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Cruzan single barrel rum

Cruzan Single Barrel Rum begins as an assortment of aged rums, distilled in column stills and ranging in vintage up to 12 years. After blending, the rum rests in a new oak barrel for an additional year before bottling. Each bottle of Cruzan Single Barrel rum is poured from only one barrel, which may increase color variance from batch to batch.

Cruzan Single Barrel rum is produced by the Nelthropp Family in St. Croix. The name ""Cruzan"" is derived from island's native population - the “Crucians."

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This is the most go to rum in my bar. Works for a lot of mixed cocktails including two of my favorites- Rum Old Fashion and Rum Manhattan. This rum not only rates a spot on my top shelf but I also use it in my decanter as the house rum for our dinner parties.

First timer with Cruzan Single Barrel Premium Extra Aged. Great deal at $11&change + tax@supermax in condado in a new upscale section dedicated to booze. Tried it neat & then wit & bit of lime. Smooth, good bodied, not overwhelming in any way. I recommend it favorably, great choice. Will repeat &substitute for one I have as regular. The aging is notable, pretty bottle with a cork top

Top of the line for the St. Croix brand. Nice taste. Not too sweet. Not as smooth as of the other high end aged rums but not harsh either. Bottle as changed. Usually a good bargain at Total Wine.


I am an avid bourbon and rye drinker. I was recently on a cruise and decided to try one of their premium rums.
I happened on Cruzan and was surprised. It was sweeter then bourbon for sure, it was not subtle in many flavor areas. The nose was confusing, just so much going on, but the caramel, cherry, vanilla and molasses were evident.
The taste followed the nose and I enjoyed the punch of the caramel, almost tasted like an old fashioned.
The finish was sweet, almost like Dr. Pepper.

Rich in body, smooth, and wonderful aroma. No need for mixers, on the rocks or straight, amazing taste.

Cruzan Singke Barrel is one of my favorite rums. Very nice balance of molasses, oak and some other flavors as well. I feel the blend was a little better in the old schooner bottling, but still enjoy the current shorter bottle very much. Still a smidge harsh on the finish or I would give it a 10.

This is a medium body rum with a slight alcohol bite but far from harsh, was given a bottle last year and have been buying it ever since. For anyone newer to rums this is worth it's price $43 cdn. I think this is the best value in our stores today. Okay to mix but why waste it with pop, enjoy straight or on the rocks.

Very nice rum. Tried it while visiting st. Croix. The atmosphere, view and taste was a great combination

Wonderful with a cube or two. Complex flavours that get better as the cubes melt.

This rum is a simple blend of aged rums with a pretty harsh burn. This rum was crafted to be mixed, or I believe that it was crafted to be mixed. Their isn't a lot of flavors to pick up on. I would say I can taste a bit of sweet surges. Their are bottles at the same price point that are 100 times better on the exact same price point such as Captain Morgan Private Stock.

Love this. Used primarily in Tiki drinks though I hear its a good sipper as well. A great rum for a great value.

Very good for the price, nice vanilla and oak flavors. Smokey spicy sweet in all the right ways i really like this.

For me, this is a premium mixing rum, not a sipper. In my opinion, the best of the Cruzan line.

Very smooth. Great sipping Rum. Top Shelf. Would definitely buy this Rum again.

A gyönyörű külső ( díszdoboz + üveg ) végtelenül cool...pohárba töltés után betölti a szobát a virágos , gyümölcsös citrusos rum illat, fantasztikus éppúgy mint az íze, nemtúl édes ,gazdag, alkoholt alig érezni a szájban...sima, csak ajánlani tudom az ár/minőség szempontjából is ( én 22 euróért tudtam beszerezni még az öregebb hosszúnyakú flaskát ) Lecsengése picit rövidebb mint azt az ember elvárná ( ezért a mínusz egy pont ) de fincsi ;) egészségetekre !!

A nice oaky flavor that works well for sipping. One of my top three so far.

A good choice, it's strong, dry and full body. Too sharp for me.


i originally got my hands on the 750ml bottle for ~38$ now they have the 1liter around where i live for 45.

Strong tobacco taste, was very smooth though so that was nice. overall a good sipper but compared to others in the same price range i would rather buy other rums.

if the 750ml was closer to 30$ i would buy it in a heartbeat. it mixed well with other rums but just straight rum and coke it wasnt very good.

id just stick to sipping it. doubt ill get a secondary bottle but its nice to always try everything once.

Good sipper. Nothing really stands out but a good rum to have on the shelf.

Great rich sweet smell, good flavours. Great straight or mixed

Nice Rum but has a bit of an edge even with a couple ice cubes.

Very good and rich. Pleasing straight up with hints of spice and caramel with zero burn. Yummy as a mixer with lime.

My review is for the old schooner style labeled bottle. I have not sampled recent bottles. This was a gift when it was rather new to the market several years back. The rum was very light, had a bit of wood in the finish and it's palate was toffee and caramel. The nose had a bit of alcohol on it but more vanilla and caramel. Just a bit of burn on the finish but nothing rough. Reminds me of Diplomatico Reserva, with just a bit more bite. Was one of my first sipping rums and it was a good one. Disappeared for some time in my area and has recently shown up again.

Having grown up in the US Virgin Islands - where all types of rums are available and affordable - most Cruzan rum, especially Single Barrel - outshines all of the "famous" brands. Mt. Gay, Bacardi, Appleton, Pusser's don't hold a candle. Cruzan, made on St. Croix - still has the flavor of the rich molasses without tasting like bitter or simply distilled sugar. Bacardi rums - all of them - are especially bad. By the way, you should update your picture - they changed the bottle a few years ago.