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Don q gold rum

Don Q Gold rum is produced in Puerto Rico by the famed Serralles family. The ""Gold"" brand is aged between 1-5 years and then carbon filtered.

Don Q has over 140 years of history with the original distillery being founded in 1865. Its name is derived from the famous La Mancha character Don Quixote.

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23 Don Q Gold ratings

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Light straw colored, like white wine or cider. Light aroma, like an rubbing alcohol. Lightly sharp taste, a lot of alcohol. Use in a drink, maybe...?

Un ron ideal para mezclar, un sabor impresionante para mezclar

Almost no smell. Taste is also very mild. Nothing bad, but not too many good things either.

This isn't a particularly bad rum but it's quite unremarkable, possibly better to mix it with something

Very alcoholic taste but throat feeling is not too harsh. Gets better as you keep drinking it.

DonQ Gold and ginger ale is a cool refreshing drink. Plus it's cheap.

Good quality for the cost. Very smooth and easy to drink straight or on ice.

It's good in rum punch where there is a lot of other flavors present.

Ok mixer but the cristal is a better option. Has a peculiar flavor and smell.

Definitely not a sipping rum, but unique in it's own way. I found an odd sweetness to it that I have not found elsewhere, except in Nephew and Wray overproof, which I hated. Somehow this rum pulls it off, but only as a mixer, or an "I gotta get drunk" shooter.

Better than Bacardi Gold. This is a rum and coke rum.

Pineapple and pepper nose with a caramel/pepper finish.

This is good for rum and coke; nothing overpowering here, but a good clean taste for little cost.

sugar test-0g

This rum's colour is a faint yellow - not very "gold" at all. It smells like rubbing alcohol and has a harsh taste with a hint of sweetness... Doesn't look or taste like an aged rum, and when mixed with cola its drinkable, but really more comparable to a white rum.

I have always liked Bacardi in the past for mixing with cola. I feel Don Q is equal to and possibly a touch better though and can be had for a better price on occasion. It is not a good sipping rum just like the Bacardi, but both are a good standard for a rum with cola in my opinion. Good pricing for a respectable rum. I lean towards the Don Q brand over Bacardi.

este ron es para personas sin ninguna nocion y que no pueden adquirir algo mejor

perfect for Cuba libre! When I visited Puerto Rico, I was told everyone needs to take the Bacardi tour, but Puerto Ricans drink Don Q! I can see why. I even prefer the Gold to the more expensive Anejo.

had it it's okay but not something I want very much

Very sweet flavor. Excellent for RUM and COKE. Cristal and Gold are the locals favorite.....

This rum I tried neat. This rum has a nose of straight alcohol. It is a bit harsh going down and in the mouth. This is a solid 5 rating nothing to write home about. But it is cheap that is its once saving grace. I have seen many age statements about this one its hard to pinpoint. I have seen up to four years, 1-4, 1-5, 3-5, I would say that up to four is the right thing mostly 1.

Very average. I would only mix it. Not much flavor. Inexpensive.

Decent mixer good carmel flavor. Similar to bracarci gold

Nice gold mixer. I like the Cristal better to mix, but I use this when I want a little more flavor.