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El dorado 5 year rum

The blend of El Dorado 5-Year rum's is distilled in a both column and wooden stills before maturing for five years in bourbon oak casks.

El Dorado 5-year rum is produced by Demerara Distillers Ltd. of Guyana. Sharing its name with the Demerara River, Demerara Distillers first started production in 1670.

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76 El Dorado 5-Year ratings

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When buying rum from Guyana you expect that sweet dark molasses Demerara taste, which this just does not have.

Nose: Not much except alcohol.
Body: Non existent. A little harsh but nothing you wouldn't expect at this price point.
Taste: Little sweet at the start but very boring. Has almost the least amount of aftertaste of any rum I have reviewed.

If you want a rich Demerara at this price point then I would recommend Lemon Hart (also not affiliated) over this any day for any purpose.

Im a big fan of the ED 12, and though the ED 5 does not come close to that level of quality, its very obvious that these rums are related. The Aromas are very much alike in character. The palate is also with the same robust demerara fingerprint. The ED 5 Has a medium melasse sweetness, that rolls off into a spicy and slightly edged oaky, tobaco finish. Only tried it neat so far, but i imagine that its robust and nice character would compliment a cocktail extremly well. Nice value

This has only a little bit of the good flavors and body which make ED 12 and 15 so enjoyable to so many fans. You'll taste the smoky sweetness which is common to El Dorado rums thanks to their practice of sugaring their products, but the flavors compete with an alcohol aftertaste that isn't very pleasant. This is not terrible rum, but there are so many better ones out there. Glad I tried it, but I won't ever be buying a second bottle.

Sugar: 12 gpl. It's better than Bacardi Gold for mixing but it's not a sipping rum like the older brothers in the El Dorado line. At the Duty Free shop I was tasting it when a chap from Guyana told me it was Peasant Rum. Ouch, that is harsh! Similar taste profile as with the 12 but not as sweet or complex. Tastes of Oak, Vanilla, and Caramel and starts off with some heat but it passes quickly. I have enough mixing rums so I passed on it this time. Good value mixer.

I tried this alongside some of the more aged El Dorado's (12, 15, and 21), and (no surprise) this was my least favorite. It's a fair step down from the 12 as it lacks in sweetness and complexity. The smell is weaker, and the taste is harsher.

It's alright. I wouldn't sip this. Better off as a mixer. I really think this is like a slight down grade of the 8. Similar flavor and such, but less and more burn. It's also cheaper than the 8 by maybe 4-6 dollars.. so really.. just get the 8.

Pay the extra, go for the 12 if drinking straight, this one finishes a bit too harshly to be rated any more. (Or add a splash of diet coke)

Not for sipping little strong for the a good mix would do just fine

I have often used this in cocktails but it's not very fun to sip on. I prefer it to the 8 year as there is less woodiness to get in the way but would probably rather use something like the Plantation 5 Year Barbados in my drinks.

This rum works, not as a sipper, but works decently in a cocktail.

Ikke smagt. .

Not good on its own. You'd do better to save your money and buy a nicer bottle for a bit more money. Cheaper mixers available.

I really like the bottle design and the color of the rum, nice display bottle in the bar. Perfect for guess who are use to rum and coke and want something else than a captain coke.

Very smooth. Nice toffee flavor. Sweet but not overly done. Would recommend.


a good rum for cooking with or maybe mixing with dark pop

From the outside it may seem uninspiring, but don't judge a book by its cover. It may be just aged for 5-years, but those were years well spent. This is a delectable choice for casual rum connoisseurs. It is a superb choice for young novices. And a distinguished choice for us Captains! El Dorado 5-year has a nice saffron goldeness that warms your heart right up. Smooth every drop. Down the hatch like a champ! Paraded with a mild sweetness with a faint note of silky vanilla-orange, and a quick rum punch that gently lingers... if only for a while longer. Enjoy! And Rum to ya!!

A touch hot, but there is a bit of that El D nuance.
sugar test - 5g

If some one says they like rum and then say they like captain Morgan. Then start them with this it is good enough to show them something, but not waisted the good stuff

Ranked 7.5 on my scale, but the bottles here are never half full. A nice aftertaste. Oak flavor but not as rich as the 12.

A solid mixing rum. However if given the choice I would opt for the 8

Very good, for a small price. Will enhance any cocktail if you replace your base rhum by this one.

Strong caramel smell. Harsh taste with a simple finish. Nothing fancy. Good for cocktails. Sweet regular rum.

Smooth dark gold rum. Demerara flavours come through with a hint of vanilla. A pleasant lingering flavour. Lacks a depth of flavour at the back of the throat.

Drinking this rum neat, is doable but in my opinion does not reflect the quality and taste of El Dorado. The complexity is resided and a bit boring.

But with Coca Cola this rum really shines! The subtle taste compliments the sweet taste of the cola and pair perfectly together. As mixer, this is my go-to rum!

El dorado 5 year rum