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Flor de cana black label 5 rum

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23 Flor de Cana Black label 5 ratings

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si quieres impresionar a tus invitados te lo recomiendo excelente sabor y de fuerte aroma a buen precio

Basic rum with quite dull taste. But it is not bad either.
Aroma with earthen notes. Taste bit reminding whiskey with wood and smoke notes.
Good for party drinking, on the rocks or mixed.

I bought this just to try the brand out, it's a good mixer, and I'll try the more aged rums by flor de Cana when given the chance.

Good value for your money.
It goes down nicely alone or mixed with cola.

The sweet taste of cane rum is a taste everyone should experience. Drink it on the rocks, with cola, or pina it's all good! !! The darkness of the rum and the aroma is something that can't be explained by mail but only by taste alone.

Un ron que esta muy bien para combinarlo con Cola aunque como más me gusta es con Zumo de Naranja Natural.

For a 5 year old it wasn't to bad. I went into it expecting a lot worse however i was pleasantly surprised. Good with Coke, and neat it was actually drinkable. Good rum for the buck.


This to me is not good even mixed with coke.
Go for the 7 yrs Flor de Caña instead!

Brown rum. Way too alcoholic and too crisp. Very young taste.

Good choice for mixing and there is a 45% new version

A good amber color, smooth texture, initial caramel taste. Doesn't seem to go anywhere except to end with a harsh aftertaste. Works best mixed with cola.
Label has changed from that shown on this website. [Current attached]


Unfortunately the Flor de Cana experience lacks a definitive stance on which to base itself. Slight hints of caramel but nothing worth exploring. Might be best suited as a mixer.

este ron sabe bien pero esta mal destilado, con sus consecuencias al día siguiente

Slušný rum, pořídil jsem si ho kdysi jako lehké připomenutí Centenaria 12.

Given bottle by my best friend for Christmas. Tried sipping this and it was horrible. Harsh aftertaste. Added it to real sugar Mexican Coca Cola and it wasn't bad. I'll save it as a mixer.


Color : Amber
Flavour : Apricot jam, cream, caramel, toffee & praline
Palate : Rich & Big, gret balance

One of my favorite Nicaaguan rum.
Mixed or on the rocks, I trully enjoy every sip.

This is a definite " Mix drink" rum although smooth not as full as others.

For a quick splash or something at the party. Nicely aged, creamy Oak flavour that is not too over the top.

Nice smooth rum, great daily drinker

Don't sip this, you may die of boredom. It is smoothish, but has little flavor. Not a bad mixer if you like the invisible rum thing and just want the buzz. I found it actually makes a nice base for cocktails with amaretto in them. It was definitely cheap ($10 for a 1 liter!), but I wouldn't buy it again.

good five year um its a nice mixer rum.