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Elements 8  spiced rum

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This one is really disappointing. I expected more from it.

It's too sweet with flavors that go to all places. Too much for one bottle.

ok, next!

This is a delicious rum, super smooth on the rocks. Don’t mix, just rock on rocks

Sampled this rum during a tasting seminar at Cardiff Rum Festival.

It's dark rum blended with carribean spices and aged in ex bourbon casks which a touch of vanilla to the liquid.

Nose is very light. The tongue is hardly complex in flavour. A faint caramel immediately swallowed by a nail-polish removed burn and follows with a smokey finish. Tastes much akin to a harsh whiskey when mixed. Not impressed. Could have the right use as a mix in a smokey cocktail; a rum old fashioned of sorts.

When you remove the cork the room is filled with aroma's of cloves , cinnamon , aniseed , honey , orange zest and fruitcake.. this is a busy spiced rum ! Smells beautiful and unfortunately thats the best bit for me..
Sips ok for the first few mouth fulls , still retaining most of the main ingredients but gets too syrupy for me !
As a mixer , again ok but the cloves (not a fan of ) and the honey are the only tastes that remain.
IMHO it doesn't get very close to either Rumbullion or Red Leg which are my favourite spiced rums, nice to try but probably woudln't get again.

I can't understand those who don't like spiced rum giving any spiced rum a low mark - say under 5. It's a bit like saying, "all spiced rum is no good and I'm going to hammer it all to show my dislike of it." Surely, even if you love your rum as pure as possible (and I too also have a liking for such rums) there still remains the point that there are very good, good, ok and bad spiced rums...why not rate them with at least some nod towards that?

As spiced rum goes, this one is very good. It's sweet, but not too sweet, nuanced, different from the norm (in that it's not mainly vanilla or ginger heavy like most) and has a good base rum. Flavour wise, what comes to the fore is orange, after that lemon and honey and after that nutmeg and star anise. All the other ingredients are there to the taste too.

I have heard those here say that this and Foursquare spiced were the best - having tried both, I'd say that this was vastly superior. I found Foursquare rough and uninteresting.

For those who are thinking of trying it and want a comparison - I suppose you could say that this is a little like a very, very subtle version of Rumbullion, but with what feels like way less sugar and much more subtlety. This is also lighter and much less syruppy than Rumbullion. BUT, if you like Rumbullion, I think you'd very probably like this; in contrast, if you like this, you may or may not like Rumbullion as it's much sweeter and much more orangey, Another comparison would be with Rebellion - which is much sweeter and a bit more spicey, less orangey and less good on the base rum. I'd give them both an 8, even though this is clearly a better rum than Rebellion....why? Well, to be fair, this is £12 a bottle more than Rebellion and both are really enjoyable and great mixers - I'd suggest lemonade as why would you want to hide those lovely flavours in coke or ginger beer?

If you do buy a bottle of this, don't go handing it round to everyone - if they just need a mixer, hand them something cheaper!

Complex spice flavour, smooth and with a long aftertaste (cloves?)

This is a spiced rum for people who drink unsweetend rum, straight up. Those who like pure rum will enjoy this as a sipper, those who want a sugary vanilla bomb will be disapointed.

I read rave reviews saying this was replacing Sailor Jerry and other spiced rums in some hi-so bars, and I read some disappointing reviews. Spotted a bottle so had to buy & try for myself. It is somewhat like what I remember of Southern Comfort and honey liqueurs by Jim Beam etc. I don't like it, waaay toooo sweeeet. Someone else might like to sip it as a straight liqueur. As another reviewer suggested, I tried making a good Dark and Stormy by mixing it with Bundaberg Ginger Beer BUT it was barely drinkable. I will not buy this one again. By the way - this bottle, and all others in the shop contained a white colloidal suspension near the bottom of the bottle, which is off-putting, but apparently does not affect taste or cause illness !! Don't buy this rum, instead get a bottle of Bundaberg Mutiny Spiced Rum.

This is well too weak to be a.r mixed with cola... All spice no rum was the general feeling across friends....

I wouldn't drink this neat but makes an incredible dark n stormy (mixed with ginger beer).

Great orange taste that translates into a sherbet like quality when mixed.

This is my favourite mixer rum by far.

I tried making my own spiced rum for a while but couldn't quite get something as good as this so gave up.

Truly the best spiced rum there is.

A bit to much orange for my taste.. But the honey was a cool touch.. And all the other flavours.. Well.. I have not tried anything that tasted a many as this one before..

Very Confusing drink, not a spiced that's heavily cloved, but very floral with an almost detergent like back end.

Destined to be used as a mixer hidden beneath something with more body and flacour.

This could be a personal thing. I've heard nothing but good things about this line, but I simply find the spiced way to floral. Seems to have an overdose of rose water.

Ok, as you can tell with my reviews of the white and amber i really do love this range, and can honestly say this is the best spiced rum choice about at the mo! I was lucky enough to be given a bottle of this when they launched it and it was very quickly thrown in a Dark N Stormy and worked great! :-D Infused with fruits and spices including cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and honey this is a complex spiced rum but also has the smooth Elements 8 finish.