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Sweet on the nose. Pretty balanced without being overly sweet. It's nice but nothing special

It still has an intense alcohol flavour. Probably it needs some time to settle down a bit. But in this price range it is reasonable.

Very interesting.
Was wondering how exclusiva would taste if only you could somehow remove the extra sweetness...
Now I know and I can confirm it's good.
Missing the complexity as well...
Overall decent.


Nice spicy caramel nose. Mouth has almost none of that initial alcohol bite, but to me has a negatively over spiced flavor. For drinking neat, it's my least favorite of all the Diplomatico offerings. However, that spiciness peeks through the Coke flavor for a respectable Rum and Coke. Now that statement needs some clarification. I've been lucky enough to have had three bottles of Roble Viejo Ultra Añejo Rum delivered to me by Family traveling from Venezuela. This ROBLEY offering has a wonderful spicy woody caramel flavor profile that busts through the Coke flavor for an unbelievably exceptional Rum and Coke. This Diplomatico offering has the exact flavor profile, but to a lessor strength. With the Diplomatico Mantauno this flavor profile is precieved to break through by varying amounts in different seatings, where with the Roble there's never a question of it busting through. This still makes this Diplomatico offering my go to for Rum and Coke since the Roble Viejo Ultra Añejo Rum is only available at a duty free shop in the Venezuelan Airport.
As a sipping Rum I would have rated this Diplomatico offering lower, but gave it the 9 for it's value in a Rum and Coke

Diplomatico Mantuano is a new item in the US. It makes a decent rum-and-coke drink for you, but this rum is too harsh for neat sipping experience. Go straight to the Reserva Exclusiva and be blown away with how good that rum really is.


Not as good as the reserva exclusiva, but for its price its a steal.

This is simply a great rum and has a smooth richness to it, but there are many alternatives that already nail this classification that are cheaper. Sure this one certainly has a smooth finish to it which gives that air of refinement to it, which may make the difference for some.

The first impression from this rum comes out when someone opens the bottle and gives a gentle nose close up.. There is not the richness and the power of spices like Reserva Exclusiva , there is not the feeling like rocking the senses..

In the glass, the color is excellent caramel brown and the tears rich and slow sediment..First nose and there is a feeling of spirit aggressiveness.. but also a sweetness coming out superficially and not so gently.. Some sensing of caramel and dark chocolate flavors come out..

In the mouth, that first aggressive feeling of pure spirit there is also present, there is a lack of the gentleness of the age.. No need to analyze more the spices and aftertaste, this rum it's sharp and no complex at all, it is recommended for cocktails and with coke..

Purchased for $22.99 in Pittsfield, MA. Interesting bottle. I wondered if this rum was as sweet as the other higher end Diplomaticos. Deep amber color, but not too dark. Light on the nose. First sip has a little strong alcohol in the front end, overall good flavor with lighter finish. Not very complex. Overall good for the price - recommendable.

Sweet but not too much, strong alcohol sensation on the nose. Cheap.

This is a low budget rum. Not suitable for sipping. But an ok rum for a rum coca cola. Add some ice for a better effect.

About four months ago, I tried my first bottle of Diplomatico, which was their Reserva. Slowly but surely, I wound up hating it and swore to never buy it again. Well that Reserva has now been replaced by this Mantuano. Rumors were also running that it was going to replace their Reserva Exclusiva, which would be absolutely foolish on their part. However, we all need to back off on rums with added sugars, so I reluctantly bought this bottle today.

Cut most of the spice and all of the sugar syrup from their Reserva Exclusiva and you can get a pretty good idea what this one tastes like. Is it an enjoyable sipper? Hell no! Some have complained of harsh alcohol burn. Just let it breathe for a while! So what is it good for? As others have already said, it would probably make a good Cuba Libre, but I am out of cola for now.

Honestly I hated it... Absolutely not my type, but I must say that it is a well constructed rum.
Quite balanced between oaky bitterness and caramel sweetness...

Culoare frumoasa, gust intens dar fara acel iz placut de dulceata, miros tare de alcool. Nu cred ca-l voi mai incerca.

Good rum. Not very complex and good use a few more years. Little alcoholy

good enough for dry and not oversweet taste, good enough for sipping, gives pleasure

One of the first rums I ever tried on the rocks. At first, I was quite impressed. But the more rums you try and your taste develops, this rum becomes quite normal. Nothing exceptional but still tasty.

Aroma, sticky and small sweet.
In this price range its not he best but still ok.

Too young, not enough pleasant taste. Sharp taste. Aroma is with vanilla. Similar to Diplomatico Reserva, but not so good.

Was Diplomatico in der letzten Zeit rausbringt ist ziemlich schwach,der Rum ist langweilig und selbst im Cola ist ein 3 jähriger Havanna für 10 Euro um Welten besser. Pur getrunken nichts was ich nochmal haben muss. Hoffentlich bleibt der gute alte Reserva Exclusiva für rund 30 Euro in dieser Qualität im Programm sonst können sie ihren Laden bald zusperren

Carmel flavours but far too overpowering ab alcohol taste. Its ok for mixing but didnt care for it straight up. Sitting on the rocks doesnt settle it down. Pineapple juice accompanyment it is...

Liquor store had it rated 95, but I found it to be a little plain tasting on the rocks. Definitely not bad, but as complex as others of similar age

Not quite as good as Reserva Exclusiva. I prefer to drink all my rum neat. Overall this is a good rum especially for the price. I find it better over ice.

I would hav to agree with other reviews in that it is not as sweet an a bit harsher the the Reserva
but this Mantuano is a grand mixer and a bottle that will be and can be enjoyed by all who pop the cork
drink up me hardies drink up