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Back to solera rum for these both Dictador rum from Columbia. Time for Perpetual : Same beautiful dark color. The coffee, vanilla, honey, caramel and chocolate are present. This one is drier with a more robust body. The finish is also long. Dictador made two different rum with one dry , and the insolent more softer. This one should be better for rum connoisseur. To be also into your collection.


Way back in May of this year I wrote my thoughts on the Dictador XO Insolent rum giving it a well-deserved 9. I made that bottle last until now so I FINALLY broke out my bottle (poor choice of words) of Dictador XO Perpetual. And I ask myself, "What took you so long?!?"

If you read my review of the Insolent you are going to find me repeating myself in several areas. With that said...or written...let me get started.

I got this along with the Insolent at Total Wine and More in Jacksonville, FL.

As with the Insolent rum the Perpetual also is a deep and rich mahogany color with excellent legs and a fantastic aroma in my snifter. I swear I detect the hint of cinnamon and vanilla.

As with the Insolent rum the Perpetual is also not a sugared rum. However there is an initial sweetness to it that quickly changes to a tannin-driven slight dryness. A very perplexing but delightful balance.

I also detect toffee, coffee, and vanilla with a hint of cinnamon so apparently my olfactory system seems to be working.

I do like this rum. A lot.

I do notice similarities between my impressions of this rum as compared to the Dictador XO Insolent rum.

Which means I will need to do a side-by-side tasting to try to figure out, in my own weird way, what are the differences between the two rums.

Oh, if I only had another bottle of the Insolent rum.


I do!

I had a nice long weekend in St. Augustine before Hurricane Matthew about a month ago and stayed at the Edgewater Inn (wonderful motel at the end of the Lion Bridge -- sadly they received a lot of damage and are currently closed until repairs can be made -- I do plan on going back) and my wife and I drove up to Jacksonville to replenish some rums I found I really, really like but cannot get locally. Of course I got another bottle of the Dictador XO Perpetual and Insolent rums.

So I will soon be having a little side-by-side comparison with my thoughts appending both reviews.

Stay tuned, campers!

And this rum embodies what Coach Lombardi meant.

Ceva deosebit.. Exclusivist și rafinat. Un rom super premium dacă se poate numi așa. Am rămas plăcut impresionat. Merită 10 fără nicio îndoială dar mai există și INSOLENT-ul care chiar este 10.

Absolutelly a good choice. A very different rum, it's a masterpiece.


Was on holliday near another german bordershop, so here we go, lots of new rom for the collection :D

Dictador XO Perpetual

Notation Personnel : 8/10 .


The rum is excellent. it has a strong smell that continues into the body of Vina walnut. Perpetual is very smooth, with a silky finish that lasts and gives away aromas of vanilla and nut. My wife says she can feel also coffee and dark chocolate hints.

Very strong coffee taste and aftertaste. It's not necessarily bad, just really weird. Also, it's a little too boozy and not in a good way. This is a decent $25 rum. What's that you say? It sells for $100??!! Wow...

First impression is that you have buy a high quality rum. Provided with a very beaytiful packaging, you are not dissappointed when you open the bottle. Once served in your glass, you can admire the dark brown color of this devine liquid. In the mouth,you will find a taste of coffee with a little bit of toffee. The aftertaste is quite long. This rum is well balanced. Really a good one. The next one to taste will be his little Insolent brother ... Yummy !!!

Шоколад, фундук и грецкие орехи. Мёд. Нотка ванили...
Один из самых любимых ромов.
С хорошей сигарой, получается фантастический дуэт!
Оценка 10.

Måske ikke lige min smag, den er meget kraftig sådan lidt peber agtig, men forholdsvis rund og så mangler den noget sødme. Til prisen synes jeg den er meget skuffende...

I can't say there is a rum produced by Dictador that I don't love.
I think between this one and the Insolent I give a slight edge to the Insolent but not by much.
This has a wonderful dark brown color and and intoxicating aroma.
Very smooth and not overly sweet.
I wish this was more available in my area, I would buy more bottles.

Der erste Geschmack ist recht enttäuschend. Der Rum liegt stumpf auf der Zunge, deutliche Toffee und Schoko Noten sind zu schmecken. Für meinen Geschmack ein zu kurzer Nachklang

First off you're gonna shell out $100.00 for this stuff. The Nose is spectacular with coffee, chocolate, caramel maple and a hint of vanilla and fruits. This waz my favorite thing with this rum. The mouth was a bit disappointing, smooth but not a home run for the price. Nor a hint of sweetness. The finish waz a bit lacking and did fall short as I would have expected more bang for the buck. Good yes, flavorful yes, fantastic no.


De nota doradas oscuras este clásico de 18 años llega en boca con notas de frutos secos y caramelo tostado difícil de encontrar

Een complexe rum met een heerlijk rijke smaak, Dictador XO Perpetual is een kunstwerkje uit Colombia dat gerijpt heeft op speciale Xérez vaten. Een premium rum met heerlijke aroma's van geroosterde honing en Colombiaanse koffie met een royale toon van tofee.

Hierop volgend een zalig smakenpalet van onder andere chocolade, karamel en gedroogd fruit met tonen van koffie, de textuur is zijdezacht en glijdt moeiteloos de keel in. Een rum die superieure kwaliteit biedt zonder een superieur prijskaartje hieraan te hangen, prima combinatie!

Geschiedenis Dictador
Volgens de dictador website wordt hun rum geproduceerd in Colombia, aan de Caribische kust van Colombia in Cartagena de Indias. De rum is vernoemd naar Arango Y Ferro, die de bijnaam 'dictador' kreeg door de lokale bevolking van Cartagena de Indias. In het begin van Colombia (ergens na 1751) nam hij meer bekendheid in de handel en commercie tussen de Spaanse koloniën en Spanje. Arango was blijkbaar verliefd op de plaatselijke riet geest en werd een belangrijke producent van rum in die tijd. In 1913, zijn opvolger Don Julia Arango Y Ferro die vestigde in de Distileria Colombiana.

``Back to solera rum for these both Dictador rum from Columbia. Time for Perpetual : Same beautiful dark color. The coffee, vanilla, honey, caramel and chocolate are present. This one is drier with a more robust body. The finish is also long. Dictador made two different rum with one dry , and the insolent more softer. This one should be better for rum connoisseur. To be also into your collection.`` Marc Cardinal

Once you open the bottle the smell of tobaco and coffee greets you.
When sipping it the same flavours shine through, with a kind of sweetness.

Superb bottle, I like this Dictador´s bottles
Another good rum from Columbia , Nice dark color. Oily… coffee, chocolate, vanilla, caramel, honey, not so sweet, nice aftertaste

Good choice

A very smooth tasting rum with subtle aromas. Dark in colour with subtle tastes of coffee and honey. Definitely worth buying


Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Kolumbie
Ochutnán ve srovnávacím testu s D 12, D 20 a XO Insolent.
Aroma: Ve vůni se nám vrací ke kávě a oproti Insolentu nám mizí lékořice. Koňakové tóny, hřebíček, hutná kůže, čokoláda. Přijde mi podobný D 20. V druhé vlně se vynoří hřejivost koření, hutnost je ještě o kousek dál a je tu i větrovost.(89 b)
Chuť: V chuti mi přijde o kousek zajímavější, než D 20 i Insolent. Je o něco plnější, kořenitější. Hřebíček, rumové pralinky. Bez sladkosti, jinak klasicky pro tuto značku koňak a čokoláda.(87 b)
Body: 88
Shrnutí: Značka se drží svého stylu, jede si to své a dělají to dobře.

Great rum. Quite complex taste with coffee, vanilla. Definitelly worth trying.

The aftertaste was sensational, but the way there isn´t really worth it

Had high hopes for this one as it seems to be highly rated by everyone. It's pretty good stuff but for this amount of coin I prefer the Ron Abuelo Centuria which might be the best rum I've tasted yet.