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El dorado 8 year rum

El Dorado 8-year is a medium-bodied premium rum which has been recently added to the El Dorado portfolio. Distilled from fermented molasses, it is a nice option between the heavier 12-year and lighter 5-year counterparts.

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82 El Dorado 8-Year ratings

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Great sipper, neat or on the rocks. Different enough from 12 that you don't mind having both in the house at the same time. As always with ED, very cheap and a great value.

not so excited about this rum. go with the 12... the more sophisticated and handsome cousin.

Forholdsvis billig. God smag. Lad den få luft 5 min. Det vinder den på.

Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Guyana
Aroma: Vůně docela v pohodě. Kakao, lehce zatuchlé dřevo, bujón, závan medoviny a medové nasládlosti, je i trochu větrová. (84 b)
Chuť: Chutí jsem docela zklamaný. Takový základ, obyčejný čokoládově vanilkovo dřevitý rum, nic moc bohatého, spíš fádní, nudný, s nahořkle dřevitou dochutí, která celkový dojem sráží ještě níž, než chuť samotná. Tím nechci říct, že by to byla nepitelná břečka, ale je to na opravdu velmi nenáročné popíjení, možná bude lepší spíš do míchaných drinků nebo do cukroví nebo tiramisu. (78 b)
Shrnutí: Šel jsem do něj s tím, že se mi dostane nějaké odlehčené verze El dorada 12 yo, ale ten rozdíl je zejména v chuti mnohem víc propastný, než jsem si představoval. Přitom rozdíl mezi 8 yo a 12 yo jsem čekal, řekněme, jen o třetinu slabší. V Maneu byl za 465 korun, takže jsem neprovařil moc, ale za trochu víc bych už měl v akci Pampero Anniversario nebo Barcelo Imperial, a to je setsakra velký kvalitativní rozdíl. Kdybych dal pětikilo na charitu, udělal bych líp.
Body: 81

This relatively cheap bottle blew my mind, one of the better rums i have tasted. I am definitely going to buy the 12y and 15y now. Paid €17,50 for it in the Netherlands, can't buy it everywhere. 8/10

El Dorado has recently become one of my favorite brands of rum. Thus far each and every one I have tried has been a winner. This one is no exception. Albeit not as smooth as it's older brothers, this rum is outstanding for the price. About $20 for a bottle in this region. Somewhat smooth with a bit of a spicy bite. Flavors of vanilla, caramel, butterscotch, and oak with also some spiciness (minor tongue-tingler). An all-purpose rum worth seeking out.

The El Dorado 8 Years is considerably spicier than it's 12 year counterpart but equally sweet. It feels lighter and less smooth.

In my opinion this a superb very well tasting mixing rum. I would give it a rather high 6/10 score as a straight up sipping rum.

Typical demerara flavour. Strong, molases rum like taste. Caramel and woody flavour are in nice balance. Like it.

The nose is characteristicly Guyanese, which is a very positive thing in my book. It fills your nostrils with oily leather, barrel, tobaco, sweet molasse and a hint of citrus. Love it. The medium bodied palette is smooth and lovely with notes of leather, light liqourice, molasse and a bit of oak. I find that this rum places itself very neatly between the 5 and 12 year old siblings. It feels like an uncomplicated ED 12. Easily enjoyed as a sipping rum, and a monster in cocktails like daiquiri and dark n' stormy. (7,5)

I am familiar with El Dorado from my travels but only just a week ago did it get distributiion in my state. I has been amazing turning people on to the brand. I have been holding out on finishing my 8yr because I did not want to have to order or leave the state for it but Christmas let me finish off my bottle and one will replace it tomorrow.

Even though this El Dorado is good enough as a sipper, I think where it really shines is as a mixer and is the primary one I always use when mixing drinks. Also, unlike some of the other ED's this one doesn't have much added sugar so if you're making Tiki drinks you don't have to worry about them becoming overly sweet. At this price point really the perfect rum!

This is a decent rum, but it's not as smooth as the El Dorado 12 (this is a bit harsher).

Smells and tastes of molasses, honey, spice, tobacco, with a light touch of oak. Pretty good, but if you want a sipping rum, I recommend paying just a bit more for the 12.

To sweet for my taste, strong vanilla taste. Positive is that you get an above average rum for a great price.

Top shelf mixing rum. Makes a fantastic Mai Tai. Highly recommend

Had this at a friends house (only rum he had) and it was ok for sipping in lack of other and better choises.

This cheap rooms belong in the high end. But there is still some way to big brother

After having great success with the El Dorado 12 year, I figured I would try another from the same brand at a lower price point. Although I am new to rum, I can still notice a difference. Not as good as the 12 year, which makes sense since it's cheaper. Glad I tried it, will buy again for sure, but not necessarily a staple for my collection.

I was very pleased to find this bottle at a nice price but it turned out to be below my expectations. Its sweet palate didn't make it for me. It's up to personal tastes I guess, a friend who has not tasted many rums apart from Havana Club likes it very much, about the same or even more than Havana 7 according to him.

Not bad, it is a quality rum. But didnt find anything interesting in it. I always try to reveal the personality of the rum im tasting, trying to understand what was the blenders idea...No impression was made with this one.

are un gust banal, nu iese cu nimic in evidenta. recomand in cocktailuri. totusi are avantajul pretului.

A good dark rum. Had it as a shooter. High in alcohol in the mouth.

Has flavour but harsh. Does well in mixed drinks, does not over power the taste of the other ingredients.

Ok Rom til prisen, men den mangler lidt fylde har en ok eftersmag, til prisen er den ok

Un rom ușor, fără pretenții dar bine echilibrat, suficient de fin pt brandul ce-l reprezintă.


El dorado 8 year rum