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El dorado spiced rum

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9 El Dorado Spiced ratings

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It's a bit difficult to drink by itself. It reminds me of Christmas spice because its pretty heavy nutmeg taste - almost to point of bitter. I'd recommend a mixer.

I do like the El Dorado rums' so it was no surprise with this one. The flavours are great and I prefer it over Sailor which use to be my favourite mixing rum.

As far as spiced rums go, this one's not bad. Predominately cinnamon and nutmeg giving it a pumpkin pie vibe. But not an overpowering flavor. They've managed to balance it nicely with a little sweetness and a little vanilla. I also detect a hint of clove (which isn't something I like but that's just me) Not much of a burn. More of a nice lingering warmth. Good bright amber color and wonderful aroma. The aftertaste seems to make the vanilla more prominent.

Definitely a good mixer and I would like to think it might be something interesting to use in baking. Rum balls, anyone? Rum cake? Now THAT'S a possibility.

But not that good. It taste great in drinks, but I would not reccommend it straight up.

Christmas baking spices. Nice rich smell of cinamon, clover and anise. Very warm feeling in throat but little harsh. It could be great rum for grog preparation.

I'm not a big spiced rum drinker. So many other El Dorados are so much better, but I would certainly recommend to anyone interesting in trying a new spiced version.

rhum assez simple tant au nez qu'en bouche
Plutôt discret et facile à boire
Légèrement poivré en bouche

Le liquide est relativement foncé, sans être épais. Il n'y a pas d'impression de sucre ou de caramel. Le nez présente des notes de fraîcheur, liée à la cannelle et au citron que la bouche confirme rapidement. Une pointe de zeste d'orange apparaît en arrière goût, mais le goût s'évanouit rapidement. La vanille ne se laisser percevoir qu'à travers un effort considérable et reste très fugace elle aussi. L'ensemble donne un produit un peu piquant. A préférer en cocktail !

Somewhat subtly spiced, but much better balanced and more drinkable than most of the popular spiced rums.