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Depaz blue cane amber rum

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I bought a bottle of Depaz Blue Cane Amber Rhum based on the largest liquor stores recommendation in Manhattan and what a disappointment. There are so many better flavored Rhum Agricole's out there, so skip this one. Nasty burn and very off putting flavors.

I’m a chef and use it in Glazes sauce it’s amazing sipping rum smooth and not over powering


Earthy, woodsy, grassy common with Agricole and cachaca rhums. This has a nice flavor which I'm sure has something to do with the sweet and flavorful blue sugarcane and fertile volcanic soil.
Class act that should be included in everyone's collection, house rhum and liquor cabinet.

There are better one to try and talk about. Life is short.

I guess I should have prepared myself for what a Rhum Agricole tastes like. The grassy flavor was not what I had anticipated. It definitely is a sipping rhum, not one for mixed drinks as it overpowers whatever you mix it with. It was touted as "the best" on an NPR segment so I bought 4 bottles of it without having tasted it - mistake. One bottle would have been plenty. I am not disappointed that I added it to my repertoire of rums/rhums but I will have to revisit sipping it again with a different attitude.

A nice treat to stumble upon. Not a sweet rum, but a beautiful rum from deep roots that go way back to a time and place where rum was born. Made from blue cane juice, not molasses, gets a tip of the hat and nod from me every time... even though I like the sweeter rums... this one gets my respect. Yummy.


Light, smooth, tasty. Very little of the noxious vegetality which can sometimes overpower unaged agricoles. This rum - err rhum - is very easy to sip neat. It's dry, with oak and butter overtones. Probably too mild for those rhum fans who want more grass in their glass, but it's just right for me.


And when I mean complex I mean how it does this complex dance on the tongue. Let me explain...

First off, the aroma in the bottle is enticing...almost buttery sweet...sort of a butter-sugar toast. I like it. Then the flavor.


First thing that hits you is a nice natural sweetness with hints of vanilla and toffee from the blue cane but then that turns into a nice spiciness before the oak flavor hits and causes your tongue to tingle. Then the warmth hits your throat slowly fading into a buttery spicy goodness.

That's what I mean by complex. And I can imagine someone with a more educate palate than mine would be able to distinguish even more levels of flavor.

This is a very good agricole rum that would work well by itself as a sipping rum as well as a rum used in mixed drinks and colas. Definitely versatile. Even though I have not tried one myself I imagine this would be an excellent rum for hot toddys.

This was my first agricole and it took many more agricoles and cachacas before I embracd the flavor profile, now I search for them everywhere. Depaz Blue Cane Agricole is a well balanced rum with a hint of oak.

Bottle: Simple, tasteful.
Color: Very light brown, slightly yellow.
Bottle Aroma: Immediate grassy, earthy must, slight oak.
Glass Aroma: Agricole style starts to open up, slight alcohol odor.
Taste: Similar to a cachaca, light flavor with a slow transition to the heat, very mild oak throughout, light heat in the throat.

Very, very drinkable rum and an excellent oak balance. I have come back to this rum and am glad to have done so.

Love this rum, the flavor is light (hence the 7 of 10) but the complexity is huge. Lots of twists and turns and phases of flavor. Yellow stone fruit! Good stuff

First, if you don't like agricole, you probably won't like anything in this category. The Depaz is grassy, but remains soft and drinkable on the rocks. It is more subtle than most agricole. If you are looking for a big grassy and vegetal rhum, this won't be your favorite.

Not a fan of RHUM, so it's ok

I found this in DE. It is good in cola and would likely be good in mojitos as someone else mentioned.

Being an AOC rhun made from cane juice instead of molasses, this is going to
taste substantially different from most rums.

It has a grassy, vegetal taste and reminds me a lot of a tequila. At first when I got my bottle I wasn't a fan, but either it grew on me or oxidation changed the taste more to my liking because now I find it quite interesting.

An ok rum. I've used this in mojito's or just on the rocks with some lime juice

Different- a decent intro.