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Alkohol: 35 %
Původ: neupřesněný Karibik
Aroma: Vanilka, mléčná čokoláda a med. Bezprostředně po Liberté white překvapivě příjemné. Ale to jen v přímém srovnání, jinak je to takové obyčejné, nic světoborného. (70 b)
Chuť: Chuť plitká, řídká, jen tak jako uměle ochucená, se sice olejnatým dojmem, ale je to nevyzrálé pití bez špetky charakteru. Chemicky ochucená výčepní lihovina. Vanilin, lihovost, trochu krémová olejnatost. (55 b)
Body: 62
Shrnutí: Srovnával jsem napřímo Liberté white oproti Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, oboje jsme měl (naštěstí) jen po vzorku, a ani jeden jsem nedopil. Ani v jednom případě jsem si vůbec nepochutnal, ale Morgan měl aspoň tu vůni oproti Liberté docela ucházející. Doporučit nemůžu ani jeden, ale jestli si z toho chce někdo dělat drinky, tak tam se to asi ztratí. Ostatně i přímo na lahvi Liberté se píše, že je určen do drinků. Bída s nouzí, ale aspoň člověk vidí, jak daleko lepší rumy pijeme a co si lidé běžně kupují za komerci.

Uživatel "Morgan" to tady jasně a jednoznačně zhodnotil. Opravdu se hodí maximálně do nějaké míchačky. A samostatně? Jedině na "ex".

If you're still drinking this one its time to put on your big boy pants and experiment with better rums. I would even put this in Coke because I wouldn't want to ruin my soda...

Not a bad choice for a first rum, with coke it becomes somewhat of a starter drink. Caramel and vanilla evident, making coke a fine pairing but I switched to club soda to cut calories and the foul morning after taste coke leaves

Nothing wrong with it when mixed with coke. Pretty much cheap summer classic, but I cant find anything to enjoy when drinking alone.

What is there to say... Capt and Coke please. Not as good as others, but it works.

Zkusil jsem, ale samotný bohužel popíjet nedokážu. Velmi umělá chuť i vůně, nevyznačující se v podstatě ničím příjemným. Od rumů s hodnocením 5/10 se již výrazně odlišuje. V mixu s Colou je pro mne přijatelnější než nerum Božkov, ale pil bych jen s donucením. Silná komerce se snaží mezi mainstreamovými konzumenty udělat z rumu o dost více, než na co skutečně má. Za podobný či lehce vyšší peníz už je možné nalézt opravdové rumy.

Hodí se pouze do drinků. K pití samostaně jedině na ex.

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold 35% (Jamaica)

Eye: Gold

Nose: Pretty forward smell of hard lemon drops, public toilet, industrial soap, faint vanilla, over ripe fermented honey dew melon and something like sour star fruit. Very light and thin impression. It also reeks of old fridge-damaged vegetables. There is also something that has a slight resemblance of light, cheap chocolate.

Mouth: Sugar and diluted eau-de-vie with a twist of lemon and artificial vanilla sugar. It is thin and unrefined with no trace of self-worth or dignity. This is the captain of a sinking ship in lukewarm salty water. For a second I thought I sensed cinnamon but that could be wishful thinking.

Reaction: I have had this in coke with ice before and have enjoyed hundreds of them. Now I wonder why? Well, I was young and stupid - just like this beverage right here. Maybe it is unfair to taste it as a sipping rum but at the same time, and in all fairness, a drink should be able to stand on its own I think. How else can I compare? Well, this may be the last I see of this horrible rum-like booze.


Price: 243 SEK
Tasted: 2016, in a Riedel Sommelier Cognac XO glass at room temperature.

I would recommend it for shots, and maybe for Cocktails, it is a good rum for the price. Nice cake smell

Well known mixer. Everyone knows this bottle and some people like this and some not - from my point of view its same - one week I like it with coke, another hate can't even smell it. This is a low cost alcohol and would rather recommend some fruit spirit in this price range.

Drink rum inte så bra.......................................

Most people begin with this rum on parties, it's usual to mix it with coke - not bad.
But for drinking it alone it's under average. The aroma and spice seems fake.

Thumbs up for mainstreaming rums as a whole - it guides people to rum world.

As its been said its great for a first date but move on.

Captain was a staple in my early days. However as I have grown up I have expanded my taste for better rums and the captain has dwindled to the shadows. Heck I don't even stock a bottle in the collection anymore. However I do find that when we are out and I fancy a rum and coke I tend to lean towards the captain over the Bacardi that our local establishments like to push. For me the captain may not have a place in the cabinet anymore. However it will always be my go to when out and only the basic brand rums are available.

You can't go wrong with a capt'n
Perfect for drinking it straight or with a coke

I poured it into a glass and it lit the ice on fire. Awful.

Spice this rum up with 7-up, and its gonna be a mature rum.

Artificial tasting - didn't mix well. I'd select Bacardi oak heart for something in this price range.

This rum is doing great together with a coke, or mixed in other drinks - don't try and drink it pure, badr.

N- Chocolate box, some creme brulee and vanilla followed by sweaty and mushy wood. (16/25)

P- Flat and thin with artificial cocoa flavored, molasses and sugary. Muted. (10/25)

F- Short, chocolate milk with dash of feint spirits, sticky. (13/25)

Balanced:- Well, this is meant to be mixed anyway. No complaint. (10/25)

Weighted Rate:- 49pt
— at The Whisky Bar, Kuala Lumpur.


You know what your getting, it's cheap, not that good and probably contributed to that weird taste of shame in your otherwise flawless Cuba Libre.

But every once and a while I guarantee I'll have a fresh leaf of mint at the bottom of my glass as I, once again, reveal how little self respect I actually have.

It goes wonderful with coca-cola. You can also drink it alone, but it has to be in company with ice.

After seriously starting to taste different rums, this one has hit the bottom. Way too sweet for me. The smell already gives away that lots of sugar and or caramelflavours have been added. This is not a rum. Maybe that explains the headaches it gave me in the past. No more for me.