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This is one of (3) rums I recommend to all rum drinker types and to introduce a novie to "the better stuff". At $16 it is the best rum I can find under $20. Decent to sip, good on the rocks and makes an excellent Cuba Libre.

Other reviewers noted the similarities between this entry level rum and their Gran Anejo. I cannot think of a rum that is this cheap and still serves as a sipper. For the money, this one wins hands down over their Gran Anejo. Very smooth! It would also make a great mixer.

Update four days later: This rum makes one of the best Cuba Libres that I have ever had in my life! Forget the blanco rums for this drink!

Don Q makes a wide array of rums in the Spanish style, which are always going to be on the thinner, lighter side. It's a solid choice for any cocktail recipe calling for a Puerto Rican gold rum. It's an outstanding mixer.

I liked the taste and smell. Nice drink for a good price.

This was an okay experience, liked the smell and taste, but not as good as others I have tasted.

Egentlig en meget god duft, men smagen er en anelse for flad.

Caramel, brown sugar in the nose.
Taste is plain and boring with no significant flavour (maybe hints of cinnamon). Finish is lightly sweet with touch of coconut.
Best what I can say about it is, that it is an average rum.

Helles honiggelb im Glas
In der Nase ein kleiner Strauss mit frischgepflückten Blumen und frischen tropischen Früchten umgeben von einem hauch Vanille.
Im Gaumen sehr mild und ? Wer hat meinem Rum die Aromen gekaut !? Ah, doch da sind Spuren von Vanille und Früchte. Das Ganze wirkt etwas wässerig und verdünnt aber dennoch harmonisch und lecker.
Im Abgang erstaunlich lang ein wenig nach frisch gepresstem Zuckerrohr.
Ein junger Aromatischer Rum für Einsteiger oder zum Mixen.

Bright honey yellow in the glass
In the nose a small bouquet of freshly picked flowers and fresh tropical fruits surrounded by a hint of vanilla.
Very mild on the palate and? Who chewed the aromas of my rum? Ah, but there are traces of vanilla and fruits. The whole thing looks a bit watery and diluted but still harmonious and delicious.
In the finish surprisingly long a little after freshly pressed sugar cane.
A young aromatic rum for beginners or for mixing.

medium intensity aroma, fruity with warming alcohol and dry, to harsh conclusion for me

Příjemná, sladká vůně po rozinkách, trochu tvrdý, jakoby nevyzrálý alkohol...

But it doesn't strand out and there is better options out there.

Lehký a příjemný rum, není ostrý ale zahřeje. Řekl bych podobný na Matusalem 10, ale jemnější.

Pretty tasty, a bit clean maybe, slightly sharp, but not too much. Nice scent in the nose, but i miss some more body.

Let i duften. Mild, sød og ung smag af vanilje og egetræ.

Vanilj i doften. Och även i smaken. Lite fat smak. Kryddig. Ok.

Don Q Anejo is dry as desert, very close to a mediocre cognac. Plantation his has very little to do with proper aged dark rums. Color is weak, alcohol smell is nasty and the taste test is not that good at all.

Its a pretty clean rum a bit on the sweet side. Nothing special but a decent mixer

Sampled Don Q Anejo rum and for a 3 year rum it's not bad but there are better choices around. Might be good for mixing.

I wanted to buy a good run while in Rhode Island, thinking that I'd have a lot of choices. Boy was I wrong. That's the best I could find... Nothing to write about, really.

Cuba libre, daiquiri, or my fav now: dark n stormy cocktail Don Q saves the day.


Entey level of aged rum and like all Don Q rums; light and versatile. You could have it neat, with a little water or you could mix it. I like it with ginger ale or coke...neat, not so much.

It's s great supper or for mix smooth amber rum that leaves a good taste in your mouth

Easy drinking. Nothing really noticeable. Would not mix it.

Sous son look de rhum à cocktails (top en daiquiri) se cache un vrai et honnête rhum de dégustation. À laisser aérér un bon quart d'heure pour profiter au mieux de l'expérience.
Plus abordable que le Havana 7 ans par exemple dans le même style.
La bouteille est relookee et affiche la nature du blend (3-8 ans à l'arrière).