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wanted to try the Bermuda style after reading several good reviews. I found it lighter than I expected, but still a fine rum.

Ένας το τιτλοφόρησε "not good" και του έβαλε 6 ..... άλλος το τιτλοφόρησε "Not bad" και του έδωσε επίσης 6. Το ήπια σε σφηνάκι, το ήπια σκέτο , το ήπια με φλούδα πορτοκαλιού ..... και στις τρεις εκδοχές του μου άφησε μια ευχάριστη αίσθηση . Η γεύση του είναι ωραία και αφήνει μια πολύ ελαφριά γλύκα στο τέλος, παρόλα αυτά δεν έχει διάρκεια και σχεδόν καθόλου αρώματα, γι αυτό και το 6αρι ...... Άλλη μια καλή, απλή επιλογή όταν πρόκειται, για φτηνό ρούμι !!!!

Hey I got to try this rum at a buddies place , the lite amber color is not as appealing in the glass as a nicely aged rum but this rum when mixed with coke has a sweeet butterscotch taste .i found myself pouring myself another as the taste was something familiar that I couldn't put my finger on like a candy from my youth , not sure if it's an all night drinker but to have a couple glasses with friends this rum delights with its sweet candy taste .

Gold in colour, flavour is like gasoline and even smells like cheap Bacardi. The black seal is alright but, that's about it for Goslings and me.

Standard gold rum that was poor from the start.. not a great standard

Not as good as their Black Seal. It's nice, but not in my list of goto mixing rums.

Really didnt find anything in this one, only alcoholic and caramel aroma, thats all. Kind of disappointed.

Straw color. No real complexity. Aroma in the bottle and in my snifter really is just an alcohol fragrance. Fairly basic flavor with some spiciness and an immediate and lengthy burn. But only 80 proof. A little bit of oakiness to it. Definitely a bit of an edge. Works best as a mixing rum especially in various carbonated beverages.

Very light taste. A little too light if you are a connoisseur. Recommend as an entry level.

Very light rum. Seems like it contains more colouring than congener. Difficult to choose over anything else on the shelf.

I'm a big Goslings fan so I've been trying to find this rum for a while. It's fairly smooth but doesn't have much flavour to it, reminded me of a slightly sweeter Mount Gay Eclipse. Probably very good for mixing but I think I will stick to the black seal.

it is fine as an amber but not as smooth or as much flavour as it darker brother

And quite different Gold Mixing Rum.

The Black Seal's naughty younger brother. Well worth a try.

This rum is decent. Would I run to the store for it? No. While smooth, there are others I would recommend in its place.

Smooth and giving with cola. Not my first, second or third choice.

The dryer version of the classic Black Seal. A good rum to blend.

I like it with ginger ale (1/2 rum, 1/2 ginger ale witha squeeze of lime).

Bought this from a recommendation. NIce rum...but not my first choice. Missing some bold flavour.

Mixes well with coke smooth taste

Nice smooth rum, great daily drinker