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English harbour 5 year rum

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94 English Harbour 5-Year ratings

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Sherry and molasses nose, but watery, simplistic taste with zero mouthfeel and no follow-up. There is nothing terrible about this rum, but these days there are so many excellent choices out there that you needn't settle for something as mediocre and undistinguished as this. Too dull to be a decent sipper, and not enough character to stand out in cocktails. A give-away rum for sure.

I like this rum. I think a few people are being a little overly critical on this one. Good dry whisky like taste at first and then undeniable rum finish. Not my very top shelf but the next shelf down from that.

This rum has reached a fine quality in 5 years on used bourbon barrels. Considering there's no added molasse, the balance is great. The nose is mild and a little tannic with notes of figs, molasse and caramel. These notes also appear when you take a sip, followed by a little oaky spicyness and a fairly smooth finish.

Probably not a great idea but I am writing this review after drinking another rum (Bacardi 8). I just reviewed that rum here at . These rums are quite comparable and given this is aged 5 years to 8 for the Bacardi that's pretty decent. I found the English Harbour easier (smoother) on the palate than the 8 which was better mixed as in an Old fashioned. Comparing these products a day apart is a little strange. On its own merit the English Harbour has a nice smokey overtone. I think I'll enjoy this even more in a mixed drink. For now I'll have to say "on the rocks". Update to follow!!

I think it has a very pleasant nose. Lots of molasses and vanilla. Spicy, but not artificially spicy. Taste wise, I'm not sure that I'm capable of picking out the individual notes, but it's very pleasant. It has a fairly long finish, pleasant as well. My feelings on this one may change as I mature, but I've spent more on rums that I enjoyed a lot less!

This rum goes well with cola and I drink it straight up all the time. Simple but good taste!

This is my vision of what i think the pirates from the good old days drank. Dark taste and a bit of alcohol taste to it. Not the best i have tasted but still.. The feeling..

This rum is awsome, its smooth and its great for a party and hangout. It is also great to mix with coco cola soda

For a five year aged rum I was quite surprised. It was smooth with a hint of spice; woody and semi-tannic with good legs and nice body. Definitely one I seek out.

A friend of mine's favorite wjich jas found its way into my cabinet. I often go to it when having a few rum and colas while watching the game.

This rum must be the best you can get to this ridiculous low price. I haven’t found anyone that can compete so far. It’s an everyday rum to an exceptionally low price.


Didn’t expect the five year to be this good but I really like it


Ce rhum n'est pas rafiné dutout, l'alcool est trop présente, on dirait presque Un rhum agricole

Great rum. !

Excellent 5 year rum - smooth Aftertaste conjures up image of Caribbean when you can't actually do the travel

This rum is good but not too tier. The finish bis too short and though carmel, molasses and vanilla are there theyre almost too light. For the price its good value but nothing I would keep for special occasions

I was reluctant to buy this one based upon all of these reviews, but after having been to Antigua just once, I owed it to myself to give it a try. It is very dry and apparently has no added sugar. The aroma and taste are next to nothing, but the after taste is slightly bitter. As usual, I let my sipping rums breathe for a while to remove the burn. At only $26, it is one of the cheapest dry rums that I have found. When this bottle is finally gone, I may miss it and could go looking for another one. It is so neutral that it reminds me of the very good people that I met on the island along with some very bad ones.

Update: I have since found out that it has 15 gpl of added sugar, which is apparently the borderline between dry and sweet. I have always considered dry rums as having less than 10 gpl of added sugar. So compared to my top rated aged rum being a 41 gpl sugar bomb, then no wonder this one tasted dry to me. By the way, flavored rums can range from 53 gpl to 99 gpl of added sugar.

One of my favorites. All round great ru. Very enjoyable

Nose: sweet caramel and alcohol scent

Taste: watery/ no complexity

Aftertaste: alcohol
I would not recommend this rum!

Not bad for a five year aged rum. I was pleasently surprised. It was smooth and not too sweet, woody with a hint of spice. Really nice bottle as well.

Never ever again. This is the most terible rum i have tasted yet.
Wouldnt recommend it.

I want to like this rum as Antigua is our favourite island...but it lacks something. The complex flavours are there i.e. a hint of vanilla and toffee..but it packs a little harshness on the throat...and I mean a little but enough to not want me to have more than couple. Even ice/water doesn't bring it out. A little enigma of a rum. Still too good to be a mixer.

Not running out to buy this bottle again and again but was ok to drink ,
Nothing for me stood out good mixer
It’s just ok

It's a bit oaky but not too bitter. It's sweet enough with a true rhum taste. Not spiced nor molasse. I also liked it with a little sprite