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It still has an intense alcohol flavour. Probably it needs some time to settle down a bit. But in this price range it is reasonable.

Nice spicy caramel nose. Mouth has almost none of that initial alcohol bite, but to me has a negatively over spiced flavor. For drinking neat, it's my least favorite of all the Diplomatico offerings. However, that spiciness peeks through the Coke flavor for a respectable Rum and Coke. Now that statement needs some clarification. I've been lucky enough to have had three bottles of Roble Viejo Ultra Añejo Rum delivered to me by Family traveling from Venezuela. This ROBLEY offering has a wonderful spicy woody caramel flavor profile that busts through the Coke flavor for an unbelievably exceptional Rum and Coke. This Diplomatico offering has the exact flavor profile, but to a lessor strength. With the Diplomatico Mantauno this flavor profile is precieved to break through by varying amounts in different seatings, where with the Roble there's never a question of it busting through. This still makes this Diplomatico offering my go to for Rum and Coke since the Roble Viejo Ultra Añejo Rum is only available at a duty free shop in the Venezuelan Airport.
As a sipping Rum I would have rated this Diplomatico offering lower, but gave it the 9 for it's value in a Rum and Coke

Diplomatico Mantuano is a new item in the US. It makes a decent rum-and-coke drink for you, but this rum is too harsh for neat sipping experience. Go straight to the Reserva Exclusiva and be blown away with how good that rum really is.

Sweet on the nose. Pretty balanced without being overly sweet. It's nice but nothing special

This is simply a great rum and has a smooth richness to it, but there are many alternatives that already nail this classification that are cheaper. Sure this one certainly has a smooth finish to it which gives that air of refinement to it, which may make the difference for some.

This rum is one of my starting pack. It was good experience for me.

nez caramel vanille doux et léger
caramel sucré faussement sec et faussement sirupeux
bon rhum a 30€

I drink most of my sippers on ice, like I did with this. A bit harsh, but I found a back end sweet smoothness as well

It's one of the first rum's I tried that was above €20 and it tasted great with coke. It's strong but after every sip you want more.

Provad mot Reserva Exclusiva. Spritigare, inte lika fyllig och söt i jämförelse. Ändå ok.

N- Soft dried fruits with some rock candy and burnt barks. Candle wax added layer of weighty oiliness to it, as well whiff of air dried fish notes which is quite nice. (18/25)

P- Mellow, more towards light than medium body, which make it a wee watery. Scents of sweet raisin and other dried fruits, perhaps apricot, with coal notes undertone, narrow and muted. (16/25)

F- Medium, sticky sugar coated sour fruits that stays. Sour plum tartness, raisin chocolate, dose of sweet spice on the retro-hale. (18/25)

Balanced- Plenty of sweetness carry by the light body, restrained and lacking sensation. (17/25)

Weighted Rate:- 69pt


Langt under sin storebrors standard. Billig og kan godt drikkes, men det er også det.

in taste you feel the tones of older brother Diplomatico RE. but its not as smooth, complex and perfect as RE. Its a nice rum similar to el dorado 12. The only problem is, that if know RE, then this is just a 2nd class for you.

Not as good as the reserva exclusiva, but for its price its a steal.

A scaled down version of the reserva exclusiva, pleasing, but again not that pleasing. Nice and sweet, but by far not in the category that Diplomático is known for. Quite good for an everyday mixing or with soda rum. Will buy it as a standard stand-by.

Very solid rum enjoyable even for starters, not very harsh, sweet, vanilla and fruit taste, but not very distinct, which is probably a pity. Still not bad, and has in my opinion very nice bottle.

I have to collect something not to get crazy, so I think, why not Rum?

Smell and taste similar to the Reserva Exclusiva, just much less intense.
Dryer too, made for great coktails not to drink alone.

This is a tasty rum in the line of the Havana club flavour profile with quite a bit of toffee caramel. I dont get the vanilla or oakyness a few others have mentioned online. It does say its a rum aged up to 8 years, I would say that it is mostly around 2-4 years. If you took the Havana Club 7 year and cut this with some younger Rums this would be close. Nice drop but Id take the Havana first. Quite unlike the Anjeo which has more vanilla & oak and more a Bajan rum

Helt ok, lite för torr och mindre söt än reserva exclusiva vilket inte är någon nackdel.

Reserva asi lepší, ale i tak nezklamalo. Silnější chuť alkoholu zbytečně potlačuje samotnou chuť rumu.


Pro mě rozhodně nejméně kvalitní Diplomatico(kromě bílých)... je z něj dost cítit alkohol a celkově mi moc nesedí. Rozhodně je lepší si připlatit.

NOT the rum I expected. Will only ude the for drinks.

There is nothing special about this rum - not to sweet, not to alcoholic.