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El dorado icbu single barrel rum

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8 El Dorado ICBU Single Barrel ratings

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but missing that peanut ester prominent in those. It's 40 ABV, and I've become accustomed to higher proof. As a result, it tasted pretty watery to me. Couldn't find much on the nose, except a chemically taint. A touch of grass? Didn't do anything for me.

I've smuggled all 3 of the single barrel line back to the states, and highly recommend them. Being able to taste the difference in the stills between the 3 (ICBU, EHP, PM - savalle, wooden coffey, wooden pot respectively) is very cool, especially considering some of these stills are the last of their kind. I tend to like the ICBU and EHP best as they tend to be a little smoother.

I like the other El Dorado rums so I thought I would give this one a go.

It is nice but very different from the other rums I have tried from El Dorado. This would not be an every day rum for me but one I will try from time to time.

This rum is incredible without the cost of the 25 year old rum. It delicious and back to the roots of what good rum is.solid flavour with no afterburn that is soft on the pallets and makes me want to buy a lot of this rum ... It's the same price as the 21 year but so different it makes rum a bit simpler and plainer .Which is fantastic

From the 300-year-old Uitvlugt sugar distillery in Guyana comes this sweet-smelling but bone-dry-tasting rum. It's nutty like a fine Amontillado sherry, but with a noseful of bananas and sugar. Too bad they bottled it at a tame and lame 80 proof. Compare this rum with Duncan Taylor's 1997 offering, also from the Uitvlugt distillery, bottled at 105 proof and full of flavor and fire. The El Dorado people don't seem to know what to do with good rum: either they load it up with sugar and colorants, as in ED 12-25, or they refine it until it's only fit for little old ladies after church, like this stuff. Save your money for better rum.

I think this is the best of the three single barrel offerings from El Dorado. I really did not care for the PM, but the EHP was pretty good. After trying the ICBU, I was impressed. I think the three are very different - and I guess that's the point of the single barrel offerings. Too bad they are so expensive and hard to find. I recently lined them all up again for a side by side by side comparison. Again, the ICBU was excellent and the PM disappointed (me).

In this case, the high price and the pretty face are justified. Thanks.

Almost as good as the EHP; nice balance of oak and orange with a bit of burn on the finish.

These single barrels are great stuff, from the old stills which are unique in this world. It´s rum for demerara geeks and connaisseurs.

El dorado icbu single barrel rum