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Cuca fresca premium rum

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Better than their Ouro presentation, I enjoy this neat or with an ice cube. Harder to find than most cachaca's but worth the wait if you find it.

This rum has such a light but full bodied aroma when smelling before the taste. It has a touch of heat late in the aftertaste, the low wines being well apparent but not overehelming. The feeling after drinking is a desire to breathe out, aspirating the residual spirit that is left in the mouth over the tastebuds for a second pleasant taste. The spirit is enjoyable over ice or with seltzer. Pouring with twice as much seltzer brings out the smells and taste very pleasantly.

Again, not a big fan of clear rums, but this one was sent to me by the company when I was still posting to the CocktailOrganico blog. Cuca Fresca is an organic artisanal cachaça made in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Simply for that reason, kudos to the makers. I see from their website they are relaunching with a new, more conservative bottle design.