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Notice the title of this review doesn't say this is just the best rum, but rather the best rum for anyone who truly enjoys fine spirits. This is because Don Q Gran Anejo is NOT ridden with tremendous amounts of sugar and additives added after distillation. This seems to be what most rum heads regard as 'smoothness' and 'complexity'. Why don't you guys buy some cheap 151, raw molasses, vermouth, spices and make your own pre-batched cocktail because that's what you're really drinking (and this includes Zacapa, Zaya and even Diplomatico).

The DQ GA drinks likes a dream and shows what a real unadulterated and extremely fine aged rum should taste like. I love the nuttiness from the sherry barrels and the full dark caramel mouth feel that resembles a fine cognac. If you want a one of kind cocktail make an Old Fashioned or Manhattan out of it and enjoy the fact it's not too sweet to do so right out of the bottle.

BTW, to Luis the reviewer below, I really have no idea what you're talking about comparing this or anything of Don Q's disfavorably to Bacardi. Luckily, you're a very small minority. The only thing Bacardi has done for the industry is make people stop drinking rum after they're out of high school. Oh I guess, those poor Cubans (fyi, they really left Cuba to keep exporting to the U.S. when Fidel took power) can also be credited with pumping a whole lot of waste water into the Caribbean and confusing consumers about what really is Puerto Rican rum. And, nothing of Bacardi's even the 'Facundo' B.S. comes even close to this Gran Anejo. I hope you got paid for your ignorant review or will someday. Otherwise, I really have no idea what's wrong with you.

Having this New Years Day 2015. Reminds me of Zacapa 23 but a little smoother.

Nice presentation but not up to the hype it gets. I tried it, not bad, could be better. When I compare this to other rums in my bar, I take the other rums.

A fabulous premium rum if you have the scratch. It comes in a wonderful box that looks like a silk coffin. I love sipping it on special ocassions. The best I've had from Don Q.

I like this rum. It needs an ice cube or two to go down smoothly. Not sure is buy it again until I try a few more "high"ish end rums. It has some bite, but you get that when you sniff the cork as well. But it sips nicely next to a fire on a chilly night, so crack open a bottle and enjoy it with friends.

This is one of the few rums that I can drink on the rocks. It is amazing how smooth - but tasteful - this rum is. I have it over Bacardi's "Reserva Selecta."

Another one that I tried at Don Q's tasting room and store in San Juan. I liked this one better. Fantastic aroma and nice smooth flavor; very bourbon like to me which is not a bad thing! I would recommend it for sipping neat, on the rocks, or in top shelf mixed drinks.

Ce rhum est très bon, il un gout de caramel, de miel et vanille et quand même complexe. Le prix, la boite et la bouteille ne représente pas le rhum dedans. Il ne faut pas se fier a l'emballage.


Very clean aged rum, without lots of extra sugar. Hints of molasses, bourbon, and cinnamon heat make this a great rum to experience neat.

I purchased a bottle of this rum at a military PX on Puerto Rico for about $35, a much friendlier cost compared to the $70 it costs in the States. The bouquet is pleasant thought I found the flavor profile did not match up as it was not particularly great. Good, but not great.

i rate this as not in my top 5. the bottle looks good on the shelf, but it is just no better than 7. my opinion.

This is one of the few rums I've rated at 8 or below that I like better than the consensus score (currently 7.3 as of this review). In fact, I like this more than many $100+ rums I've reviewed.

Molasses, oak, honey, vanilla, bourbon, leather, tobacco, and cinnamon. A very nice smell, and a good taste. Only $45.99 at Bevmo! (2015 price), this is a good value. I recommend it!

I like a rum that I can sip... this one is moody... Half the time I think it's good, the other half I can't help it but to dump coke on it.
I'd rather have two bottles of diplomatico for the price of one of these!

Very cool packaging (sliding coffin) wife bought for me as a bday present. Sweet lady;) its an amazing smooth rum. I really enjoyed it straight. at $70 its a bit much but I'll always keep one in stock.

As the title says light and delicate. I appreciate its not packed with sugar and additives but it's just not very complex when compared to the Real McCoy rums for example. Nice molasses on the nose and a follow up of vanilla in the mouth. For those wanting to begin sipping neat or with one ice cube this is a good rum to start with.

Sweet, smokey rum that is just what I expected after trying the regular Don q anejo. It taste the same but with more mature flavors of caramel. It's seems to have little added sugar and is nice and smooth on the rocks. Not much complexity but nice rum. Wife got it for me at Dufry store in San Juan Puerto Rico airport for 50 bucks vs 65-70 in the states. It's like a slightly less sweet Ron Del Barrilito 3 star without the spice flavor. Very clean and straightforward plus cool bottle.

Given the cost, I expected much more. Bland on the nose. Not really a note of anything besides the alcohol.

Very nice presentation but taste lacks all the sugars and sweetness some others possess. This is silky smooth sipper with a nice nuttiness/woody flavor. Quite enjoyable.

Very nice!! Smooth and perfect on the rocks. Highly recommend trying.

Has quite a bite to it. The scotch of rums.
Enjoy this rum with 4 or 5 ice cubes and a nice cigar

Un rom corect fără aromă de zahăr. Păcat că nu are un aftertaste mai puternic. Recomand On the rocks.

Well folks, mixed with Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke, it is pretty much the same tasting as Zacapa (everyone's favorite). It is of course, pricy to mix, but hey, that is how I like my rum. The bottle is cool, but not nice enough to keep as a decanter afterwards. Also, be careful, the rum drips around the rim when pouring it, so have a wet paper towel handy. This all sounds bad, but trust me. This is really tasty stuff and to me, it is a Zacapa taste alike, or close enough. Cheers,

6.5 on my scale, but bottles aren't half full or empty here. Lighter than I usually get, but a nice flavor and aftertaste. Not as fancy as some; but a solid mixer.

molasses. dry rum.
this rum is flashing me. it tastes better than ever expected.
on the nose i realize plum in madiera, raisins and caramel. in the mouth it starts with a fruity sweetness which instantly faded out. plum. leather. chili catch. soft and light body. medium length aftertaste. with the same notes. great stuff.