned by Pernod Ricard and the Cuban government.

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Not a bad rum if you can get around the big leathery tobacco-like note at the beginning. I personally don't like it, but if you sip your rum while smoking cigars, you'll love it. I do think this rum actually suffers from some overrating (and price inflation) as its political/historical context make it the Che Guevara t-shirt of the rum drinking world. If you sip it on its own merits, its not bad but not great either.

This rum makes an "I'm Cuban" statement clearly crafted to be enjoyed alongside a cigar with its complementary tobacco undertones. It's lovely on the nose giving lots of sweet molasses and noticeable vanilla. The palate arrives sweet and spicy developing hot sweet chilli pepper, tobacco wood and light vanilla. It finishes with light syrupy spiced tobacco and a shows a mild short lived helping of base rum sourness that hasn't been completely aged out in the 7 years in oak. This doesn't mar the aftertaste and it goes down well glass after glass. If you like Bourbon this will suit you. It may not suit everyone though. You can grab a bottle for about 20 quid and it definitely holds its own against bottles twice that price. Bit too much E150 but they stick that in every rum - you just cant avoid it. Added sugar is only 5gpl. A very pleasant surprise this Easter and given it's price I'm almost going 8/10. Cheers!

HC 7 is not superb and not really bad. It is for me the most drunk rum, known by almost everyone. It's not sweet, has typical cuban notes wood, leather, a bit smokey. It tastes strong although it's not only the alcohol in it, its the flavour itself. As it is easy to buy worldwide (except USA I think) and not too expensive (last bottle I bought cost me 17 Euro) it is absolutely ok for the price. But if you like HC7 I suggest to try other cuban rums that lead a bit into similar directions and are far better for the same or lower price as Caney Centuria or Legendario Añejo (not the sweet Elixir one, that's something different).
I consider it a rum to mix with coke or for coctails, I'd not be able to drink this one straight.

A reference in roundness. Very well balanced, easy to drink. Lacks some power and spicyness maybe. A classic for my mojitos or Cuba libre.

Not greate as sipper! but ok for Coke drink and other drinks.

It's a good rum to start your collection with. It's flavours aren't to strong so you can use it to learn to drink rum straight.. Also comes in handy to give your cocktails an extra punch and a bit stronger rum-taste than a regular white rum.

Der Preis schwankt immer zwischen 20€ und 28€. Man kann ihn pur trinken, aber meiner Meinung nach ist er besser für einen "sehr guten" Cuba Libre geeignet.

Denne rom egner sig bedst til at mixe. Men det gør den til gengæld rigtig godt.

Makes a very nice cuba libre!
Although prefer ED12

Cuba has got much more to offer like Santiago or Legendario. This one is just commercial study. But ok to drink but nothing great

This is the classic rum anyone should start with, affordable balanced, surprisingly.

À mettre en coktail pour un meilleur rendu. Plutôt chère mais facile à trouver.

The first time you open the bottle and drink it, you find it strong with abondant alcohol taste (as is the case with most rums) but let the bottle sit for a week and try again.

Nose: very clear smell of honey and chocolate. And in the background you get tobacco and vanilla. Exactly what's written on the outside of the bottle, no kidding.

Palette: Full body. This is NOT a mellow rum. Not detecting much taste. There is a slight harshness.

Finish: Long finish with the exact same flavors mentioned above. Flavors are full and rich, yet not too strong. Flavors aren't too mixed together so you can still distinguish every flavor (this also implies it isn't a refined rum)

Unlike what many people say, this is a great sipping rum, if you're looking for clear rich flavors. This is an excellent rum to pair with heavy cigars. Don't drink it with mild cigars though as this rum will overpower the cigar's taste.

This was a gift from my brother John from overseas. Thanks bro!

Aroma is strong, eyewatering strong... Lacquer thinner is definitely there with this one. Strong juicy first taste. Don't know what "leathery" or "tobacco" taste like, but to me there's strong pineapple there, almost like concentrate. Peach!


Cuba libre best buddy !
Le produit phare de la maison Havana Club.

On réinvente pas les classiques!

Rhum à Cocktails, mojito ou cuba libre iront bien.

One of the first rums I added to my collection. The taste is just okay, nothing special about it.

Was greatly disappointed, tho perhaps I had a bad, or non-legitimate batch of Añejo 7 Años ('aged 7 years') in a Havana Club gift tin from the shop. Was not expecting a Ron Zacapa 23, but was hoping for something interesting in that general direction. This Havana Club's dark bottle yielded a rum light and golden in colour, with some initial pleasant rum flavours immediately overwhelmed by a fiery, burning after-taste. An ice cube took away the fire, but also left the rum without character, a simple sweet drink. Surprised since I enjoy Havana Club's Añejo Especial at one-third less, better both neat or with ice than this bottle I bought of Añejo 7. Ché Guevara would have asked, 'What's going on here?'

Smokey and smooth. I usually keep a bottle of this next to me on playstation gaming nights. Whenever in doubt this is a safe choice.

Dont find this to be a great rum for my taste, but it's not bad either. Lacking a bit of sweetness, and containing a manly doze of woody cigar flavours. If your in the mood for that, it will do the job. Imagine it's a decent mixer.

Bruger kun min til cola.

Big fan of the 15yr for sipping means im more than happy to use the 7yr in cocktails. Lighter and smoother than expected with wood and vanilla on the nose i find it great to use as your base in a Daiquiri.

I was introduced to aged rums while in Havana and this and the Santiago De Cuba 12 were the local reco's. This doesn't even come close to the sweetness and depth of the 12 year Santiago de Cuba, although I will say that when paired with a nice Cuban cigar it's quite palatable.

Consistently consistent... good flavours, not too sharp