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El dorado millenium 25 rum

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15 El Dorado 1980 Vintage 25-Year ratings

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I have had a bottle of the 1980 distilled El Dorado for a couple years now. It is unique and a little complicated. We still have a difficult time isolating all the flavours but it so enjoyable we don't worry about it too much. Undoubtedly this is something you do not mix with. As I do with most drinks, I prefer it on the rocks but straight up is fine as well. Smooth going down but try to savour it before it does. I don't drink it too often as it price tag is steep but for a special occasion I reach for this every time.

Honestly flavours cannot comprehend how good of a rum this is ... El Dorado stands for liquid gold and this is the holy grail ... I would own a 1000 bottles if I could

I have looked at this rum since I started my rum adventure, and I really wanted to taste this back then but it was to expensive. After some years and thoughts I choosed to buy a bottle, and thank god for that!! I have never experinced such a intense rum like this (and I have tried a LOT of rums).
In the nose I find notes as chocolate, brown sugar, butter, and a spicy pebber note, and it is just very deep and intense so you just want to sid with your nose in the glass all the time. The taste is even better than the smell and offers notes as caramel, chocolate, brown sugar, molasse, oak and a little coffee.
This is a true pleassure to drink and a experience that you wouldn't find in much other rums. I know the price is high, but if you love rum it is worth every penny!

This is truly a premium rum. The packaging and the rum itself are fantastic. This is an exceptionally smooth rum, tasty with no after burn. It's sweet with rich chocolate taste balanced with the demerara sugar taste too.

Its something that you treat yourself to once in your life time as at this price its a costly thing to buy.

I'd not buy it again due to the price. I think for value to money I'd rather have its younger brother or the English Harbour 25.

The bottle, the smell, the taste. All amazing. Only down side is I only have one bottle of it.

Well over 600 aged dark rums enjoyed and El Dorado 25 year is easily on my Top 5 list. It is sublime, super smooth, like molten chocolate, no burn at all and contains plenty of amazing flavors. I tried this amazing rum the first time at the Marriott hotel in Georgetown Guyana and have enjoyed it several times since that. One word describes this rum: Superb!

Here's my top 20 list:
1. Legendario 15y
2. Plantation Barbados XO 20th Anniversary
3. Ron Esclavo XO
4. Cubaney Centenario 25-30y
5. Millonario XO and 15y
6. El Dorado 25y
7. Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva / SVG / Ambassador
8. Presidente Marti 23y and 19y
9. Pusser's 15y
10. Cubaney 18y
11. Black Tot
12. El Pasador de Oro XO and Gran Reserva
13. Punta Cana Esplendido
14. Edmundo Dantes 15y
15. Pampero Aniversario
16. Bacoo 12y
17. Ron Esclavo 15y and 12y
18. Brugal Leyenda
19. Exquisito 1985 and 1995
20. Punta Cana XOX

Ganz klar ein toller Rum aber bei Preisen in 2016 mit 600 Euro ganz klar zu teuer,Im Vergleich zum 1986er deutlich besser und runder,Im Glas eine viel schönere dunklere Farbe und auch die bessere Nase als der 86er.
Wenn ich aber einenZacapa black Label im direkten Vergleich verkoste schmeckt allen Teilnehmern der black Label besser und hier bekomme ich im Moment noch 2 Flaschen für das Geld.
Davon abgesehen ist die 1980er Abfüllung sowieso nur noch sehr schwer zu bekommen

Smooth, tasty, hint of vanilla. It is the ideal rum to demonstrate what a rum should taste like neat.

This is the first El Dorado rum that i had tasted and it pretty much ruined me for any other rum.
I have now been gifted with a 25 Year Limited Edition and i am savoring every drop.I had to rate it as a 10, because i have ranted about this rum for years.

Like the millennium edition, the 1980 is as close to rum perfection as you can get. Smooth and balanced, rich and complex. The price is commensurate with the experience.

This is so delightful that it makes the angels sing. Nose is so inviting.. Taste is sweet, warm, and so elegant in its expression that I simply can't figure any person who would not be able to enjoy this.. Rum drinker or not.
Personally I think this is perfect, even though its so elegant, almost fragile.
The price however is still crazy, but a delight to have tasted. Thank you.

I think I just had a rumgasm. Normally I prefer the more powerful rums, but there is no denying that this just tastes fantastic.

The best rum I have ever tried! I was lucky to try it at the uk rumfest 2014 and it was exceptional! So smooth and full of flavour! Still very tempted to buy a bottle!

Sugar: Estimated at 45 GPL which makes for a very sweet rum, but it's so good! The El Dorado flavour profile of Oak, Vanilla, caramel, spice, and smoke are all present and accounted for, and on a side note, I also tasted a bit of orange and chocolate. Overall this rum has the complexity of flavour you expect from high end and high cost rums.
There is no harshness to this rum, and it goes down far too smooth but the good thing is that the flavours linger on your palate for a long time after. Savour this rum and take your time, or the flavour train will be gone too soon. One of the smoothest rums I have had the pleasure to taste. Put this rum on your bucket list as it is a top shelf rum.

It's a perfect blend of rums aged at least 25 years.The alcohol is well balanced.Intense and enveloping