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27 Ron Abuelo Anejo XV Tawny Port Cask Finish ratings

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I prefer this to the Abuelo XV Oloroso and XV Napoleon. To me, the port has a much nicer smell and taste than the sherry or cognac does.

Semi-sweet, which smells and tastes of port, brown sugar, spice, leather, berries (from the port), and cacao. Definitely good. But for port aged rums I prefer the Foursquare 9-Year Port Cask Finish even more as it has a little better flavor. :-)

Medium Dry, with full sweet red grapes taste. Very woody. Long finish. Superb color, great high notes, one can really feel the Tawny Porto wine in it.


u nombre dice mucho añejado por 14 años en barrica de roble blanco americano y un año en barril de oporto este rum se hace presente con notas dulce en boca lo va a dejar como el favorito de las niñas ya veran un sabor para enamorarse por solo 65.00 excelente calidad

Very rich, dark color. Taste is just as rich, more like a dessert rum. Nice port finish. Very enjoyable.

Port cask finished, well aged Panamian Rum.
Taste of:
Caramel, tobacco, black pepper, chocolate, vanilla, port cask.
Awesome Rum with a sweet, Rich and strong Aroma.


Decent aroma. Gentle sweetness in the beginning, then a lot of portish flavor. Pure rum taste in the end.

Wonderful taste rich on port tones. Burn and sweetness is really well balanced making it a pleasant experience.

Heerlijke rum, na het uitschenken een wat sterke alcohol geur maar na twee minuten komen de fantastische geuren los met inderdaad een portgeur in verweven...TOP

Purchased a sample from Master of Malt for £6.89.

This is a very fruity expression blackcurrant and redcurrant come through powerfully but very nice.

Es un muy buen, con aromas de azúcar, frutas y especias, de sabor equilibrado y dulce ligeramente.


One of the first exclusively fruity noses I've come across, full of banana and almond. Impossibly smooth on the tongue. Subtle nouget tones accent the mild port flavours that come through. A delightful little flare gives the smallest bite on the upper tier of the aftertaste, giving emphasis to the banana flavour which carries on long after consumption. This is an absolute masterpiece.

Enjoyed a glass of Ron Abuelo XV Tawny Port Cask edition while vacationing in Amsterdam. I'm surprised Ron Abuelo team did not choose a slightly different bottle design from their regular rums. At least the label design is a bit updated from the usual. Color is super deep brown. You get very strong port flavors to both nose and palate. Not unpleasant but unique for sure. This is quite sweet rum so hardly any burn at the end. My ranking for Special Edition Abuelo Rums is Napoleon (8), Tawny (7), Oloroso (5).

Une nez épicé,une jolie couleur marron jaune, une bouche épicé et tranchante. Un peu court en bouche.

Not a bad rum, but very forgettable taste. The tawny finish is not very pronounced.

Very balanced rum with hints of chocolate and vanilla. Not too sweet. Easy sipping. The port comes nicely through

Very good quality rum. The taste is so bright and deep. But so sweet for me. It's perfect for digestive on Christmas

A great tastning rum, with a fantastic soothing oak finish.

En abuelo... sød og rar. En smule sprittet i halsen men smager dejligt.

podla mna najlesi z trojice XV, aj ked som si myslel ze to bude podla mojich skusenosti skor cherry co mi pojde dole krkom, ale s prekvapenim to vyhralo portske. slusne pitie, mozno trochu pridrahe na to co ponuka, su lepsie rumy za polovicu 7/10, koli cene. cisto chut je 8,2/10

le boiser est moins gênant que sur le 7 ans, rhum gourmand avec une belle longueur qui fait revenir un boiser plutôt agréable et doux. bu au vnb


Dávám mu 9. Chuť Portskeho je v něm znát. Ale více mi chutnal Abuelo 12.

Nice stuff, medium sweet.The taste of port is little bit disturbing (for me), since it is not typical rum. The price is high, but reasonable.

This one was the bong. Great taste.. Almost free from ethanol.. With a longlasting finish.. This is a must buy.