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Diplomatico Anejo is a 4-year old golden rum from Venezuela. It is the youngest of the Diplomatico rum family and is medium-bodied.

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Not a bad rum. Nose is full of caramel, too much for me. Fruity too though, with some mandarin and green banana. Mouth is fairly smooth, with flavours of vanilla and burnt caramel. Finish is dull.

Good stuff for mixin with coke. Rich, sweet and vanilla taste even with the coke..

This light golden Rum has a hint of sweet butterscotch to both it's smell and taste. Mixes well with coke - A little harsh at first sip but mellows in a few quick minutes.

Not a bad choice for exploring anejo rum. It has a subtle wood-earth taste that is more apparent when served neat and even more evident when served neat with a little water.

Pour decouvrir le "monde " diplomatico ! Parfait en cocktail

Me gusta este Ron como todos los de su familia. Es el compañero perfecto para un buen Cocktail de frutas tropicales

Nichts Besonderes,steht seit Jahren rum und kaum einer trinkt ihn weil der Reserva Exclusiva ihm die Schow stiehlt,Irgendwann wird er wohl im Cola landen damit die Flasche mal verschwindet.Wer es nicht so süss mag und nicht viel Ausgeben möchte ist mit dem Reserva deutlich besser bedient,wer bereit ist mehr auszugeben nimmt ganz klar den Vintage 2000

All always a great rum. Decent pricing and great flavor. If you can't find or afford a better diplomatico, this is the one for you. Best buy for under $20.

Nice colour, full and strong body, better for men. Try it witch chocolate.

I really love the Diplomatico rums, but I didn't try this for a long time because I assumed it couldn't be that good at only $13.49 (Total Wines, 2016). I was mistaken.

It has the same base flavor as the Diplomatico Reserva and Reserva Exclusiva. Not quite as good as those, but similar nonetheless. Smells and tastes of toffee, vanilla, oak, and molasses. Surprisingly smooth for a four year old rum. This is definitely the rum to buy if you're on a budget and you want a sipping (as opposed to mixing) rum. Two thumbs up!!!

Certainly not my favourite rum. Buts it's still rum so I drink to that.

Haven't gone through this one yet. I have had an open bottle for some time and it's still half full.. Not a good choice for me.

Not bad, not as smooth as id like but not cruzan gasoline

You can taste the Diplomatico flavours in here but just lacks refinement. I drink all rum straight but if you want something interesting to mix, this could work.

While not as full flavoured as the reserva version, still a highly enjoyable sipping rum with a warm and slightly sweet character

quite as good as the 12yo one...a lil bit different...i recommend it

With Coke and lime it makes a decent Cuba libre. There's nothing wrong with this rum, far beyound the 12yo Reserva Exclusiva and unfortunately far away from the 8yo too, but for the money it's ok.

a visit to Prague we bought the rum. at a price of rum taste very good, better as a 5-year or 8-year-old eldorado

For me this is good every day rum. I got a couple high end rums on my trip to Cartagena but I was going through those too quickly. I picked this up as an everyday rum. It does the job. It doesn't blow me away but it is solid. Nice amber color with a little bit of syrupy sweetness.

like it like it like it, Diplomatico family... great full taste beautiful color and lovely finish

Not bad but is a little harsh. It's interesting for a reasonable price. The colour is fantastic. Smell good but not that tasty with a little touch of wood.

This is a very easy to drink, very good quality rate.

Loin du Reserva Exclusiva et de ses grands frères. On ne retrouve pas le tandem Vanille/caramel qui fait le succès de la marque.
Manque d'intérêt pour ce rhum et peu trop alcooleux

Diplomatico can make rums. No special taste, but smooth. Definitely not a mistake.