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Flor de cana centenario 12 rum

Flor de Caña Centenario 12-Year rum is distilled in a continuous column still process, then rests for 12 years in small American white oak barrels that previously held whiskey and bourbon.

Flor de Caña was founded in 1890 by Francisco Alfredo Pellas at the San Antonio Sugar Mill, in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua. The company remains headed by the Pellas family to this day and harvests the molasses and sugarcane used to create their rum from fields adjacent to the distillery in Chichigalpa.

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150 Flor de Cana 12-Year ratings

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SO good, this stuff is. Rich and sweet with enough oak-spice warmly pushing through the flavor profile, most any discerning rum-drinker alive would be happy with this in his/her glass! Neat, on ice, or mixed with Coke or Sprite, this one's a winner on all fronts.

I have edited my previous praising review (in fact erased it). My experiece dated back to the previous incarnation of this rum in its more beautiful rounded bottle. I rated it with a 10, so good it was for me.

I have been tasting the current offering on its new bottle and it's not as good. It's a real shame because I loved it before, sweared by it and recommended it as the best rum I knew, haven't tasted anything like it ever since. Previously I liked how dry/whisky like it was, its oakyness and depth... now it's more caramel tasting and less complex. I want to try again the 7 year Flor de Caña, maybe it would me more to my liking...

This single state rum is one of my favorite from the Flor de Caña range, might be it is not than smoother as a 18 years but I like the balance.

The colour is amber and mahogany, the density and legs are good in the glass.

In the nose initially you can smell alcohol, with a water spoon opens and the sweetness become, sugar cane of course, the alcohol still present but you can start feeling this balance between the alcohol and the sugar/woody notes, beautiful to drink straight up or in a elegant coctel.

The taste is smoother than you can smell, burns just a bit when you keep it in your mount.

The medium body, and kinda long finish, you can feel the wood and bitter chocolate in your taste, some sweet notes as well.

I general for the price is more than recommended rum, cheers!

Nice mellow and warm woody notes. Very rich. Very smooth afterburn. Little dark chocolate and caramel notes. Best rum value ever.

I like this rum and it's natural complexity. The flavor can at times have a lot of similarities with good bourbons. A little short of the finish in a way that makes me think it's not aged quite as long as stated, but it's still really smooth and complex nonetheless. Unique tobacco aromas and flavors are apparent and think it offers a great value at it's price point.

Less sweet than rums from the Carib - but price point and flavor profile make this just about my favourite sipping rum. More bang for the buck than almost anything.

Flor de Cana 12 40% (Nicaragua)

Eye: Deep, dark, reddish mahogany

Nose: Starts with rum raisins, mahogany and whiffs of diesel fumes. A sharp cloud of alcohol numbs the nose. Then developments of marzipan and modeling clay followed by orange soaked honey and a huge load of nuts such as macadamias, hazel and Brazil nuts. The smell is still sharp even after ten minutes.

Mouth: This is new! De Cana has a very delicate sweetness to it which entwines around a heavenly creaminess in the middle register. Very exciting! Unfortunately this is almost lost in the immense alcohol cloud de Cana refuses to let go of. It is troubling to say the least and overshadows nearly everything. Here we have the most appealing rum possible (in a small doze) and it seems to be diluted by vodka. How sad! The nuts are still the main theme with the cream and fine sweetness as passive wingmen.

Reaction: I´m thinking older siblings in the Flor de Cana family could be interesting to meet with. The twelve year old feels young and uncertain but the pedigree is there and should be able to produce something more astute. This one feels adolescent, thin and a little cheap which it really isn´t. This version would never be my first choice among the many other tasty friends I have in my cabinet so when do I drink it?


Price: 400 SEK
Tasted: 2016, in a Riedel Sommelier Cognac XO glass at room temperature.

This rum is somewhat inbetween a sipper and a mixer.
Iits good enough for sipping without ice but its not the best at it.
It mixes well in drinks but lacks a bit of the punch of its younger siblings.
I would get a 7yrs and the 18yrs one for each purpose.

Realy good taste. You should try it. Don't suit everyone but I like it.

It's dry, which I like, and the heat dissipates quickly, which keeps it smooth. But, the flavor also disappears too soon, and it's not at all complex. Probably should get a 7.5 rating but I pushed it to 8 because it's a good, honest, no-frills rum.

Mi-corsé et plus sec que ce qu'on attendrait, il révèle en bouche des saveurs de clou de girofle, de chocolat noir et de fruits séchés, menant à une finale chaleureuse de longueur moyenne. excellent rapport qualité/prix.


A nice smooth rum, best consumed with an ice cube or two.

Nice bottle and the drink has a nice tobacco taste. This us a great sipping rum and any collection should have this or the 18 in their collection.

Up to the point of trying the FDC 12, my rum purchases had mostly been sweeter rums. So upon first taste, this tasted a bit thin and dry. Many positive reviews encouraged me to be patient, so I did and that patience was rewarded. I've come to enjoy this one and actually find myself thinking of bourbon occasionally as I sip. After having taken a breather from my sweeter rums to get acclimated with the FDC 12, I decided to try the Plantation XO again recently. I couldn't believe how sweet the Plantation tasted! Still love the Plantation but the two rums couldn't be more different. Variety is the spice of life!

adorable with a bite of chocolate... and even if you dont have chocolate :o)

Très doux et bien balancé.
Really smooth and well balanced.

Not a bad rum if you like whisky, but not for me ultimately. The good: cheap, some character up front, smooth finish. The bad: not much in the way of flavor, at least not for a 12. Defenders will say it's subtle, but I'd say too much so. Also, I found it is oddly similar in taste to Don Q Anejo, not sure why this is, but it is.

First tried this Rum recently and loved it. First few were with Coke but with the 12 and 18 year old, they are perfect straight up

Je trouve que ce rhum manque simplement de caractère, rien de marquant au niveau du gout, en effet assez simple pour le prix...

Nothing too overpowering about this rum. The various notes blend together incredibly well. Just the right amount of bite on the finish.

This is a good rum. it has a good robust flavor to it. I enjoyed it a lot when i picked it up in Costa Rica.

Honnêtement, je ne me rappelle plus des subtilités de ce rhum. Toutefois, je me souviens qu'il est d'une qualité appréciable et qu'il constitue un très bon rapport qualité-prix. Une valeur sûr en somme.

Honestly, I can not remember the subtleties of this rum. However, I recall that it is of good quality and that it is a very good value for money. A safe value in short.

Very smooth rum. I love the fact that the spice is just right. A little harder to find but definitely a must have.

For quite some time I was ordering this by the case, disbursing to friends who also enjoyed it. After the 4th case, I sent a message to the distillery as I could not find a local agent. No reply.
A great rum for casual sipping, nice way to introduce friends to a better quality of rum. Stronger flavours, earthy notes with some caramel and dried berries. Could definitely be used in a premium cocktail.

Cisty rum, bez zbytecneho karamelu, je v nem znat zrani v sudech, telo je ploche, nijak nevycniva, nenadchne. Konec harmonicky do stracena, lehce stipe alkohol.