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Diplomatico Anejo is a 4-year old golden rum from Venezuela. It is the youngest of the Diplomatico rum family and is medium-bodied.

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Not a bad rum. Nose is full of caramel, too much for me. Fruity too though, with some mandarin and green banana. Mouth is fairly smooth, with flavours of vanilla and burnt caramel. Finish is dull.

Diplomatico Anejo is a good, middle of the road rum with a firm standing on nose and warmth. If you're looking for a solid place to start your rum tastings, start here.

Good stuff for mixin with coke. Rich, sweet and vanilla taste even with the coke..

I really love the Diplomatico rums, but I didn't try this for a long time because I assumed it couldn't be that good at only $13.49 (Total Wines, 2016). I was mistaken.

It has the same base flavor as the Diplomatico Reserva and Reserva Exclusiva. Not quite as good as those, but similar nonetheless. Smells and tastes of toffee, vanilla, oak, and molasses. Surprisingly smooth for a four year old rum. This is definitely the rum to buy if you're on a budget and you want a sipping (as opposed to mixing) rum. Two thumbs up!!!

This light golden Rum has a hint of sweet butterscotch to both it's smell and taste. Mixes well with coke - A little harsh at first sip but mellows in a few quick minutes.

Not a bad choice for exploring anejo rum. It has a subtle wood-earth taste that is more apparent when served neat and even more evident when served neat with a little water.

Na to ako strašne mám rád ich vlajkovú loď, tak toto ma naozaj sklamalo

Pour decouvrir le "monde " diplomatico ! Parfait en cocktail

If you are getting into complex rums this is a great starter and must have in the cabinet.
Considering i was able to get it under $15 it is as good as it can be.

Caramel is all around with nose, taste and finish...
I think it is typical for Venezuelan rums this is my 3rd Venezielan rum woth same character
Some other distinct flavors as well overall solid rum for the price.

After drinking the Reserva, which I feel is one of the best rums for the money, I was very disappointed in this one. At first sip I initially thought it was going to be alright but quickly found out otherwise. The taste is flat, boring and the finish is very short as was my relationship with this bottle. I suppose it's okay for mixing but I only consume my booze straight. Nothing terribly offensive about the Añejo but very little to recommend.

Un ron muy basico para lo que Diplomatico nos podria ofrecer.

Mellow body. Tastes of light vanilla caramel and fruit.

....but not a great one either. Light in color, you can tell it is young in age. Decent flavor on the nose of citrus, good up front sweet vanilla and,light oak, but it dies off and doesnt have a great finish.

Can be a neat pour or over the rocks, but would make a great cocktail.

Vraiment pas terrible... Pas trop de gout et plat...

This one isn't just slapped with the "Anejo" label. It actually holds up. The presence of oak puts that argument to rest. I liked the taste of tobacco leaf and molasses. If a very good Anjeo and worth trying.

Rum of pleasant with a delucious flavor, l enjoyed drinking and at a reasonable. I recommend every opportunity.


Not the full flavor mouth of the other Diplomatico offerings but nice enough nose and very minimal initial alcohol bite. Got a bottle for $14.99 because at that price I just had to try the Diplomatico base offering. Probably not too many $15 Rums out there as good. Gave it the 7 because there are many well rated rums here with more initial alcohol bite than this has. Doesn't have an outstanding, lasting mouth after that but that in itself has value to me.

Pure average, not a shame to drink it with a coke. Alcohol feelings, but still bit smooth.

Diplomatico Anejo makes a decent rum-and-coke drink for you, but this rum is way too harsh for neat sipping experience. Go straight to the Reserva Exclusiva and be blown away with how good that rum really is.

I find this rum very good but you have to let the ice melt and the rum breath before it mellows out from the strong burn at first. Decent sipper but smooth when mixed with soda

It is not the best rum, but for it's price it is amazing. If you are looking for a cheap rum, try this one. You won't be disappointed.

Nice rum with a decent price from one of the great rum producers in Venezuela. A sweeter rum with the standard vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, some citrus and woody notes.
The youngest in the Diplomatico line, but don't take this as a negative, just a great way to get a good rum at a decent price.

It was a gift,nothing extra. It is a good rum for cocktails,not for sipping.

This was a gift and one I would gladly return. In my search for the perfect sipper this one is at the bottom. I don't get much flower other than a fact caramel. I keep it in the freezer and use it to spice up different rum cream