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Dos maderas 5 3 rum

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35 Dos Maderas 5+3 ratings

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Smager okay. Dufter dejligt og har en okay eftersmag.

Nothing fancy, strong alcohol burn for me. But you can still sip it and dont need to add any cola.

Flot farve og krydret duft. Tør i smagen, sprittet og kedelig eftersmag.

Guyana and Barbados origin, finished in aged Sherry oak casks. Satisfying as an sipping rum enjoyed straight up.

Dufter af karamel og vanilje en smule sprittet. Behagelig duft. Den føles rimelig flad i munden. Den smager mest af røg/brændt og meget sprittet. Det er ikke en rom jeg vil udsætte mine smagsløg for igen.

Denne rom er ikke lige mig. Den er for sprittet og for meget røgsmag.
En duft af blomme

I found this rum all in all OK. Easy to drink and enjoy. If in doubt, give it a try.

A bit dry, with strong alcohol scent. It opens up in a bit sweet vanila and oak

without hesitating, this one is a good rum for a good price if you are just at the beginning of your rum career! some marzipan, raisins, exotic fruits and of course, sherry! these elements are in this rum. cheers, if you like it sweet and easy!

I didn't expected it to be this complex.
A bit on the dry side.
Bitter and alcohol taste at the start, evolving too a sweet (not too sweet) taste with a bit of oak in it.
Finishes of with some exotic fruits ( and maybe marzipan).

At the first sip i didn't liked it that much. But the more i tasted it the more i liked it.

Sugar: estimated at 14 -16 GPL. This rum is no where near the 5+5 big brother. The Sherry taste is there along with some vanilla, ginger, and honey. It's got a strong alcohol aroma with a trace of something akin to sulphur. It took me back to the 70's when we used to get used whiskey or rum barrels and put water in them to eventually create a wild beverage called "Barrel Wash". Long and strong on the alcohol and short on smoothness. Definitely a "Mix Only" type of rum.

Geht in die Richtung des 5+5, kommt aber an die leckere Sherry Note lange nicht heran. Ganz klar besser den 5+5 kaufen

Sorry, cant help it, was on a small trip to bordershop in Germany again, here we found this one :)

Quite good indeed. But if you really like rum taste it might dissapoint you because it taste more like a good whiskey. That's good por bad up to you!

If you try to drink it straight once in your glass, you will have nothing more that the alcohol taste but if you give it fresh air, this Dos Maderas 5+3 will show you some nice fruity aromas most probably coming from the extra 3 years in sherry casks. Nice but maybe al ittle bit too young.

2 Maderas 5+3 is a good surprise because you get a sippable rum at an affordable price (depending where you buy I guess). This rum is not as dark coloured as other aged rums, but despite its lighter look it gets assertive in the mouth and you can feel oaky notes and a bitter sweetness that amounts to an enjoyable experience. It's definitely a more dry than sweet rum and that fits my preferences at the moment. This is a rum you can drink neat without fear, no question.

To my dissapointment I found the more expensive Px 5+5 unbearable due to its overwhelming sweetness and sherry-caramel flavour... so much that I had no other use for it than passing it along to a friend, who by the way enjoyed it a lot, so in the end sometimes it's really a matter of taste! But for me, there's no doubt, stick to the 5+3 and save the money!

Sehr würziger Rum, beim Geschmack sind Sherrynoten, Holz, Vanille und Karamell zu spüren. Der Rum kommt in einer sehr schöne Flasche daher. Im grossen und ganzen schmeckt er mir sehr gut und auch viel besser als sein älterer Bruder der Dos Maderas 5+5.

5 years in oak casks + 3 years in spain in sherry Dos Cortados casks in solera system. Interesting method of aging already used by different company but the double or triple aging is the "marque de fabrique" of Dos Maderas. Sweet notes of dried fruits (nuts) and toasted aroma in the mouth. Sweet but not very long aftertaste. Need more maturity. Waiting to taste big brother...

Tastes like an 8 year old rum but the 5+5 is worth the price difference.

Let me start by saying that i have never drank cherry in my life. So can not say the cherry is to strong.
I do however not like the lingering aftertaste you get from sipping this rum and the immediate sensation i get is that the alcohol is a bit to harsh. I started collecting rum not that long ago, but i have better bottles that are cheaper/same price.
In a coke it is not to bad however. So that is what I will do till the bottle is empty and give the 5+5 a go.

The name of this rum is indicative of it's nature "Dos Maderas" translates as "two woods" meaning the oak barrels in which it is aged for 5 years and the sherry casks in which it is finished for an additional 3 years. Those three years give it a distinct flavor that is noticeably sherry while easing the oak tones. This results in a fairly nice rum. However this is best suited for mixing. The sherry flavor won't overwhelm the adult beverage of your choice but will give it a little bit of a twist in flavor due to the sherry finish. Sipping it reveals a sweetness to it that isn't too strong. There is vanilla and toffee flavors underneath but the sherry tones come forward rather quickly before the burn takes over. However the burn fades quickly leading back to the sherry. It's almost a mixed drink in of itself if you happen to like drinking sherry as well as cooking with it. In my honest opinion I feel this is better suited for mixed drinks. Especially anything with grenadine in it. The grenadine and sherry flavors play well together. Also this is quite good in coke zero as well. It's unique enough to be recommendable to add to your liquor cabinet for those times you desire something a little different but not weird. I think more bars, especially tropical-themed bars, should have this as a mandatory part of their selection. I know I would.

A bit dissapointning to heavy on alcohol for a sipping rum, but fantastic with a Coke.

As a collector the bottle was cool. It's not too bad in coke, but by itself it has a heavier burn. I'd still by it to mix with cola.

The sherry taste is so strong I was wondering if I was drinking rum. Not my choice again, but probably for someone who likes the intense sherry finish. Apart of that, the rum is mild, not too sweet and very pleasuring.