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9 Lemon Hart Original 1804 ratings

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It has a nice rich brown color. The nose is fragrant but not intense. There was a lot of banana, some leather, the usually vanilla, and some baked bread. The mouth feel with thin, the sugar came first, no burn, tails off with bitter. To me this had most of the features of a Demerara rum but only half as delicious.

Had a rum tasting on a sunny afternoon, because why not. Lemon Hart Original 1804 Rum bottle and label design looks dull. Deep brown color from artificial flavorings. Super strong glue and plenty of alcohol to the nose and palate. Nasty burn at the end, so better skip this one altogether.


Smooth as smooth can get. Thou I didn’t get a ton of flavor notes but smoothness accounts for something

Avec ses 57,1% d'alcool, ce rhum decape completement les amidales, domage car il a bon gout

Obviously not in the same league as it’s 151 brethren; the wonderful nose isn’t carried through. A wonderful expression of Demerara as a mixer however.

I was surprised at how smooth this run was, given some reviews I'd heard. Subtle citrus tastes hit on the tip of the first sip. Medium body rises to flavors of coffee and caramel. Washes down very easily. This rum is notably complimented with cola. Or rather it compliments the cola itself, much in the ilk of a lemon twist.

Great smell, similar to Diplomatico with cherry and caramel. Tangy, sour taste that I really didn't like. Grassy, peppery. Finish keeps getting more tart and lingers... in a bad way. Good amount of balanced spice, but doesn't compensate for the overall sourness.

I use this often as a mixer. Not the best sipper but a lot better then many others out there

LH 40% used to be my go-to rum. This is nothing like that rum, and I will likely not bother with it again. Devoid of the demerara taste and the funk that I came to love, it is very thin, and has little flavor. A great disappointment.