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8 Havana Club Anejo Classico ratings

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This rum is called Havana Club but it is not Cuban. It's Puerto Rican !!! They are stealing the name. It has no special taste nor smell. At best could be used in mixes.


Makes my brain feel nice. I don't know if it's actually good, but I like it

Nothing objectionable here, just a nice smooth mellow rum with no strong flavors. It may not be deep, rich or complex but it's good.

If you're breaking away from rum mixed with anything this is a good intro to rums that can stand on their own. Smooth with light vanilla notes.

I like this Rum. If you want to start drink rum straight, this is one to try first. Its only $20 a bottle, its got a nice color and good legs. Its tasty and not harsh. Try this one then move on to more expensive Rums.

I've seen this on the shelf at the grocery store liquor department. It was just under $20. Tastewise it doesn't have much - its not harsh. There are lots of better darks around.

Good caramel smell. Smooth start finishes kinda harsh. Not too bad peobably better as a mixer.

Only good for mixing with a coke . Dont waste your money .