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Gosling s black seal rum

The James Gosling family business first produced Gosling Black Seal rum in 1806, and it is now the oldest surviving business on the island of Burmuda.

Gosling 'Black Seal' rum received it's name from the black wax originally used to seal the bottles. It is Bermuda's most widely exported product and considered the nation's national drink.

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Here's one of my heroes! Great, unique rum that makes perfect 'Dark & Stormy' drinks at a very affordable price. Also, still produced by the Goslings, a family with a very interesting past.

I love this for my Dark N Stormy's. You can do Myers' Dark, but it is not the same. I do like Old Lahaina Dark, but not as good as Gosling's. Any of the Bermuda ginger beers such as Gosling's, Barrit's, or Regatta are very good. However, if you want a little pop in your Dark N Stormy, try the Goya Jamaican ginger beer. It has a strong pepper taste and is very spicy.

The Moscow Mule(vodka and ginger beer/lime) seems to be trendy right now and they are good, but a friend made some " Dark and Stormy" drinks (Gosling's Black/ginger beer/lime) the other night and it made a great drink - better than the Moscow Mules for my taste.

Makes a lovely dark n’ stormy. Has character and some spiciness, which makes the rum stand out in the cocktail, just as it should be.
Obviously not meant to be had neat, but curiosity got the best of me. The nose has cloves, cinnamon, orange-peel, wood and caramel, a composition reminding me of bitters, like fx. angostura aromatic. In the mouth I pick up the same fat and semi-sweet christmas notes mentioned above, and although a little harsh on the finish, it’s actually not bad neat. Remains a good value mixer though.

Nichts Besonderes. Für meinen Geschmack zu starker cherry Abgang.

A dark and stormy is just one of those drinks that you can never get tired of.

This is the rum I use for my dark 'n stormys. It does a great job, but also one I can sip on the rocks if I don't feel like a cocktail. I always have a bottle of this on hand,

The obvious Dark n Stormy mixer, but nice with coke or ginger ale too. Smooth for an inexpensive rum. Plays well with sweeter mixes as well.

edited to add sugar test results- 11g

need I say more? Goslings with bundaberg ginger beers or home made ginger beer is near perfect. Coruba is slighty better but cant take much away from Goslings except that they have a aggressive copyright policy and send letters to people who use the dns name without permission. So BOO and -3 points.

A very sweet dark. Usually drink this on the rocks with ice however it does fine with soda.

Made my first ever batch of aged eggnog (made 3 gallons!) and used this as the rum. The final product was phenomenal!

Can't stand this stuff straight, or even mixed with coke.. But there's nothing better for a dark n stormy (and technically nothing else legal, according to Bermuda!)

Goslings have made this Rum to go with Ginger Beer (known as a Dark and Stormy). This was my first introduction to interesting Rum (ie not something that you find served in every bar when you ask for a Rum and Coke) and remains one of my favorites to have as a long drink

I'm enjoying this alot more than I thought I would. Black seal has alot more 'balls' and depth, complexity and flavour-journey than many aged rums I've had. It may actually make the collection.

Has it's own niche in the rum drinking world...with Lime and Ginger Beer!
Nothing works as well... def a reason to keep a bottle in your cabinet.

One of the first dark rums I ever had and thus remains a soft spot forever. Very strong flavour, actually quite herby and medicinal but in a pleasing way. Full flavour when held in the mouth with a noteable afterburn but again very pleasing. Of course the number 1 choice for a dark and stormy no other rum will do for that but one I really enjoy sipping with a single piece of ice inside, I find this loosens up the intense flavours. Not a rum for novices as I find it quite cultured.

You can't beat a Dark and Stormy. Also mixed with Goslings Gold makes the best rum Swizzle

Tasty but feels a tad synthetic. Somewhat different from other black rums (Cruzan, Lemon Hart and Pusser's). Must be used when making a "Dark 'n' Stormy" because it's trademarked.

Un des premiers rhum que j'ai acheté. Je le trouvais pas mal. Sans doute mieux pour être mélangé qu'à boire pur. Je devrais en racheter pour le noter correctement.

For the price you cannot beat this rum. ($23/handle on sale) Mixed with coke zero and lime, this is our staple in my coastal corner. Praise be the Black Seal!

molasses. half dry.
bold. intense. low fruit. caramel. licorice. spice. wood. alcohol. not a good sipper. too short aftertaste. too harsh. too thin.
mix it up with ginger beer and you get the dark´n stormy longdrink! and thats great!
5/10 for a sipper
8/10 for a mixer with ginger beer!

I like this one even neat, for sipping, but of course it is great in mixes, worth every penny

With Goslings Giner Beer THE Rum to Go. With more spicy Gingers try Pussers Blue Label. Dark and sweet. Quote ok for sipping. But Kind of Strange Taste and nose. Can not Point my Finger on it. Old fruits?

What would a Dark & Stormy be without Gosling's Black Seal? Is it a complex aged sipper? No, but it's a sold respectable dark mixer, miles ahead of Meyers.