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Goslings 151 rum

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22 Gosling's 151 ratings

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That's the dark to the stormy. 151 is the right kick for the classic cocktail

Pretty much rehash the earlier reviews. If you like the regular Gosling's in your mixed drinks but want some extra kick, use this.

This one is the one to use for a dark 'n stormy.. It has quite the same taste as the normal black seal.. But with a kick.

Goslings is my go to for Dark & Stormies. Over proof is sometimes hard to find but I grab it when I see it.

In a hurry to get out the door I used the wrong mixture in some Rum Swizzle. Way too much 151. You couldn't tell by tasting. We had a great time drinking but the next day was not so great.

Super god Rom til at bruge til drinks, den har en god eftersmag

Great mixing rum for Mai Tai or Dark and Stormy, recommended as a floater in similar drinks. Of course not a typical sipping rum although I like carefully sipping on rums like these eg Lemon Hart 151, Pusser's etc, the corner where this one belongs to stand amongst other dark overproofs. Dark and very aromatic it reminds a bit of the stronger Demeraras. You'll miss it once it's empty!

It burns and gives you instant heartburn... Nit a fan to be honest it's brutal stuff

Nose of sweet flavor yet with a hidden kick, tastes of dark licorice, anise and spice,

This is some strong stuff. Needless to say, the 151 proof is very apparent on the nose. However, on the palate, in a dark and stormy, this gives the ginger a spicy dimension and allows you to taste the other flavors that are normally masked by the strong ginger and lime tastes. An excellent addition to a collection which already has the original Black Seal.

This rum is not something I would heartily recommend as a sipper. Add it to some coke in reasonable amounts and it will hit you like a sack of tatters right upside the noggin. Good mixer and that about says it all.
I can say one thing very positive about this rum and that is for being 151 its one of the less harsh high proof rums out there.

Got this to make a tiki drink and it works great! Just right when tossed with tropical juices and fruit slices. Perfect on a summer's eve!

Anche se ha 75.5 gradi è fatto veramente bene. L' alcool non da noi assolutamente. Da bere da solo. Rapporto qualità prezzo eccezionale

Picked up a bottle of this by mistake. I was not looking for 151! It has a nice flavor, but I am not looking for the kick that this rum provides.

still the king of dark and stormy. i have both goslings and this is the start of the night king .... a kicker but still deep palette full of brown sugar and caramel.. delicious

Don't be afraid of the 151 on the label. This is actually a delicious sipper, with the same chocolate and port wine flavors as its 80 proof sibling. It also works wonders in Zombies and Jet Pilots. I like this rum.

Certainly not a sipping rum but deserves a place in the cabinet for cocktails

For people who enjoy a Dark N Stormy but have a screw loose.

Lethal stuff

Color : Dark brown
Flavour : Rich rummy flavour with a caramel and citrus note
Palate : Powerfull, medium length, rich

A good overproof rum to use in Tiki drinks

Makes a nice float for a Mai Tai, keeping the alcohol content up as the ice melts and the drink wanes.

Say no more than Zombie!

For the rare times i need an overproof rum, this isnt a bad choice at all and is quite rich and full bodied (not that im going to sip it straight up...)
Makes for a mean Dark 'n' Stormy, the drink is coincedentally trademarked by the Gosling's brothers in Bermuda!