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Flor de cana anejo classico rum

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21 Flor de Cana Anejo Clasico 5-Year ratings

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Not a sipping rum. Will have to use mix to enjoy this rum. This is one of the worst rums I have tried.

Este ron de 5 años de añejamiento, es bueno para tomarse con Coca-Cola, tiene gran sabor a madera y para disfrutar un momento con los amigos. Garantiza dolor de cabeza

Taste is ok, the 7yo is a lot better, so buy that one in stead. Paid €15,- for 70cl.
Gives me a headache before I can finish my drink... 3/10

Honey brown colour; caramel, lavender and orange zest aromas; spice, caramel, and oak flavours. Too much burn for a sipper ,but makes a good rum punch.


This is a perfect "get me through the week" rum. Very nice over lots of ice.

Nothing wrong with this one, but I like the older ones better as they have more taste. Not something I reach for to impress someone, but fills the need in a pinch.

Flor de Cana is always a dry rum but this one is insanely dry. The flavours are delightful but the dry edge over sees it all... I like dry rums but this one is even too dry for me .

A bit dry with a warm, semi-sweet vanilla finish. Caramelized sugar and wood flavors play on the palate. Ends up being a great mixing rum.

This is a cheap rum but it's fairly good. You can sip it with some ice. But add coke and you'll have a nice drink.

A pleasant rum best served with a mixer, in my case, Fever Tree ginger beer. It is drinkable as a sipping rum, not being too fiery and a lot better than the supermarket favourites.


I thought there would be more. Just need to mix with coke.

This was, handed to me over ice at a party. Back then I generally drank whisky neat and rum with cola. Since my friend was out of mix. I drank it on the rocks and was impressed at its smoothness. This experience has had me start buying aged rums. So far I have bought the El Dorado 12 and the El Dorado 21. Both of which put this to shame. But, it will always hold a special place in my heart for being the rum that first got me into great rums. Now this is my go to mixing rum.

Decent bottle of rum. Semi smooth but with a bit of sour after notes. Better in cola, and surprisingly enough, gets better as the night wears on. Not something I reach for to impress someone, but fills the need in a pinch.

Some buttery sweetness and mild vanilla tones are present but on its own this is just not something I'd enjoy straight-up, myself, but mixed with Sprite or 7-Up, and some OJ, pineapple juice or 5-Alive, and yup, I'm on-board. ( I wouldn't turn it away! )

Spend the extra couple dollars and get the seven year

One of my favorite brands. Nothing wrong with this one, but I like the older ones better as they have more taste

Inoffensive is the immediate description that comes to mind.

Light/medium bodied with a caramel notes and a touch of sweetness. Accompanied by a nice bite of alcohol. Nothing particularly great about this one, but certainly nothing obviously wrong with it save for maybe a bit spirity and lacking in weight of fruit.

Overall quite smooth, helped by the sweetness that is ever present, despite the slight alcohol attack, which to me adds a bit of character. I had to check the alcohol content - it's 40% but drinks like a 37.5%.

Problem is though, that as an everyday rum, the cheaper Chairman's Reserve makes this look really very ordinary.

New label for a rm thats been around for a while. Hint of carmel, medium legs, light amber colour. Carried in most BCLCB stores.

A friend bought me a bottle from Niccaragua when she was on vacation and the best rum i ever drank

Very nice and smooth for daily drinks