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25 Havana Club 15-Year ratings

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I had it after dinner in Havana. Served in a huge, Cognac-type, balloon glass. Neat, of course. And accompanied by a smooth Cohiba cigar (even though I normally don't smoke).

Color : Amber to mahogany
Flavour : Rich fruits flavor supported by delicat spice & tobocco notes, raisins
Palate : Silky, med-bodied, dry & rich

Little bit too overpriced

Questo 15 anni è molto piacevole, il sapore è ben bilanciato. Non c'è paragone con il 7 anni. Peccato che si deve spendere troppo per un buon Havana

Souvent mal comprise, la maison Havana Club produit des rhums de très grande qualités qui diffèrent de la plupart des grandes maisons commerciales.

Sans grosse melasse ou saveurs ajoutées, le Havana club 15 ans n'a rien à envier à ses cousins "pimpé" des Caraïbes.

Raisins sec, petits fruits au nez.
Caramel salé, fût de chêne, petite note de porto en bouche.

D'une grande élégance malgré qu'on en demande un peu trop cher pour avoir le plaisir de le déguster.

I really enjoy that bottle. Great full flavor, very smooth, just at right level of sweetness. So easy to sip that I finished bottle sooner than I would like :). For me is 9.5


Really good and I can not say anything bad on this one, however I can not say anything extra positive... worth trying, you have to know this taste to objectively compare with other rums. Overpriced in my opinion.

some say it's the best rum of the world. I doubt it, but yes, it's a great rum!

Marc-André a très bien résumé le gout de ce rhum. Il est meilleur le maestro.

Great on ice. Nice full body and great tones. Would not waste with a mixer. Expensive.

En super rom som har en lang eftersmag med noter af frugt, vanilje og en anelse røg.
Den skal simpelthen nydes uden is.

Not worth the $150 CUP paid for it... but a very good rum if you don't think about how much you paid for it. Just because it's an expensive rum doesn't mean it's a good rum... but here... at least it's a good rum. I will have to cherish it on special occasions because I've never seen it anywhere in Canada and I don't see me buying this next time I'm in Cuba... looks like a one time around. If it was $80 a bottle and more readily available, it would be a different story.

Best of all havana Club I have tried, is a very good , very special, dry premium quality , the only thing is the price , like everything from Cuba is good but to costly and honestly in this global world same high quality products are produced around the world for less money

Compared to the price this is a dissapointment. Great bottle but whats in it is pretty overated. I know rum that is better for 1/3 of the price

si on met de côté son prix, on a un rhum agréable, très rond, typique des rons espagnols, du caramel et de la vanille et un boisé bien intégré. Pour 40/50€ pourquoi pas, a plus de 100 on passe son chemin sans regret.

always been a big Havana drinker all be it prior to trying to develop a moe discerning palate in many many Cuba libras always said I would treat my best friend and I to a bottle of my wife ever fell pregnant and finally after 6 years of IVF we finally got a bottle loved every drop probably more for the occasion as there are better cheaper rums out there. But had to be tried

As the price would suggest it should be. Too much tar and tobacco and overly sweet.

Bang average

kunne godt savne en lille smule mere bid i denne, men stadig alligevel en dejlig oplevelse.

I tried this in Havana and then had a bottle bought for my fortieth birthday. I love Havana Club, and opt for this whenever I can. If the bar doesn't have it, then it will be the 7 year old instead usually - if I'm in a Havana Club mood. At the price it is per bottle though, I have to make it last!

I've tasted this rum in a bar in Havana (as it was until now the only way I could afford a sip) and it was marvellous. A very rich and full taste, definitely not your average rum!

But still, compared to other great, smooth rums the price cannot be ignored. For the price of a bottle I'd buy myself probably 6 of my favorites..

Ein sehr guter sanfter und zugleich unverwechselbaren rum. Beim Champions-League-Finale 2013 geöffnet. Hat sich gelohnt

First time I had this in a French ski resort it blew my mind, I have since tried many rums far more superior and it's £150 price tag doesn't match it's liquid. The rum has a great initial punch of flavor, a little spice however isn't very rich in molasses and it's not as complex as other £100+ bottles. Spend your cash elsewhere unless you already have a diplo 2000 an el d 21 and a zacapa XO

Very good dry sipping rum

A damn good expression by Havana Club. I have two bottles, one for sipping, one I'm holding on to...
Goes fantastically with a Monte Cristo No.2

Quite a spicy rum with an extremely long finish. I got butterscotch and a slightly oaky flavors. There was a hint of sweetness, maybe could have used more. Not an overly complex rum - for 15 years I was looking for a few more subtleties.