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Appleton estate 8 year rum

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55 Appleton Estate 8-Year ratings

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Just not quite good enough for sipping in my humble opinion.

Appletons have that strange distinctive odour. Hard to smell anything beside that. The taste is alcoholic fiery, dry but sweet anyhow. There is also afterburn, but decent one. For 8 yrs, it should be better rounded and mellowed, more refined. 8 years or not, this one has qualities to be rather mixer than sipper. Altrough I very liek 12yrs and V/X Appletons, this one is little bit of dissapoitment for sipping. So better mix it up or mellow it down with ice/water.

I first came across the standard 8y Appleton Estate about 12 years ago. I thought it was fabulous. Now however I find the malasses flavor too sweet, even when mixing it with Canada Dry.

like in title....not bad...but definetly nothing special.

Nothing special, but a solid rum for mixing with a decent taste. Not good enough to drink straight in my opinion.

Trochu moc ostrý.
Určitě se vyplatí trochu připlatit a sáhnout po 12-ti letem bráchovi...

Fairly standard Jamaican rum, bought this on holiday and enjoy mixing it with coke, a bit too burny to sip

I have the same critic as Shane Hadley ............

Nez plutôt fin.
Bouche initiale forte en alcool. Finale boisée plutôt agréable !
Peu de sucre et de vanille

A go to rum for me. Adds more smooth taste than the V/X, and has the great Appletons taste.

Best of Appleton rum I tasted ... yet. Better than the V/X

Bought this as a sipping Rum but really needs to be added to Coke or something else to make a long drink

Nice little rum, quiet enjoyable taste and will always be on my shelf
Well done

Bon rhum mais goût prononcé. Fort au gout. Plusieurs années amène un goûts plus fort.

Es un ron que se me hace demasiado potente para beber solo. Bueno para mezclas.

Not much to say about this rum...or you like it, or you dont...and I dont...

Once again Appleton Estate never fails great rum as always

Not my favourite to start, but getting there. Fairly smooth, and for me easy to enjoy. Although on first sip I found it bit bland, but that's changing.

À venir prochainement.............................

It beats all the "Anejos" on the market to death... I like this one with coke but it can be sipped neat, on the rocks, or in a mixed drink. The aged flavors push right through and the smell is hypnotizing.

Way drier than signature and the 12-year-old one. Not a good choice if you like it sraight.

If this rum is a step up from the regular blend Appleton, then it should taste like it. I was not impressed with the lack of punch and flavour from a rum that is aged 8 years. In fact, i stopped after just one. There are far better 5-8 year old rums at the same cost. Initial taste is flat with a hint of vanilla, ends with a sharp, sour note. If you have to add a lime, have a Corona.

Not a great sipping rum, but Appleton Estates 8 year old is one of the best readily available mixing rums at it's price point. Mixed with cola or into a Cuba Libre this is a great rum.

Bon goût de sucre chaud, à boire sec mais doit être excellent en Cuba libre.