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About a year ago, I saw a bottle of this at Hard Rock Cafe. Since Obama was still President, I figured some of the Cuban products were finally allowed into the USA. Wrong! So I did some research on it.

Way back in 1959 when Fidel nationalized Cuba, the owner of this secret recipe fled back to his native Spain. Meanwhile, the beginnings of the Bacardi rum family fled to neighboring Puerto Rico. Eventually, the man with the original Havana Club Rum recipe hooked up with the Bacardi family. This rum was born. And then the Cuban version of Havana Club sued them, which is why these USA bottles must label it as "Puerto Rican Rum". As far as I am concerned, since soil and climate conditions are similar on both islands, the one with the original recipe has every right to call it Havana Club. Meanwhile, back in Cuba, they are stockpiling Havana Club Rum with new labels called Havanista. They are waiting for the USA embargo to be lifted to export Havanista Rum to the mainland USA. Guess what? That won't happen in the near future. This whole story sounds like, "What came first? The chicken or the egg?". Who cares! I am just glad that this rum is available in the USA for only about $20.

I would describe the taste as being fruit forward with nothing offensive. It is okay on the rocks, but not as a neat sipper. I like to mix it with various tropical nectars such as guava, mango, guanabana, or tamarind. I also have bought quite a few bottles since I tried it, but most merchants in this area call it a slow seller because bourbon drinkers do not know what to do with it.


Only good for mixing with a coke . Dont waste your money .

Fairly tasty. Good in Coke or used for pina coladas. Sippable, but better as a mixer

Just not as smooth as the one from Cuba. This one definitely needed a mixer, and probably a better one that I had available. Would be willing to try again to see if the rating improves. A 4.5 on my scale.

I bought it based on The Rum Manual. I got a little bottle behind the counter. It’s okay to say the most. I mean if this your first time drinking rum or short of cash, get it. You would hope the name would tease you a little to try it. Not for me.

Taste is not good this rum is not Havana Club, if you want to drink Havana Club rum, go to Cuba

I heard this label was coming to The USA beginning in Florida, well it has made it to Nashville. This of course is the Puerto Rican version of Havana Club. As any rum aficionado knows the name is everything. I have enjoyed the Cuban version and this offering is not it. I have to say Havana Club 7 year is my personal plum line of dark rum. However it is a nice tasting rum, a bit sweet and slightly oaky but a thin finish. Great bottle although hard to read the gold on black lettering. Pretty good with Coke and strong enough to relax you but not much of a burn so it gets a good grade for what it is. While it’s not the real deal in my book, it’s the best Bacardi product on the market even though they pretty much hide the name. They do have product of Puerto Rico promently displayed. This Rum is Puerto Rican Strong !


I compare this to the 5 year plantation. Decent taste beneath the alcohol burn. easly better than most in this price range. I sipped about 1/4 of the bottle but used the rest for guests that mix drinks.

This rum is called Havana Club but it is not Cuban. It's Puerto Rican !!! They are stealing the name. It has no special taste nor smell. At best could be used in mixes.


Makes my brain feel nice. I don't know if it's actually good, but I like it

Nothing objectionable here, just a nice smooth mellow rum with no strong flavors. It may not be deep, rich or complex but it's good.

If you're breaking away from rum mixed with anything this is a good intro to rums that can stand on their own. Smooth with light vanilla notes.

I like this Rum. If you want to start drink rum straight, this is one to try first. Its only $20 a bottle, its got a nice color and good legs. Its tasty and not harsh. Try this one then move on to more expensive Rums.

I've seen this on the shelf at the grocery store liquor department. It was just under $20. Tastewise it doesn't have much - its not harsh. There are lots of better darks around.

Good caramel smell. Smooth start finishes kinda harsh. Not too bad peobably better as a mixer.