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It seems that every single rum coming out of Foursquare can be rated as at least very good. Many of them are among the best that you can buy at any price. This is clearly one of those - it's among the best rums produced by RL Seale. Bottled at cask strength and bursting with flavors and aromas of sun-dried fruit, spice, wood, cocoa...and's very strong but immensely enjoyable when sipped straight. So many rum reviews - on this site and others as well - will describe a rum as being good for whiskey-lovers or cognac-drinkers. Well, this one is a real treat for rum-lovers!


200th review.

This rum has a heavy bourbon flavor. Very strong at 59%abv, but good. I prefer this over more expensive straight bourbons, as it includes a nice rum sweetness.

I'd rate it even higher if I were a bigger fan of bourbon aged rum. :-)

I almost held off writing this review since I'm still discovering so much more from this rum each and every day that I drink it. You really have to respect that so much is going on without the added sugar and additives that so many other rum producers are creating. Don't get me wrong, I love and drink sweet rums as much as the next guy but it's also very special to drink a rum that's only standing on the distiller's genius(Thank you, Richard Seale!) I'm now excited and can't wait to try the Port and Zinfandel bottles.

There is not much to say here. Bottled 59% full proof lets you choose how straight or thinned out you like it. Pot and Column blend plus 11 years bourbon barrel aging gives full depth of flavors and nose. Tropical fruits, black cherries and almonds, tobacco, chocolate, slight hints of funk.... it's all in there. No added sugar and flavors. Only the basic process of distilling and aging and then bottled at cask strength!! Priced right too. This is what rum is. Not some watered down flavored overly sweet easy and smooth piss.
True pure Bajan rum. If thats what you are looking for than you simply can not go wrong here.

Schönes Bernstein mit Gold Reflektionen im Glas.
In der Nase eine wunderbare Palette von Düften, frisch getoastetes Eichenholz mit Kakaopulver bestreut, weisse Früchte liegen in einem aus Gras und Moos geflochtenem Korb, alles frisch und leicht und sehr komplex.
Im Gaumen wird es noch komplexer, die 59% tragen die Aromen von mit dunkler Schokolade übergossenen Früchten, mit Marzipan gefüllte Kokosnüsse, geröstetes Karamell in Vanille Sauce , Kardamom und Pfeffer mit Holz zerstossen sehr sanft über die Zunge. Ein Traum !
Im Abgang nimmt man zum ersten Mal für kurze Zeit die Fassstärke wahr. Kakao und Pfeffer bleiben präsent, Früchte und Vanille runden das Ganze ab. 9+
Ein absolutes Muss für Liebhaber von Bajan Rum, auch für full proof Einsteiger sicherlich eine gute Wahl. Für Süss-Rum Geniesser nicht zu empfehlen, Barbados ist immer ohne Zucker.

Beautiful amber with gold reflections in the glass.
In the nose a wonderful palette of scents, freshly toasted oak wood sprinkled with cocoa powder, white fruits lie in a grass and moss braided basket, all fresh and light and very complex.
The palate is even more complex, the 59% bear the aromas of dark chocolate-infused fruits, marzipan-filled coconuts, toasted caramel in vanilla sauce, cardamom and pepper with wood crush very gently over the tongue. A dream !
In the finish you take the cask strength for the first time for a short time. Cocoa and pepper remain present, fruits and vanilla complete the whole. 9+
An absolute must for lovers of Bajan rum, even for full proof beginners certainly a good choice. For sweet-rum connoisseurs not recommended, Barbados is always without sugar.

Barbados is Called the birthplace of rum, and i am easily convinced that this is how rum is meant to be. Mr. Seale deserves the highest recognition and respect for releasing this masterpiece without adding colours, sugar and not even water. Pure cask strenght rum. And unlike many other "golddigger" editions this is not a limited, numbered edition only for the collector, but accessable for every true pirat out there at an extremely reasonable price.

I am fairly new to the rum community, I’m currently trying various Rum’s that I enjoy, not necessarily rated highly. This Rum has been one of the best so far. Great taste, easy through the mouth and enjoyable from start to finish.

A manly expression coming out of Barbados, if you sip this bad boy too deep into the night, he will kick your ass! I’m really loving the high quality rum coming out of the Foursquare distillery, clearly I’m not the only one. I like this but don’t love it, but would very much recommend it especially to bourbon lovers.

A blend of pot & Column still bottled at cask strength 59%abv. Apparently the first cask strength release by Foursquare itself.

Typical Bajan aroma with surprisingly little alcohol fumes. very pleasant aroma with usual bourbon notes of vanilla, spice and a bit of liquorice. Taste is very intense & hot at cask strength. Sweet & spicy with vanilla & dark chocolate. A very long finish with plenty of oak tannin that leads you to want more.

A very good value unadulterated cask strength rum. Deserves to have the label “exceptional”

R.L. Seale has another winning rum. A friend of mind presented me with this as a gift and I am grateful for it. Fourquare rums are not sold anywhere in this area so I was pleasantly surprised to receive one.

The aroma in my snifter is quite delightful. Crisp and clean. It has a rich amber/golden hue and excellent legs. It is a "single blended rum" that has been aged for 11 years.

Let me warn you up front...this is not a rum for the faint of heart. It is 118 proof (59% ABV) thus an intense rum. Albeit not technically an overproof rum it is still rather close (referred to as a "full strength rum" . It will knock you on your booty is you are not careful. Just before the burn hits there is a noticeable tannin bitterness from the oak and a slight sweetness. It has a peppery bite and a touch of vanilla and caramel. A sipping rum for bourbon lovers and rum drinkers looking to raise the bar.


I've been "watching" rumratings for a few years now which helped me (most times) to put together a pretty nice collection of rums...
After I tasted the "Exceptional Cask Selection" from the beloved Foursquare (I have the entire collection) I decided I should give my 2 cents on them, starting with the "2004"... let me re-phrase... the amazing "2004". An absolutely honest rum for the true lovers of rum with an exceptional nose and flavour at 59%!!! Enjoy it neat or with a few drops of water (depending on your pallet) and be prepared to be awed.


Explosion of flavors is the best way to describe this rum. A whiff of cinnamon tempers the 59% full strength nose. The taste reveals a complex blend of fruit and spice, with hints of leather and cocoa. This is a truly outstanding sipping rum.

I purchased this to be my top-shelf sipper, and am not disappointed. This is a rum for rum drinkers who are tired of syrupy, additive-laden concoctions, as well as adventurous whiskey drinkers looking to try something on the sweeter side. It's a dry rum, but still unmistakably rum. Foursquare have crafted a spirit that is well-balanced and bursting with aromas. At 59%, it's not the most approachable rum out there, and benefits from a few drops of water to open it up a bit, though I wouldn't hide it in ice. And don't you dare mix it with cola!

A fine rum, indeed. Keep up the good work, Richard!

I wondered whether I shouldn't dilute this one down a bit, but then realised that if I did that, I might just as well drink the 9yo or 11yo that Foursquare have at 40%. While the nose is a tad fiery even over the oak, the body really isn't overly so. Sure there is a burn, that is to be expected. But it is not harsh in any way. Softened out by the oak, and there is plenty of it. Rich fruit, plenty of oak, plenty of alcohol.....what's not to like?

At 59% this is too strong for me, but it will be absolutely fine in the cupboard and will be drunk more slowly than other bottles.

Mr Seale, I'd have to take my hat of for this rum. Nothing added, just a quality product. True Bajan rum for true rum lovers.

molasses. dry rum.

great taste. powerhouse due to its strength. typical barbados taste. with bold mouthfeel.
spicy. some notes of vanilla. smoke.

great! 9/10

Joyful to drink ! Another masterpiece from Richard Seals.

The bourbon barrel gives this a smoky finish, and the cask-strength lends a touch of scotch-intensity. Drink with nothing but a splash of water or a cube of ice.


Very well made, with layers of complexity that open more with water and time.

This is a fairly relaxed spirit, with hints of fruit and spice. The burn is mostly gone, even for an overproof... such exceptional aging can be appreciated by any individual that savors a nice dram. Show this one to your whisky drinker friends, and watch as they convert to rummies.

What can you say, Richard Seale, is a true genius when it comes to his craft. Producing rum after rum wit no sugar, no additives, no caramel color or cold filtration.
Identical bottle design, label and a metal screw cap without the wax found on the Port version, the 2004 ups its antie by producing this rum at 59% ABV and they age it in Bourbon Barrels.
Taste of banana, brown sugar, vanilla and some oakiness. Their is some heat from the high alcohol content. This isn’t a bad heat though. You would associate a high alcohol ABV with breathing fire. It’s is rather smooth and if you add a drop or two of water, the alcohol ABV DROPS ABOUT 3% but it does change the flavor/ esters to bring out over ripe fruit to help tone down the heat.
This is a complex rum, a sipping rum, a collectible rum, an expensive rum that should be added to ones bucket list of rums for their collection, as they will not be around long. Honest rum with unadulterated process of not adding crap to mask deformities .
Drink neat, or with a splash of water, because at $80, why add sugary, fruity stuff to an amazing rum only to reduce the fine rum down to make a cheap rum drink

This rum lives up to the hype with flavors of chocolate, coffee, peppermint, barrel spices, pepper, and a little dried fruit, caramel, and vanilla. Got it for $93 including shipping and taxes.

This was my first Foursquare experience and it did not disappoint! The nose explodes with chocolate dates fibs and berries! Not overly sweet and what I have come to love even more is nothing added!! They are doing it right down in Barbados and have converted me back to rum from Whiskey! Cheers to you Mr. Seale and Co.

When first opened I got an aroma that was reminiscent of varnish but as it has been open a while that has dissipated and given way to some dark fruit and significant heat on the finish.

59% ABV will put hair on your chest, make no mistake. This rum is astringent and slightly medicinal on the nose, but it also has some sweet, dried fruit. The taste is perhaps more dried fruit and spices, but it's really hard to tell because of the intensity. And that may be the main shortcoming of this rum. It's just too concentrated. There is no subtle nuance here whatsoever, just brute force--and alcohol burn. I'm glad I tried it, and I will try other Full Proof rums from Foursquare in the future, but I won't be buying this particular one again. I don't dislike it; I just don't love it the way I love other Foursquare rums.