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Havana club 3 year rum

Havana Club 3-Year rum is produced from molasses and aged for 3 years in white oak barrels before filtering and bottling.

Havana Club rum is produced in Cuba, where the company was founded in 1878 by José Arechabala. The company was nationalized in 1959 after the Cuban Revolution and now jointly owned by Pernod Ricard and the Cuban government.

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194 Havana Club 3-Year ratings

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This bad boy is beating it's younger sibling out of market. And for good cause. the taste is floverly-sweet and it makes great Mojito, Daiquiri, Piňacolada and Cuba libre. And other coctails as well. and it is old enough to have it's own attitude to present, so drinking neat "young" rums is finally enjoyable (but mostly on the rocks). Essential for cocktail lovers.

You'll NEVER use Bacardi again after trying this rum. Smooth and balanced with just the right amount of kick. It's content to be the rum in a cocktail without taking over the other flavors, or being vodka-like in neutrality. Straight up it isn't very impressive, but if that's how you drink rum, then you should be buying far more expensive products anyway.

This was served to me instead of dark rum... Nearly spat it out as was very foul and left a horrible taste in the mouth

Il sera la base d'excellents mojitos mais il ne faut pas en attendre plus.

Young rum that already has character. Great mixer for Coke or mojitos

Like it with coke. A lot better than the Havana club blanco. I like the havana club especial better (about the same price). 6/10

Early 2000 Havana Club was introduced in Belgium and became quickly my favourite rum to mix with cola.

To be honest I've put it aside the last years to discover other rums, but it's always nice to come back to this solid reference as a mixing rum!



This one is a classic mixing rum. It is the mojito rum.
Its a little bit spicy and very neutral. No rum for sipping.

Nice mixer rum. Great for the original mojito. Strong as sipper.

Good cuban white rum for mixing. Not strong alcohol taste for a young rum.

Not the worst drink I've had, but it's what I'd call a rum flavoured ethanol. Got a gasoline aftertaste to it. Wouldn't see the point of buying this when at costs the same as the far better Especial. You give this to the freeloaders so they stop drinking your piss & start buying their own.

I'm not much of a cocktail / rum with mixer drinker so probably not the best person to review this, as this is the only way I could possible imagine this to be drinkable.

It actually taste better than expected alone, very fruity. But for its quality and price it is clearly your rum for coktails only.

So, I tried worse but this is bad enough to not recommend to drink.

Nothing special, usually blended in cocktails..... A simple commercial rum

A rum that exists for one particular purpose. Definitely nostalgic

Just an average rum, for your everyday drink. great if you want to make mojitos

great mixer and good for shots as vodka alternative, not quite sipper

Pour les cocktails lorsqu’on n'a rien d'autre sous la main... Conseillé à ceux qui n'aiment pas le rhum.

Good for mixing, bit softer taste than the blanco but still not for sipping

Buon carattere per un rum dolce. Ideale per cocktail

With an average price of 17€ and very good distribution channel, it was the first "Anejo" I have tried and still like it.
Straight, with cola, or mojito,the smooth taste will never let you up.


Good for cocktails. Far away from being a premium rum of course.

This is one of the best White Rums. Still need Coke.