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This is one of (3) rums I recommend to all rum drinker types and to introduce a novie to "the better stuff". At $16 it is the best rum I can find under $20. Decent to sip, good on the rocks and makes an excellent Cuba Libre.

Cuba libre, daiquiri, or my fav now: dark n stormy cocktail Don Q saves the day.


Entey level of aged rum and like all Don Q rums; light and versatile. You could have it neat, with a little water or you could mix it. I like it with ginger ale or coke...neat, not so much.

It's s great supper or for mix smooth amber rum that leaves a good taste in your mouth

Easy drinking. Nothing really noticeable. Would not mix it.

Sous son look de rhum à cocktails (top en daiquiri) se cache un vrai et honnête rhum de dégustation. À laisser aérér un bon quart d'heure pour profiter au mieux de l'expérience.
Plus abordable que le Havana 7 ans par exemple dans le même style.
La bouteille est relookee et affiche la nature du blend (3-8 ans à l'arrière).

On the nose are harsh high notes of nail polish/varnish, which give way to sweet caramel. Taste is also sweet, with a medium-light body and finish. It's fairly boring, but what do you expect?

This uncomplicated rum could be a workhorse for mixed drinks, but there are better options available.

It's Friday night and time for the rum review. 150 years of quality and innovations is evident in every bottle. The company legacy is the living force that drives their constant quest to perfect the art of rum. With wisdom that's been passed from the first generation to the current one. Six times it has passed through the Serallés family. Founded by Don Juan Serallés using a pot still he imported from France. His first casks were sold under his name. In addition to Destileria Seralleś he also founded the town of Meredatiaand named it after his wife Mercedes. Today Felix J. Serallés J runs the company as President and CEO of Destileria Serallés. Don Q Anejo is aged for 3 to 8 years in Bourbon casks and is a step up from the gold which is aged 2-3 years. 80 proof and a very sippable rum over ice or neat. The color in my opinion is a golden heather and straw in the glass a light amber in the bottle. Legs are slow to form and move. Being thin is a good sign of the lack of impurities and great quality. A light vanilla and aged oak from the used bourbon barrels along followed by a butterrum nose and caramel. The entry is bit dry but good on the palette, i get the tastes of light airy tobacco from a pipe, honey, and caramel. It has a decent burn on the tongue during the taste but not in the throat. The finish is much like honeyed tropical fruit. A bit of leather aftertaste, a sultry sweet but not to a great degree.
The drinks are unlimited to make, from the Anejo Mojito and Cohasset punch#2 to a scorpion bowl and Sancho's Salvation as well as neat or over ice.

The Anejo Mojito
2 oz Don Q Anejo
1 oz Fresh lime
3/4 oz simple syrup
7 mint leaves
1 dash Angostura bitters and fill remaining with chilled club soda

The Scorpion Bowl
In a pitcher or punch bowl
3 cups Crushed ice
2 oz gin
2 oz Don Q Anejo rum
3 oz Don Q Cristal rum
2 oz vodka
2 oz grenadine
3 oz lemon juice
8 oz orange juice
10 oz pineapple juice
and mix thoroughly pour into glasses and add one chunk of pineapple and 2 maraschino cherries on a pick

For the time being be good to one another and stay safe stay alert stay alive and drink responsibly. Till the morrow, Down the hatch.


Very nice molasses and oak flavor. Excellent value, good on the rocks or mixed with coke. My go to rum

lot of similarities to the old Cockspur 12, but not many to Mount Gay XO. Dry, cinnamon spicy, with a touch of wood.

Nearly as good as the older Gran Añejo version ;4)

Just a very basic one. Really light nose, little sweet in flavour.

Light caramel color with hints of toasted almonds and light oak. Ok supper with mild alcohol aroma.

At first this rum doesn't smell of alcohol, the taste contains a certain amount of alcohol though it isn't overly strong, it is nice to drink but not outstanding

Relatively smooth in small sips. Pleasant after-taste.

No ilusiona mucho la botella, pero el color y olor agradan, ya al probarlo deleita!
Un rico sabor, suave y relajante, y a muy buen precio!


Bon rapport qualité prix. un odeur de café et caramel. Super bon pour mélanger avec du coke.


Smoth flavor good for sipping just a bit too strong on the oak flavor.

Je suis habitué de payer plus pour des rhums qui n'arrivent pas à ce qualibre. Don Q fait à mon avis d'excellents rhums à bon prix.

Celui ci est doux et savoureux moment de simplicité.


This is yet another example of the word Anejo appearing on a bottle of rum that is of "okay" quality.

I had this at Don Q's tasting room and store in San Juan. Definitely a couple steps up from Bacardi. A little more alcohol aroma than I'd like, but fairly smooth taste with a bit of a bourbon lean. Borderline for sipping. Excellent in a Rum and Coke or Cuba Libre.

Quite a nice rum , a bit of a burn in the mouth but with honey and caramel tones. Dry but smooth , makes an excellent rum and coke , very enjoyable mixer.

Good sipping rum. Recommended for starters who do not want to spend a lot of money in a good rum.

I love this rum. It shows what real aged rum is, but doesn't go too far by adding a whole bunch of flavors, molasses and sugar to make a point. It mixes incredibly well and is decent to sip. The price point is beyond fair and the palate showcases a clear caramel butter scotch profile.

If you want a better rum for this for the money you're out of luck. You may be able to find a 'smoother' or more 'complex' rum, but I would bet you that the rum you're talking about has been watered down with a whole a bunch of stuff that shouldn't be found in rum. Also, I'd doubt it was aged nearly as long as this one and it'd probably be distilled to much higher proof to allow for greater profitability when ageing. shipping, etc.

If you live in the U.S., you'll also notice that some of the top bars in the country have picked up on how good of cocktails this rum can make. However, the best thing to do is get a bottle and some decent recipes to try out for yourself!