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El dorado millenium 25 rum

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14 El Dorado Millenium 25 ratings

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This ED 25y is simply stunning. A truely amazing spirit with rich flavours and complexity, well balanced all the way. Every glas puts a smile on your face and adds the special something to an evening.

Definitely a must-try and highlight for every cabinet.

Well over 300 aged dark rums enjoyed and El Dorado 25 year is easily on my Top 10 list. It is sublime, super smooth, like molten chocolate, no burn at all and contains plenty of amazing flavors. I tried this amazing rum the first time at the Marriott hotel in Georgetown Guyana.

Here's my top 20 list:
1. Legendario 15y
2. Plantation Barbados XO 20th Anniversary
3. Ron Esclavo XO
4. Millonario XO and 15y
5. El Dorado 25y
6. Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva / SVG / Ambassador
7. Presidente Marti 23y and 19y
8. Pusser's 15y
9. Cubaney 18y
10. Black Tot
11. El Pasador de Oro XO and Gran Reserva
12. Edmundo Dantes 15y
13. Pampero Aniversario
14. Bacoo 12y
15. Ron Esclavo 15y and 12y
16. Punta Cana XOX
17. Exquisito 1985
18. Cubaney 15y
19. Punta Cana 15y Tesoro
20. Unhiq XO

First of all, what a stunning bottle that is. Looks good where ever you put it 😉
It's an expensive bottle of rum, but worth every penny.
The color is fantastic, and the rum is full of life and just melts on your tongue.
Its fruity and dry. I can taste vanilla, oak, raisin and tobacco. Of course its diffrent from one man to another 😀

Exceptionnal and slightly too expensive.
Its a great rum that should be sipped while listening to Jazz.
It's a rich yet subtle, complex and well balanced.

The price of this one hurts still to this day, but I can't complain about the flavor, the impact of pulling out this bottle, the completeness it gives my soul... It's rich and delicious with heavy raisin sweetness at the start, ending clean and dry. Smooth and extremely dark. Yes there is still a touch of buyer's regret, but only because the happiness it gives it similar to the joy from it's less expensive brethren of the El Dorado line...

Very few rums I've experienced give me as much pleasure as this bottle of El Dorado 25 Years Old. The rum is soft, subtle, with a rich dark caramel nose, oaken spice, nuts, dried fruit, well.... grab a bottle already. So what if it's a few dollars. The best in life costs extra.

I was fortunate to taste this rum a handful of times, and find it truly at the top of the tops. Complex, smooth, full, balanced and... tasty. When I allowed a friend to try it (once) he said "I never knew rum could be like that."

Didn't buy the bottle but found some at a tasting bar. Honey-toffee clean and no burn. Probably my favourite tasting rum however prohibitively expensive.

Am avut ocazia sa degust putin din acest rom la Festivalul de la Berlin si pot spune ca este in top 10 cele mai bune de pana acum. Am descoperit multe arome iar aftertaste-ul este spectaculos! Straight up sau on the rocks!

It is a fine rum for sure, enjoyed best whilst sipping and savoring the price.
a little over flavored with peanuts , raisin and tobacco,
A fine bottle but for my pallet a little too rubbery.

Lækker, lækker.

Dufter himmelsk, fed, sødme, krydret.

Den smager bare super. Den er Olieret, god sødme og masser af smags oplevelser.

Utrolig lang og lækker eftersmag.

Men til over 4000 kr. Så bliver det nok ikke en samlingen.

Tried this at a tasting bar when I first started drinking hard liquor. What a mistake that was, because it kind of ruined all other rums for me. Incredibly smooth and complex, tastes of vanilla and oak, sometimes I get a hint of cherry in there as well but it could just be because I ate cherries, haha. Extremely well balanced and rich. No burns in the mouth and you get this nice warmth once it hits your stomach that will expand to the rest of your body. Very satisfying to drink. I'm sure lots of people will tell me that there are similar or better rums out there, but for me, this is simply the best.

This is definitely a premium rum. However, the only reason it didn't earn a 10 is because I didn't find it different enough from the El Dorado 21-year to justify the 4x price. Still worth a sip, though!

Fantastisk rom. Måske ikke helt pengene hver. Kan finde noget lige så godt til billigere penge