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4 Dzama Vieux 3 ratings

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Tried the Vieux Rhum Dzama 6 year and 3 year back-to-back and what a strong alcohol smell does the 3 year emit, phew! Well it's a 52% alcohol, so that is the lead number one, and I didn't know this when purchasing the bottles, but these rums hail from Madagascar and they try to imitate Rhum Agricole manufacturing process. The 3 year old Dzama has a very strong alcohol smell to the nose, but the taste test is a tad better, however, not as decent as the 6 year old Dzama. Raisin is a component, but there is hardly any sweetness to this rhum, it is super dry. Hardly any burn either at the end, which is quite surprising taking into consideration the strong initial alcohol smell. If you like Rhum Agricole's in general terms, then add 3 points, otherwise if you like sweeter rums like me, it struggles to earn a 3 score.

Un rhum qui pique en bouche, pas abordable pour tout le monde! On sent qu'il est encore jeune!

Color: clean yellow Taste: Tonic vanilla
Refreshing taste with flavour of vanilla feeling the alcool taste as you drink it because of the youth of the rum. But overall not bad to drink very refreshing!

This one is packed with alcohol and oak taste.. Nice as whisky but not as zippingrum for me..