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Elements 8  spiced rum

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9 Elements 8 Spiced ratings

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This one is really disappointing. I expected more from it.

It's too sweet with flavors that go to all places. Too much for one bottle.

ok, next!

This is a spiced rum for people who drink unsweetend rum, straight up. Those who like pure rum will enjoy this as a sipper, those who want a sugary vanilla bomb will be disapointed.

I read rave reviews saying this was replacing Sailor Jerry and other spiced rums in some hi-so bars, and I read some disappointing reviews. Spotted a bottle so had to buy & try for myself. It is somewhat like what I remember of Southern Comfort and honey liqueurs by Jim Beam etc. I don't like it, waaay toooo sweeeet. Someone else might like to sip it as a straight liqueur. As another reviewer suggested, I tried making a good Dark and Stormy by mixing it with Bundaberg Ginger Beer BUT it was barely drinkable. I will not buy this one again. By the way - this bottle, and all others in the shop contained a white colloidal suspension near the bottom of the bottle, which is off-putting, but apparently does not affect taste or cause illness !! Don't buy this rum, instead get a bottle of Bundaberg Mutiny Spiced Rum.

This is well too weak to be a.r mixed with cola... All spice no rum was the general feeling across friends....

I wouldn't drink this neat but makes an incredible dark n stormy (mixed with ginger beer).

Great orange taste that translates into a sherbet like quality when mixed.

This is my favourite mixer rum by far.

I tried making my own spiced rum for a while but couldn't quite get something as good as this so gave up.

Truly the best spiced rum there is.

A bit to much orange for my taste.. But the honey was a cool touch.. And all the other flavours.. Well.. I have not tried anything that tasted a many as this one before..

Very Confusing drink, not a spiced that's heavily cloved, but very floral with an almost detergent like back end.

Destined to be used as a mixer hidden beneath something with more body and flacour.

This could be a personal thing. I've heard nothing but good things about this line, but I simply find the spiced way to floral. Seems to have an overdose of rose water.

Ok, as you can tell with my reviews of the white and amber i really do love this range, and can honestly say this is the best spiced rum choice about at the mo! I was lucky enough to be given a bottle of this when they launched it and it was very quickly thrown in a Dark N Stormy and worked great! :-D Infused with fruits and spices including cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and honey this is a complex spiced rum but also has the smooth Elements 8 finish.


Elements 8  spiced rum