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8 Lazy Dodo Single Estate ratings

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A special taste
Not my kind of thing
Will stay a long time in the cabinet

It was quite surprising how the LAZY DODO is not that Lazy. It's an interesting rum and not to expensive as well. Not one of the best rums I ever bought but quite drinkable.

Belle robe bronzée, frais, dominé par l'amertume du pamplemousse, aux nuances boisées

Smell is a bit too much light fuel rather than rum, but the taste is quite nice. Not very complex, but still good. I paid 40€ for the bottle. It should be more like a 30€ bottle

Een flesje dat plezier uitstraalt. Een naam om bij neer te vleien in de hangmat onder een stralend zonnetje met stroparasolletje. Geurt aangenaam zoet, met wat Houthints. Het swirlen brengt wat weinig smaak vrij maar de echte taste is best te pruimen! Niet echt zoet, maar er gebeurt wel wat in de mond...

Une belle surprise malgré ce qu'on peut en dire. Un aspect négatif cependant c'est le goût trop écoeurant et sans grande découverte. Plutôt rond. J'ai pu le tester pour 25€ donc pas déçu.

Fine aroma of vanilla and wood. Smooth rum. I like it with a light cigar.

molasses. sweet.
i smell full orangefruit. vanilla. some chocolate.
i taste citric notes full of flavour. pepper. wood. oak. pear. chocolate. vanilla.
3/10 - add 5 points if you like sweet rum like the diplomatico.
it is a blend of different rums from different casks. european oak casks. american bourbon casks. and some sweet stuff i think. up to 12 y old.
for a rum from mauritius it is unusual to use molasses instead of fresh sugar cane juice. the taste reminds me of the rums from riise and the pyrat. its a bulk of citric aroma. i don´t think it´s natural without putting some peels in the base!