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4 Berry's St Lucia 14-Year ratings

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The cork broke when I tried to open the bottle and I am not sure if the bad cork had caused the rum to turn; as the taste just wasn't very good. I gave it a 4.5 on my scale which translates to a 4 here. The flavor really deserved less. I will see if I can locate another bottle and, assuming there are no cork problems, will try again.

Unfortunately I only tried a dram of this rum, but enjoyed it quite a bit. Familiar St Lucia flavor, but not as much going on as with their 1931 rums. Not saying its better/not as good, just a bit "calmer" if that makes sense. Wouldnt mind getting a full bottle of this.

I have had a few from St. Lucia before but the aroma is far more prevalent with this rum. The honey nose is quite evident and the bright fruit is definitely in the body as well as the nose. Quite smooth and warms the body when drank on the rocks. This is a very enjoyable sipping Rum.

Oh and this was a 12 year old not a 14 ( see image)


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