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Nearly neutral, light, not a strong alcohol in nosing or tasting. This is not bad straight but it goes down like water, a very light rum in both viscosity and rum flavor, but still distinctly a rum. Not a huge amount of flavor going on here from its brief aging. This lack of flavor would my main complaint but this is consistent with its style.

The flavor this lacks is made up by its insanely cheap price! While we all know there are better rums to sip this one is easily consumed straight up just lacks a full flavor.

Overall, this rum is a genuine article not doctored up with lots of sugar or other additives, it is what is says just rum, for that I can't give this less than a 7 rating. Great for mixing also if that's your thing. I may add that I find this much better than it's gold counterpart.

Very very popular in Puerto Rico where I tried it. It was not for me. Not a fan

Nondescript rum that's the best thing on the bottom shelf.

sugar test-0g

Will satisfy in a pinch and best on the rocks. Clean flavor for those who want non-flavored rum taste.

Clean, light, with a sweet finish. Great for mixing.

It's what the locals drink in PR. Or on a boat. GAI. (Get after it)

Butterscotch and pineapple nose with a pineapple-chocolate finish.

So far I have infused with pineapple and lime with good results.

This rum is very well distilled, very clean, smooth and elegant. Mix well with everything, I prefer it with Coke and a wedge of lime. Cuba Libre!

I dont drink my whites straight, 99% of the time its a bad idea. Whites are meant to mix. Not like it was an intention, just when you age rum less then 2-3 years the smoothness isnt all there and most of the time its like drinking vanilla enriched fire. DonQ smells like isopropyl alcohol to a T so I wasn't about to drink this straight. But I did anyway for the love of all my readers and its harsh upfront with a calm mid and then a bite as it goes down. Strong alcohol taste with some vanilla and thats about it. Very basic rum but for the price (11$ here in michigan) it walks bacardi superior and C morgan white. Its good in diet coke. What I like about it is the naturalness. B superior and C morgan whites taste very manufactured and extract tasting. This sticks to a more natural flavor. Although its not an exceptionally good white it is a very good mixer. It has a potent flavor which stays by in mixed drinks and the sugar of some mixed drinks gets rid of its bitter aftertaste. There is better white rums but for the price hey you cant beat it. If you like natural vanilla with and little heat this one is for you, woodsy rum people (me) this one is a no-go.

was told while visiting Puerto Rico to visit the Bacardi factory, but drink Don Q. They were right! Favorite crystal run for making mojitos.

Years ago my Puerto Rican in-laws introduced my to this Caribbean Gem. I can't even drink Bacardi or any other white rum anymore. Mix it with passion fruit juice for an incredible cocktail.

Bought the Don Q Cristal to have a light rum on my shelf and was the highest rated one on here that I can get in Pennsylvania. Not something I'd sip but wasn't bad with cola. Probably just use it for Long Island Iced Teas. $11.99 in PA.

Great for mixing. My favorite a Mojito with fresh mint smashed in glass add ice and rum . There you have it the beginning of a end to a long day.

This is a great mixing rum. Not too strong, not weak either. Complements mixed drinks quite nicely.

A great choice for lighter drinks when a mild rum is in order. Smoother and cleaner flavor than other better known brands and lower priced. Sampled this in a 50 ml mini bottle. It will be my new standard for light PR rum when I exhaust my current supply.

I prefer this over the standard Bacardi white rum when mixed with Coke. It has a nice smooth neutral taste with a finish that I did not expect for the price.

Quick fact, in Puerto Rico, Don Q is the rum of choice. It taste like what folks think white rum taste like, not "vodka" (i.e. Bacardi Superior). It great for mixing, both frozen and non-frozen cocktails. It's not great for sipping or cooking with, but there are much better rums for that. It comes in a gazillion flavors (e.g. limon, coconut, etc.) and always costs less than $20, probably closer to $15.

If I had to pick a brand of rum from the brands with the widest selections of rums (i.e. Bacardi, Don Q, Cruzan, Malibu), I would definitely choose Cruzan over Don Q, but Don Q over Bacardi and Malibu depending on the flavor. Please note: alcohol content amongst flavors vary.

I like this rum because of value as a mixer but at the same price point I prefer Cruzan.

This rum is inexpensive and provides a taste superior to the other big brands when a mixer is required. Gave my Rum&Coke an almost chocolate-y quality I quote liked. It's definitely not a sipper, though, so I can't recommend it on flavor and aroma alone.

a mixing rum at best

A lesser known product than Bacardi but very nice mixed with Cola or fruit juice!

Great for mixing

I'm a dark guy, but this makes a good cuba libre'.