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Flor de cana anejo classico rum

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36 Flor de Cana Anejo Clasico 5-Year ratings

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Not a sipping rum. Will have to use mix to enjoy this rum. This is one of the worst rums I have tried.

A friend bought me a bottle from Niccaragua when she was on vacation and the best rum i ever drank

Bit too much of a burn to this but perfectly good in a mixer.

Este ron de 5 años de añejamiento, es bueno para tomarse con Coca-Cola, tiene gran sabor a madera y para disfrutar un momento con los amigos. Garantiza dolor de cabeza

Taste is ok, the 7yo is a lot better, so buy that one in stead. Paid €15,- for 70cl.
Gives me a headache before I can finish my drink... 3/10

It's alright but for 15 quid wasn't expecting much but it's sound with a mixer I'll probably have it again

I forgot all about this one made by Flor de Cana until I saw it on the shelf next the 7 year and 12 year old. For only $21, I considered it worth the try, but have not had much luck with their 4 year Oro Anejo or their 18 year. Their 7 year is still my favorite up to this point, so I compared this one, the 7 year, and 12 year side by side in Glencairn glasses. All three were allowed to breathe for 30 minutes.

This one is clearly the palest in color between all three, almost like a light orange and yellow. As for the darker colors on the other two, I could not tell them apart. The breathing allowed the aroma to all but dissipate on all three. The taste on this one is quite smooth with natural sweetness. The after taste is wonderful oak that reminds me of Don Q 2005 Single Barrel. Comparing this one to their 7 year made me place this one even better than my old favorite from them. This one is smoother by far. I am glad that I came across it today!

Hey let’s be honest if you love sipping rum this one might not make your short list but this entry level rum from the Flor De Cana group hits it out of the park for being an honest low budget smooth rum easy mixed without crying and great taste to boot
I could drink this one all day just like I like it 1 shot rum 2 shots coke 2 shots water with 2-3 cubes
Two thumbs up 👍

The oak is not too overpowering but not my thing. Transitions to some dissapointing molasses very quickly and then gives way to a burn that is not very smooth or eventful

První rum byl odsud poprvé exportován do Venezuely, Kostariky a středoamerických států v roce 1959.

V letech 1963 a 1965 prošel lihovar v Chichigalpě rozsáhlou modernizací. O osm let později byl postaven druhý lihovar a to v Hondurasu. Plantáže a lihovar v Chichigalpě byl kompletně modernizován v roce 1996.

Dnes jsou zde vyráběny skvostné rumy, které ocení jak vyzrálý gurmán, tak i mladí lidé.

It's ok as a mixer and I mean ok at a stretch there is a strong aroma of ethanol and you can feel that I'm the taste whether alone or mixer but it's not as bad as others can be picked up for £15 in supermarkets

This is the best rum I've ever had, my brother brought it back from Niquagua, so so good.

Resonable for that price. I tried almost all from flor de cana...that's the cheapest and worst. But still for that price good to mix with coke.

Was bought as a present, after tasting I don't think I'll bother buying one for myself. Smells of nothing but ethanol and tastes of absolutely nothing as well. All you get is a nasty burn. Somehow manages to make diet coke taste like rola cola. This might be useful in a cocktail with some other strong ingredients but nothing else.

Para el precio resulta un buen ron, sin embargo prefiero comprar el de 4 años que a mí gusto, es mejor. Es levemente dulce y raspa lo normal al pasar. Para tomarlo mezclado.

A ok rum that really makes decent cocktails. Has a bit of a harsh alcohol kick on its own. Makes a perfect Dark n stormy though.

What a disappointment, this Rum has the look but leaves little to be desired. The aroma is extremely alcoholic and the tast confirms this with a lot of heat. Not much in the world taste otherwise. 3/10


My rum tasting began 15 years ago with Flor de Cana 4, 5 and 7 year old bottles purchased from a gas station while road tripping in Central America. Great memories, but the fact is that these are not neat sipping rums. They will however make a very good rum-and-coke, and especially if enjoyed in its natural habitat.

Too much alcohol in both the aroma and the taste to enjoy on its own. I got this at a discount so happy to use as a mixer, I would have been disappointed if I had paid full price.

Honey brown colour; caramel, lavender and orange zest aromas; spice, caramel, and oak flavours. Too much burn for a sipper ,but makes a good rum punch.


This is a perfect "get me through the week" rum. Very nice over lots of ice.

Nothing wrong with this one, but I like the older ones better as they have more taste. Not something I reach for to impress someone, but fills the need in a pinch.

Flor de Cana is always a dry rum but this one is insanely dry. The flavours are delightful but the dry edge over sees it all... I like dry rums but this one is even too dry for me .

A bit dry with a warm, semi-sweet vanilla finish. Caramelized sugar and wood flavors play on the palate. Ends up being a great mixing rum, as dry styles tend to be the best when it comes to mixing with fruits (that, and overproof white rums).