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Ve vůni se mi zdálo, že cítím trochu medu. Čekal jsem tedy jemnější chuť, ovšem to jsem se přepočítal. Zpočátku po napití je především ostrý s převládající hořkostí. Postupně však ustoupí a přejde do zemité chuti, která není zas tak nepříjemná. Něco na té Mary je :) Od indonézského rumu jsem čekal horší zážitek :)

It is a lot of arrack and vanilla in this, could have been a little bit more body but a positive surprise.

Un alt rom plecat din agricole cu arome subtile, fresh.

Entry is dry and it gets earthy and mushroom like.

20ml uit een advent kalender. Bij het maken van Arak wordt rode rijst gebruikt bij het fermenteren. Levert in ieder geval een pittige rum op, kruidig, pepermunt, alcohol proef je wel (48%)
Wel lekker eigenlijk.

A little smokey on the nose with fresh cut lemongrass. I’ve encountered this character before from other indonesian rum. It’s a little dry and floral on the palate with black pepper and citrus. Decently balanced with a peppery finish. Though it's not paticularly rounded or complex it will do in a pinch.

Arrack is special kind of rum from Southeast Asia, where rice and other assorted rice are added to the fermentation process. It gives the drink a special taste, that is sure to device rum lovers.

Nose: Aromas of soil and greens with a small hint of suger cane
Taste: Very dry and clean taste of bark and pepper. A long medicinal aftertaste
Overall: I am not that well-traveled, when it comes to arrack, but if this is the benchmark for the style, then it might be something that I personally would stay away from.

I was kind of excited to try this rum do to its fancy packaging, its aging, and its relatively high price of over $50. But this rum really disappointed me.

Smells and tastes of rubber, sugarcane, oak, brine, grassy funk and leather. This rum is way too dry for my liking. But ignoring the dryness, it just tastes odd. The rice sounded interesting, but maybe that's what doesn't work here. A bit strong for the flavor as I only like strong rums when they're really good.

I'd rate this below the Bacardi & Captain Morgan rums, the Pusser's British Navy rums, and the St George California Rhums, none of which I particularly like. Other reviewers seem to agree with me. I typically rate rums about a point below their consensus rating, but this one is two points below - I think it's overrated a bit due to the high price.

Colour is light.
Smell not ok.
Taste is not ok.
Aftertaste is bad.

En rom som virker alt for skarp i mundhulen, der er intet blød og fint over den.
Ikke en rom jeg vil købe igen.

Helles Honiggelb im Glas.
In der Nase, ganz speziell anders, erdig nach Wurzeln und nassem Laub durchmischt mit etwas Frucht und Klebstoff.
Im Gaumen sehr elegant und würzig, weisser Pfeffer auf Lebkuchen, Orangen mit Nelken gespickt, schönes angenehmes Mundgefühl.
Im Abgang dezent süss mit Beeren und etwas Salz.
In einer Blindverkostung nicht als Rum zu erkennen aber eine schöne Abwechslung in der Rumlandschaft.
Für Geniesser und Entdecker.

Bright honey yellow in the glass.
In the nose, especially different, earthy mixed with roots and wet leaves with some fruit and glue.
Very elegant and spicy on the palate, white pepper on gingerbread, oranges peppered with cloves, nice and pleasant mouthfeel.
In the finish discreetly sweet with berries and a little salt.
In a blind tasting not to recognize as rum but a nice change in the rum landscape.
For connoisseurs and explorers.

Lucka 13 i romkalendern 2017, betyget sammanfattar allt.

Avast! Stinks like the rotten planks of an old buccaneer! Very smoky and woody, maybe also a bit spicy. Nah, this ain't cultivated...

Too alcoholic, not to my tasting, this will not be one I'll try again.

Luktar russin och kanel. Smakar lakrits. Känns inte som en rom. Spritig.

It is hardly rum. From nose to palate it seems like a medicine, herbal,very high alcohol %, but no sugar.

On the Nose fruity esters - apple overripe pear overripe banana cinnamon nutmeg vanilla new leather old oak clove and anis

Palate dry spicy oak partilly balanced by the merest hint of sweetness spicy fruity esters explode on the palate somewhat smooth by linseed oil

En væsentlig anderledes rom end hvad jeg er vant til at drikke. Den dufter frugtet og smager ret sprittet.

Earthen notes like malt whiskey in aroma.
Smoky character with fruity background reminding agricole.

Lugter, smager alt for kraftigt efter min smag. Ikke min type.

L'arrack est une boisson alcoolisée issue, notamment, de la fermentation de la canne à sucre.
Dans la cas qui nous occupe la mélasse utilisée est produite sur l'île de Java, ensuite, l'arrack vieillit 8 ans aux Pays-Bas. Notons également que du riz rouge fermenté est ajouté à la préparation lors du processus.
Une question, peut-on considérer l'arrack comme un rhum ?

Au nez, il embaume la pièce malgré sa douceur, je perçois des notes plus végétales ainsi que des notes d'agrumes,
En bouche, c'est assez sec et puissant (48%), sur des notes boisées, épicées,
La finale est longue, avec de discrètes notes fruitées :)

Voilà un chouette produit, bien équilibré,

Note : 77,5/100
Merci à 1423 Wolrd Class Spirits et son calendrier de l'Avent :)

Dufter meget af urter og sprit, måske endda en smule jordslået. Smagen er også meget sprittet og tør til st starte med, men man får en meget lang eftersmag af lakridsrod, som faktisk er ok, men det vejer ikke op for en meget voldsom start. Ikke en der skal stå i mit barskab. 13.December i romkalenderen 2017

Känns som en agricole. Smakar lite lakrits känner jag och en del fat. Snygg flaska men inte så god.

Dette bliver ikke min farvorit.
Svært at definere smagen, lidt sprittet og hurtigt over.