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Flor de Caña 18-Year Centenario Gold Rum is produced in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua. The rum is crafted using column stills and is then aged for 18 years.

The 18-year variety is the oldest rum produced by Flor de Caña, a brand owned by Grupo Pellas and founded in 1890 Francisco Alfredo Pellas. A 5th generatino Pellas family member still runs the company today.

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247 Flor de Cana 18-Year ratings

Sort by: Popularity | Date | Rating needs to sit in your glass for about 10 minutes, swirled every now and then, to help the alcohol vapors make way for the wonderful flavors to follow. Liquid butterscotch, naturally sweet and oaky. It's really wonderful straight up. The second glass is even better. If you prefer sweetened rums you may hate this stuff at first, but letting it breathe will bring you pleasant and surprising happiness.


I picked up the Flor de Cana 18 when I was in Grand Cayman particularly due to the marketing signs mentioning the many Gold and Silver medals won in competition. I found it to be a wonderful rum with great balance and smooth finish.

The subtle mix of vanilla and caramel were the first scents that come across, with hints of toffee and butter. To the taste, definite vanilla, oak and toffee flavors linger on the tongue with an easy after taste and finish.

I have had this wonderful rum both on the Rocks, and also with Diet and regular Coke with a lime wedge, and the taste is incredible. Can't go wrong whichever way you prefer to induldge.

I usually prefer a more molasses based rum like Zaya Gran Reserva, but the Flor de Cana 18 is well worth the cost to try it for yourselves when you get a chance. Definitely has a permanent place in my rum cabinet. Enjoy!!!!! B

A deep gold color visually exhibits what your taste buds are about to experience. Without disappointment, it delivers a rich and smooth "old world" mixture of molasses, oak, butterscotch, spirits and very subtle hints of aged bourbon. Attack this experience with a snifter to maximize your intake of the fine aroma, as it would be sinful to even think of having a mix or cola in the same room.

Can't help it. There is a rumbook out in Danish, and now I am collecting all 40 rums in that book.
So far i got 16 of them :)

Was very much looking forward to this one from having read some of the other reviews but sadly a very disappointed experience.

The aroma is very nice and that's where all the niceties ends for me. The initial tastes gets quickly overwhelmed by the heavy oak and bitterness. Trying to stick with it and left it to breath for a month or so but still the oak tannen is drowning all the other flavours. I like a good dry rum but this is just in a different league and not in a good way.

It's like it's been left too long to mature in the barrel shifting the whole balance of flavour to a disappointing level.

Quick...where is the Coke

I love this Rum, smooth yet spicy, sweet on the palat, lingering burn in the finish!

I like rum a lot, but I have never wanted to drink it straight. I prefer it in a (diet) Cuba libre. This rum is the smoothest rum that I have ever tasted.


This rum is smooth and holds lots of flavour, but not complex it is just nice to drink

Good colour, smell was good, little dry, caramel, fruits, but almost no afterburn and no taste remaining. Glad to test it but this will not be my favourite

Nice chocolate smell without alcohol sharpness. Taste is more powerful to tongue.

This was a gift and one I very much appreciated it to the last drop, as others have stated it's best to let this one breathe before sipping to let the flavors come out.

The bottle is no longer the same but the rum still at its excellent
A complex dry flavors and a very interesting length.
A true 18 years of age , no solera and it shows, highly recommended.

Aromatic nose with l vapor of alcohol. Mouth is smooth. Tail is progressively strong and flavourful.

Tried this on the recommendation of drier rums. Pretty good. A slight sweetness with what seems to be hints of orange zest (I think). It does have an oak wood flavor to it but not overwhelming. Definitely will make a fine sipping rum for some. Not for me, however. I like it with my Coke Zero. However it's an overall excellent rum. A must have for a well rounded rum cabinet.

La bouteille n est plus la même mais le rhum lui est toujours aussi somptueux!
Un nez complexe, une mise en bouche où une multitude d arômes explosent (vanille, bois, fleurs...) et une longueur très intéressante.
Un vrai 18 ans d'âge, pas de solera et franchement ça se sent !
A recommander vivement, une de mes plus belles trouvailles

Inte helt fel, lite besviken, trodde den skulle va bättre.

That version 18 is complex but is still accessible. Caramel notes, butterscotch , honey and toast. The oak is present but does not take over the pastry notes and orange zest. Very round and smooth with hints of vanilla on the end with the oak that still does not leave us. Very nice job

A lovely sipping rum... Not the best for flavour but decent to drink on ice

de color caramelo con un sabor de lo mejor que he probado, no dudo en recomendarlo, ya que du sabor no es invasivo lo que asegura una celebración excelente

Medium sterk krydret smak. Fin å drikke både bar og med is. Er laaaangt bedre enn sin lillebror på 12 år. Men i forhold til pris er den kun en ok rom

Full-flavored fruity with a round body. Goes excellent together with orange chocolocate, for example the Swedish "Marabou Apelsincrisp". A very good rum for first timers.

A tad more sweet than the twelve year, but not overly so. I like this rum quite a bit!

In the glass you find a medium golden amber rum with light thin legs that quickly descends after you swirl it. The nose is lightly sweet with noticeable oaky zest. The palate is very smooth and dominated by oak. The dominans of wooden flavour almost mascarades the frail melasse sweetness, and is perhaps just a bit overbearing. It's impressively smooth though and there is no doubt it's a quality product. It just doesn't fit my profile very well.

Nice but little to Sweet.. but one of the better Flor de Cana’s