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Bought at Total Wine for $10. A really nice rum for the price. Vanilla and caramel notes on the nose with faint dry fruit and some alcohol . This rum is nice and smooth on the palate with vanilla and caramel coming through the dry fruit comes in more on taste then smell. Long finish with a minimal burn. I love what Seales has done at the Four Square Distillery and can not recommend their products enough.

I have been reading the praises of Doorly's rums and finally am now able to try some thanks to Total Wine and More in Jacksonville. Had to drive over 3 hours to get some. No one locally could obtain any.

I will start with Doorly's Fine Old Barbados Rum Aged 5 Years.

My bottle differs a great deal in appearance as compared to the bottle on the RumRatings list. I uploaded a photo I took for comparison.

Anyway, the bottle has a parrot on the label...actually a scarlet macaw...I'm partial to birds...I have a very spoiled pet cockatiel named "Cheech"...

But I digress...

The rum itself is a nice amber. The aroma in my snifter is quite nice. Has a sweetness to it. The flavor also imparts a nice sweetness. However upon a little investigation I find that testing was done on this rum and it was not sugared. So the sweetness is natural.

I shall now digress again...

Two things...

First off, this rum comes from the R.L. Seale & Company. I've recently read a lot about Richard Seale and all of it good. One thing is apparent is that he is very particular about being transparent concerning his rums. I respect that. The label says "Aged 5 Years" not just a "5" or "5 years". It is very specific. And also from what I have read concerning Mr. Seale is that the rum you get is the rum that came directly from the sugaring. I have to respect that. I hope to meet him someday and shake his hand.

Secondly, it seems that the bulk of the rums I like best come from two places: Barbados and Martinique. Don't know why. It is what it is.

Digression concluded.

The flavor starts sweet and has hints of vanilla and toffee. No harsh burn but a pleasant warmth. The finish is quite delicious making me want another sip...and another...and yet another...

The sweetness is far from overpowering and there are oak undertones carrying it all along.

This is a quality rum.

And the $12 USD I paid for it qualifies it as a heckuva bargain. Versatile as well. This rum needs to be mandatory at all bars especially tiki bars. Sipper...mixer...anyway you want it, you can't go wrong.

Dadgummit! I want daiquiris made with this. ASAP!

R.L. Seale and Company...I salute you!


Than a rum this age has any right to be.

More classic offerings from Foursquare

A Bajan friend and I tried this. He told me the story of when he grew on the same street as Mr. Doorly. He said he remembered thinking he was a very plain man, and he must have made a very plain rum. Couldn't agree more. I like Bajan rum tremendously, but this is nothing special.

After first smell this Rum lets you to expect more. Unfortunately the taste is closer to flavoured vodka than rum. Drinkable with coke.

I thoroughly enjoyed this rum after buying it as a gift for a brother who refuses to drink neat spirits! I tasted it first at the Foursquare distillery and immediately preferred the RL Seales 10 year. That is pretty tough competition though! Overall it's a great rum, it just shares the distillery with an even better one!

My usual cheap and cheerful house rum is Chairman's Reserve, so wanted to get another that might offer variety,

Initially I was concerned about it being a 5yo, but really, this was wholly unfounded. Soft, easy with a lovely bite from the spirit. Good length, easy to approach but not one dimensional. For the price, a winner. For the purist, they will find things to complain about.

I originally gave it a 7 but due to the price, I have bumped it up one. I would add though, with me being a little dismissive of the 8yo (below), going back to the 5yo after the 8yo shows how much it lacks in comparison. But still price/quality, it is an absolute winner.

EDIT - (I added this to the 8yo, but it is pertinent here)... the more I drink the 5yo, 8yo and 12yo the more I don't quite see how the 8yo fits in. The 5yo is a easy, soft, unsophisticated and very easy to sip. The 12yo has the sophistication and power. The 8yo is somewhere in the middle (inc price wise). Dare I say that the 8yo is a little pointless? Don't get me wrong, it's a good rum, but the 5yo is easier (albeit very much less sophisticated) and the 12yo is better. Maybe it is a case that I actually prefer the soft oakiness of the 5yo to the 8yo.

Stone fruit, bananas, and a lovely finish all at a great price! $20 gets you 1.75 L and IMO, it's a sipper! highest recommendation.

Tropical fruit essence with coconut and vanilla finish.

Rough taste but not sharp. Oak, molasses in flavor. Without aftertaste, distaste and delight.
Hmmmm... Like a lot of rave reviews! Maybe i should buy a second bottle?

Herkomst: Barbados
Distilleerderij: Foursquare
Abv: 40%
Prijs: €19,50 - 70cl
Kleur: lichtbruin
Aroma: karamel, fruitig, citrus en een beetje alcohol.
Smaak: beetje alcohol) maar toch zacht voor een jonkie, karamel, bruine suiker, beetje hout en witte peper.
Nasmaak: droog.

Maar 5 jaar op hout en toch weer zo'n smaakvolle rum van Foursquare.
Dus geen suiker, kleurstoffen, hout of vanille extracten toegevoegd en een eerlijke "age" statement op het label, wat wil je nog meer?

Ow, en niet duur.


This is an interesting rum for the price... on the rocks cam be quite harsh but used as a cocktail or cola it becomes devine... Really dry flavour but that's how I like it... Excellent with lime

there are worse out there... but also a lot better... it wasnt that i didnt enjoy the bottle, it was just not that noteable

Not really much to say about this rum. A bit of dryness there & makes a great as a mixer. Not to strong, & very easy to drink. A good rum at a reasonable price. Though should be around $40 not $50.

I found this very dry and almost whisky like in taste. Quite a lot of alcohol in taste and a medium burn in the throat. Feels well made and a very straight rum but for me its just a good mixer with both cola and ginger beer.

Dry, wth just a little sweet vanilla, oak, and enough of an alcohol afterburn to keep it from being great. But for $12 you get a very decent Seale rum, and that's better than anything else in this range.

This rum's colour is a nice golden amber shade, surprising light for a rum aged for 5 years. While it has a slight alcohol/chemical smell to it, it is a solid rum for mixing with cola. The resulting rum and cola is light and sweet and very smooth, although the rum flavour is a little "thin", for those expecting more complexity from a 5 yr old.

This rum is very dry and serious. There is no aditional flavour except light fruit notes. It is quite wild in throat. Rum for experienced people and every day use.

Actually, I'm not sure what the deal is with the plastic wrap I found on this and the 3-Year Barbados. It makes it look like it's price - which is cheap. Thanks to Total Wine and R.L. Seale's connection you can get some good stuff for $10, $15 and $20. It may not be great (like the XO), but if you have a chance, give it a try. I'm not sure there are many other 5 year rums out there for under $15.

Decent rum, great price, 1.75ml plastic bottle.....perfect for pool-side.

I picked up a 1.75 ltr of this in Florida for $20 and now wish I had gotten two. Not as rich or complex a sipper as the 10 yr XO but for the price it really can't be beat.