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I'm having trouble finishing off my 1.75L of this stuff. It has a horrible metallic finish and aftertaste even when mixed. Starts good and smooth but what it ends with does not make one want to take another sip.

This is not a rum that makes a bold statement or gives one a hint of any specific flavor or aroma. It is not a sipping rum after a good dinner with good company. I give it a 6 because it's a good every day rum that, for me, mixes well with a Pepsi after a long day at the office.

I bought this rum when I asked for a good sipping rum, the man who usually suggests really good rums told me it was one of his favorites. First reaction when opening the bottle, my roommate could smell it from 6 feet away. It almost reminds me of a weaker Bacardi 151. I would not recommend.

Why they have even made this?!?!? Pass years I have had this feeling that the quality of Appleton has gone down. Even their 12-years old does not taste as it used to.
I was expecting little more when I decided to taste these "relatively new ones" Signature and Estate Reserve Blend. Same crap both of them.

Horrible smell, bad taste, really rough on tongue, also in neck. No specific flavours, no reason to drink.

. . . something that you would drink neat or on the rocks. I am glad that I tried it because it's my first Appleton Estate but I won't let it be what I judge the whole distillery on. This is clearly their economy mixer rum for those without a discerning palette.

Very smooth but I've definitely had better for the price. More of a "shooting" (If there is such a thing) than a sipping rum.


I use it in a mixer. It's not awful on it's own, in fact it's got some nice spice to it. However, not something I'd drink straight.

but for that price i was hesitating to buy a bottle. I rather spend money on a product that is worth of it...
So this was just an occasional buy - i'll never do it again.
It's good for a mixer but not as a standalone sipper. And for a mixer i can buy something cheaper...

Always heard good things about Appleton. But I have to say this rum is trash. Horrible taste and has a small to match. It is ok as a mixer if you please. However for the price you can get a better rum for cheaper when it come to mixing.

I like this rum. It seems to be the stable standard for The Appleton Estate Marquee, and I think it can be enjoyed as a reasonable straight, or as a good mixer, and so represents pretty good value, and useful to have in the drinks cabinet.
I would agree with other reviewers, that it does not benefit form the long time in the barrels that some of the premium rums, nevertheless it delivers.

This is not a rum that makes a bold statement or gives one a hint of any specific flavor or aroma. It is not a sipping rum after a good dinner with good company. I give it a 6 because it's a good every day rum that, for me, mixes well with a Pepsi after a long day at the office.

Low rating do strong alcohol taste. Seemed very cheap even though it cost more than many others at my local store. Priced higher than private stock and its not even close in comparison.

I got a small bottle of this stuff to see what the hype was. I couldn't really pick up anything beyond the harshness of it. It is all the rave among tourists in Jamaican, yet I have never seen my Jamaican family drink this stuff (with good reason). Perhaps one of their more premium blends will be better.

Tried this as a pre-dinner, post-long day at work pleasure and was disappointed. Very harsh after taste for me with little in the way of complex flavors to enjoy and decipher. I'm not too happy with my attempts at Appleton rums.

I do like this rum, but feel like the V/X was better. I think the Signature Blend has replaced it. It has the potstill flavor I have come to enjoy, but is still lacking elsewhere. Many other good choices in the ~$20 range, but this is worth trying and I may like it best neat.

This is good, nothing amazing but it's good for an all around. Mixes well in drinks, and has a nice, not overpowering, molasses flavor which makes it good for baking and cooking too. Easy to find, good pricing, solid.

The aftertaste was somewhat unpleasant, even when mixed with cola.

La nueva fórmula sabe a pintura, normalmente mezclo este ron, es mejor comprar el VX lo puedes identificar en la etiqueta al frente, no comprar el que dice 1749


A good, cheap, friendly and dry base for mixing cocktails!

I love Appleton Estate 12-year, which is great. This one is simply a lower version, not so smooth, lacks the tones, mainly the barrel wooden taste (oak flavor).

Good for mixing I suppose.

Signature Blend is average rum from Appleton, tasty and friendly.

Well, don't get me wrong, this is still rather good rum, but it have its, not so good, strange sides. The first is straight from bottle smell - hard, rough, petrol. You must let it breath for while to wear it out to something more sense-liking. Second thing is the specific sour taste. That would be OK, if this would be bottle of Bourbon. But is strange when it comes to bottle of rum. Signature Blend reminds me Bourbon with every sip. I actually like Bourbons, so I have only problem with this strangeness, but some folks would not appreciate that. So, this bad boy will go better with Coke or in cocktail, than as an enjoyable sipper. I enjoy it from time to time neat, because the strangeness is interesting. But common rum folk will surely rather avoid that.

This is a very good choice for mixing cocktail that requires a full bodied rum.
I love it in a Mai Tai, for example.
I think that it's the same rum previously labelled as V/X.
It's also good for simple cocktails like a Rum Old Fashioned or simply on the rocks.